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    Book at one of the Colunga hotels we have for you. Unwind in top-notch facilities and discover the beauty of this Asturian city. In the accommodations based in the city centre, you'll enjoy an excellent range of bars, restaurants, and shops, especially if you're staying near the Old Town. You may also choose to rest at an establishment near the beaches of Colunga, an eminent gathering spot. In any case, we have establishments for families, couples, and solo travellers. Explore the Jurassic Museum of Asturias, visit the Church of San Cristóbal de Colunga and, in short, enjoy your holiday while you stay with us at the best price.

    Most popular Colunga hotels

    14a08 coqueto apartamento en la isla
    10 Calle Francisco Carrillo

    Discover 14A08 Charming Apartment in the Island, complete with complimentary WiFi, free parking and a smoke-free stay in beautiful Colunga, Asturias.

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    14a04 casa de piedra colunga
    AL CASTIELLO ABAJO 44(A) Polígono 10 Parcela 91

    Visit 14A04 Stone House Colunga in Colunga, taking pleasure in its terrace and a smoke-free stay.

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    casa carmen
    Calle la Plaza

    At Casa Carmen, we offer complimentary parking, non-smoking family rooms, proximity to the beach, and strict hygiene protocols.

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    duplex con vistas al picu pienzu, colunga
    7 Avenida de la Reconquista

    A Duplex in Colunga with views of Picu Pienzu, featuring family rooms, free WiFi, hiking, diving, and pet-friendly amenities.

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    hotel los caspios
    Carretera La Isla s/n

    Discover Los Caspios Hotel, an Asturian country house with a swimming pool, lovely gardens, free Wi-Fi, and stunning coastal views.

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    mar del sueve
    Mar Del Sueve
    Calle Loreto s/n

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    les viesques
    Les Viesques
    Barrio El Barrigon 201 Gobiendes Coluga Asturias

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    villa de colunga
    Villa de Colunga
    Avenida de la Playa, 10

    Price from 70 EUR per night
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    hotel las vegas
    Hotel Las Vegas
    Av. Asturias 11

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    hotel entreviñes
    Hotel Entreviñes
    Calle Entreviñes s/n

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    el foyu
    El Foyu
    Huerres-San Juan, s/n

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    Choose your hotel in the centre of Colunga

    Explore a lively and vibrant town on the Asturian coast. Book into one of our hotels in Colunga, enjoy the most comfortable amenities and live a unique experience. The first thing you need to know is that this town is just 20 minutes on public transport from Gijón. Therefore, you'll love planning a couple of days in this history-packed, fun-filled town. Stay at the hotels in Colunga city centre we have for you and discover its narrow streets packed with monuments, shops, bars and restaurants. The beaches are just around the corner, making this a fantastic area to stay. Want to rest in comfortable rooms? All come with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, a balcony, and additionally, there's parking. You'll also enjoy a rich breakfast in the hotel restaurant or nearby. Plus, take the chance to visit the Church of San Cristóbal and the Town Hall. From our hotels in Colunga, Spain, you can walk to the Old Town, the most famous and lively pedestrian zone.

    Discover your ideal hotel in Colunga

    Our accommodation in Colunga is very diverse, so you can choose to stay in one of the four-star hotels with the option of all-inclusive, to experience something unique. You can benefit from a pool, rooftop terrace, chill-out bar, restaurant with show cooking, as well as a nightclub with live performances. This is a perfect alternative for couples. We invite you to take time to stroll along the promenade that spans the more than 3 kilometre long beach the city has. It's a must-have experience. We also recommend you to visit the renowned Jurassic Museum of Asturias.

    Stay in the best hotels Colunga offers

    The fantastic local beaches seem endless, take advantage of some days at the beach where you can admire spectacular views. You can opt for the beaches of Lastres, la Isla, El Barrigón and La Espasa. Wonder no more about where to stay in Colunga. All choices are the right choices, as we offer a range of accommodation combining the lowest prices with options that include apartments, hostels and budget hotels, as well as mid and high-range facilities. Whether you are visiting with your family, by yourself or as a couple, we have an ideal hotel for you in Colunga.

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