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    Choose from the refined Consuegra hotels that we have specially handpicked for you. Delve deep into the lure of this characterful town in Castilla La Mancha, famous for the windmills mentioned in Cervantes's renowned novel, Don Quixote. A stay in the old town gives you the chance to witness the Clock Tower and the Church of St John the Baptist while basking in the comfort of top-notch facilities. We recommend quality establishments around the Castle of la Muela or the Roman Dam, perfect for family getaways in verdant surroundings. Experience the spirited Plaza de España, lined with delightful eateries and wineries, by reserving the choicest hotels for couples. Our wide range of affordable places to stay is hard to beat.

    Most popular Consuegra hotels

    sg rooms
    18 Calle Fuentecilla

    SG ROOMS in Consuegra: a 2-star hotel with complimentary WiFi, air conditioning, a garden, and a terrace. A smoke-free environment awaits you!

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    casa entre molinos
    Calle Baylios, 5

    Casa Entre Molinos in Consuegra provides air conditioning, a rooftop swimming pool, free bicycles and complimentary WiFi throughout the property.

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    torreón de la tercia
    Calle Tercia 2 TORREÓN

    Discover the comfort of TORREÓN DE LA TERCIA, a space offering free parking, private swimming facilities, room services and complimentary WiFi access.

    Price from 126 EUR per night
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    azafrán consuegra
    Calle Cristo, 22

    Revel in the comfort and charm of the Saffron Consuegra Hotel, offering free wifi, private parking, and a tranquil garden for your pleasure.

    Price from 53 EUR per night
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    apartamento vistas molineras
    1 Calle Puerta de Madridejos 2º DERECHA

    Apartment Vistas Molineras in Consuegra provides accommodation with linens, towels, air conditioning, and complimentary WiFi, alongside room service.

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    casa rural alcancia
    Calle Cruz Verde, 39

    Casa Rural Alcancia in Consuegra provides amenities such as free WiFi, a terrace, complimentary parking, and a children's play area.

    Price from 181 EUR per night
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    hostal restaurante san poul
    Avenida Alcázar de San Juan, 50

    Hostal Restaurante San Poul in Consuegra boasts air-conditioning, complimentary Wi-Fi, a restaurant and car park at no extra charge – an ideal choice for a medieval stay!

    Price from 27 EUR per night
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    hotel rural la vida de antes
    Colón, 2

    The Rural Hotel La Vida de Antes offers you an elegant 19th-century restored accommodation with a gym, terrace, WiFi, and an outdoor swimming pool.

    Price from 65 EUR per night
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    apartamentos turisticos la vida de antes
    Calle Urda 7

    Apartamentos Turísticos La Vida De Antes warmly welcomes you. We're pet-friendly, offer free WiFi, parking, and laundry services. Come get a taste of the local lifestyle!

    Price from 62 EUR per night
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    casa la fuentecilla
    12 Calle Fuentecilla

    Relish in the comfort of Casa La Fuentecilla in Consuegra, offering private parking and free WiFi, in addition to smoke-free rooms and services such as massages on request.

    Price from 72 EUR per night
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    el retiro de la mancha
    Baylios, 8

    Discover the rustic charm and modernity at El Retiro de la Mancha. Enjoy terraces, free Wi-Fi, and proximity to the windmills of Consuegra.

    Price from 108 EUR per night
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    hotel consuegra
    Carretera Toledo Alcázar KM 58.5

    Enjoy your stay at the Hotel Consuegra in Consuegra, offering numerous amenities such as a restaurant, free parking, and WiFi. Ideal for lovers of hiking and cycling.

    Price from 35 EUR per night
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    apartamentos oncemolinos
    Calle Urda, 51

    Oncemolinos Apartments provide a warm accommodation with free Wi-Fi, continental breakfast, and a barbecue area. They’re splendid for keen walkers and cyclists.

    Price from 37 EUR per night
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    posada de los cónsules
    Plaza los Cónsules, 1

    Situated in Consuegra, La Posada de los Cónsules hotel boasts stunning views, free Wi-Fi, and comfortable, air-conditioned rooms. Pure comfort!

    Price from 28 EUR per night
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    el patio de los jazmines "boutique-house"
    Calle Hermanos Quintero, 17

    El Patio de los Jazmines Boutique-House is a delightful 5-star hotel in Consuegra offering free WiFi, private parking, and an outdoor swimming pool.

    Price from 75 EUR per night
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    Find hotels in the city centre of Consuegra

    Embrace an unforgettable stay in the charming town of Castilla La Mancha. With the Consuegra hotels we provide, you can relax in the most comfortable of accommodations as you explore the rich historical heritage. The Historic Centre syncs perfectly with those seeking significant monuments such as the Basilica of Santa Maria Magdalena. Pay a visit to the Church of the Holy Christ of la Vera Cruz and the Church of St John the Baptist. Our hotels in Consuegra city centre simplify your access to the grand Plaza de España, surrounded by historical edifices. Benefit from amenities such as terrace restaurants, lounge bars, and parking. Our range of budget-friendly 2-star hotels and cosy guesthouses are definitely worth a look, and are located near the Town Hall, presided over by the impressive Clock Tower. Enjoy a tranquil stay complete with breakfast, cafés, and rooms featuring a TV and whirlpool bath.

    Discover the best hotels in Consuegra

    Should you be joined by your family, we have spacious accommodation in Consuegra that caters to your needs. Perhaps a 3-star establishment with wide rooms, a restaurant, and a bar would appeal to you. Appreciate the Consuegra Windmills–the symbols of Castilla La Mancha, where you'll encounter the famed windmills cited by Cervantes in his legendary tale 'Don Quijote'. Our rustic hotels are a great pick if you're in good company. They offer traditional dining, your own temperature-controlled jacuzzi, a cocktail bar, and parking. Pure, healthy fun — perfect for surprising your partner. After a varied breakfast, visit the Muela Castle, which dates back to the 16th century. Car and bicycle hire are available at some of our establishments.

    Enjoy your ideal hotel stay in Consuegra

    We have establishments for all tastes and budgets. From any of our hotels in Consuegra, Spain, you can explore fascinating sites such as Cerro Calderico - perfect for a day trip. After basking in nature, there's nothing more rewarding than unwinding in relaxing environments that feature spacious rooms, international cuisine, lounge bars, buffet breakfasts and rooftop terraces. It's the ideal choice for comfortably housing large groups. Stop fretting about where to stay in Consuegra, we recommend our accommodations near the Torreón de la Tercia. Many establishments offer a restaurant, breakfast, bars and car hire. Make a reservation with us and enjoy your stay in Consuegra.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Consuegra cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Consuegra costs an average of 108$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Consuegra cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Consuegra costs an average of 121$ (based on rates).

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