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    Choose from our range of Coimbra hotels and experience an ancient city that was once the capital of the Portuguese kingdom. The best place to stay in this town is undoubtedly its Historic Centre, where we offer affordable prices and establishments that'll meet all your desires. Their prime location gives you easy access to renown spots, like the University of Coimbra. Be sure to include the Joanina Library in your itinerary. Another fantastic stay option is near the Mondego River, providing unmatched views of the surrounding landscape. Whether you're travelling with family, alone or as a couple, we have the perfect hotel for you. Book today!

    Most popular Coimbra hotels

    zero box lodge coimbra
    45 Avenida Emídio Navarro

    Zero Box Lodge Coimbra provides air-conditioned rooms, restaurant, free WiFi, complimentary bicycles for use, and a bar.

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    hotel coimbra aeminium, affiliated by meliá
    Av. Armando Gonçalves, Lote 20

    The Hotel Coimbra Aeminium, Affiliated by Meliá, nestled in the beautiful city of Coimbra offers comfort with amenities such as a music bar, air conditioning, and the Baga restaurant.

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    hotel dona ines coimbra & congress center
    Rua Abel Dias Urbano, 12

    Hotel Dona Ines Coimbra & Congress Center: The perfect getaway featuring a gym, tennis court, and outdoor swimming pool in Coimbra.

    Price from 59 EUR per night
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    hotel ibis coimbra centro
    Avenida Emidio Navarro, 70

    The Ibis Coimbra Centro Hotel, kitted out with private parking, free WiFi, pet-friendly facilities and a snack-bar, is an ideal destination for any visitor.

    Price from 47 EUR per night
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    palacio são silvestre-boutique hotel
    Largo do Terreiro, nº 5 São Silvestre

    Discover Sao Silvestre-Boutique Hotel Palace: room service, swimming pool, gym, free WiFi, and free parking - all set amidst unique surroundings.

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    pharmacia guest house
    Pharmacia Guest House
    Rua Ferreira Borges 135_139

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    hotel mondego
    Hotel Mondego
    Largo das Ameias 3-4

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    hästens sleep spa - cbr boutique hotel
    Hästens Sleep Spa - CBR Boutique Hotel
    Largo da Portagem 27

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    quinta dona iria
    Quinta Dona Iria
    Rua Central 35

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    hotel jardim
    Hotel Jardim
    Avenida Emídio Navarro Nº 65

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    hotel larbelo
    Hotel Larbelo
    Largo da Portagem 33

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    hotel domus
    Hotel Domus
    Rua Adelino Veiga Nº 62

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    vila gale coimbra
    Vila Gale Coimbra
    Rua Abel Dias Urbano, 20

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    hotel astoria
    Hotel Astoria
    Av. Émidio Navarro 21

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    stay hotel coimbra centro
    Stay Hotel Coimbra Centro
    Av.Fernão de Magalhães, 199

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    Find central accommodation in Coimbra

    Discover this beautiful town that served as the capital of the Portuguese kingdom. Our Coimbra hotels are strategically situated to place you within easy reach of the finest locations. We suggest looking for accommodation near the historically significant University of Coimbra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Areas around here offer a hearty daily buffet breakfast, complimentary Wi-Fi, and parking. A spin-off from the University, the Joanina Library stands out with its design. These places are part of the Historic Centre of Coimbra, where modern establishments and fully-equipped rooms are found, ideal if you're travelling alone or with family. You'd do well to stay in the hotels in Coimbra city centre, given their superb locations, and additionally, you'll benefit from excellent service. You'll be conveniently close to the bustling Commerce Square, the heart of town.

    Discover your ideal accommodation in Coimbra

    Find accommodation in Coimbra near the Mondego River that flows through the city. Relish panoramic views of this beautiful waterway from your room. Additionally, you'll have access to a restaurant, swimming pool, and terrace. Some of our affordable hotels are near the Old Cathedral, a symbol of the town. Most provide parking, Wi-Fi, breakfast, and rooms equipped with television and air conditioning. Visit the centuries-old Botanical Garden in Coimbra. Back at the hotel, unwind with a spa massage and savour fresh, delicious food at the restaurant. You can even enjoy a cocktail at the bar. Our establishments have it all! We have hotels in Coimbra, Portugal, offering room service of strawberries with chocolate, a lounge bar and a wellness centre with special treatments for couples. The perfect complement to a romantic getaway will be visiting an outdoor space known as Quinta das Lágrimas, a garden with a love story backdrop. It's a must-add to your plans.

    Relax in one of our accommodations in Coimbra

    If you're visiting with your family, we have multiple options to ensure everyone enjoys a comfortable stay. Spacious rooms, a pool, inclusive breakfast, and pet-friendly policy are just some of the benefits we can offer. From any of these, you can explore the Santa Cruz Monastery and its extraordinary history. A five-star hotel is the perfect answer to where to stay in Coimbra. Most of them have strategic locations and amenities including in-room jacuzzis, private balconies, and fitness centres, as well as signature restaurants. You just need to decide how you want to experience this adventure.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Coimbra cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Coimbra costs an average of 94$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Coimbra cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Coimbra costs an average of 111$ (based on rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Coimbra?

    The best family-friendly hotels in Coimbra are Hotel Quinta das Lagrimas - Small Luxury Hotels, Casa dos Carvalhos, and Hotel D. Luis.

    Which are the best hotels for couples in Coimbra?

    The best hotels for couples in Coimbra are Hotel Residencial Alentejana and Sophia Residences.

    Which are the best hotels near landmarks in Coimbra?

    Discover the best hotels near places like Quinta das Lágrimas in Coimbra.

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