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    If you're seeking bargain Zurich hotels, you've come to the right place. Zurich, Switzerland's largest city stands out, not just for its significance in the finance world, but also for its cultural wealth, charming landscapes and vibrant nightlife. Don't let the high cost of living deter you from savouring all that this city can offer. With eBooking, you'll discover a wide array of accommodation in Zurich catering to all budgets.

    Most popular Zürich cheap hotels

    hotel bristol zurich
    Hotel Bristol Zurich
    Stampfenbachstrasse 34

    Price from 60 CHF per night
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    zurich furnished apartments
    Zurich Furnished Apartments
    Giesshübelstrasse 82

    Price from 97 CHF per night
    Show prices
    best western plus hotel zürcherhof
    Best Western Plus Hotel Zürcherhof
    Zähringerstrasse 21

    Price from 99 CHF per night
    Show prices
    citizenm zürich
    citizenM Zürich
    Talacker 42

    Price from 93 CHF per night
    Show prices
    aja zürich
    aja Zürich
    Vulkanstraße 108b

    Price from 129 CHF per night
    Show prices
    the flag zürich
    THE FLAG Zürich
    Baslerstrasse 100

    Price from 58 CHF per night
    Show prices
    zurich marriott hotel
    Zurich Marriott Hotel
    Neumühlequai 42

    Price from 204 CHF per night
    Show prices
    the henry
    The Henry
    Heinrichstrasse 68

    Price from 72 CHF per night
    Show prices
    trip inn zurich hotel
    Trip Inn Zurich Hotel
    Hohlstrasse 18

    Price from 79 CHF per night
    Show prices
    design hotel plattenhof
    Design Hotel Plattenhof
    Plattenstrasse 26

    Price from 96 CHF per night
    Show prices
    novotel zurich city west
    Novotel Zurich City West
    Schiffbaustrasse 13, Turbinenplatz

    Price from 133 CHF per night
    Show prices
    hotel limmatblick
    Hotel Limmatblick
    Limmatquai 136

    Price from 88 CHF per night
    Show prices
    leonardo boutique hotel rigihof zurich
    Leonardo Boutique Hotel Rigihof Zurich
    Universitätsstrasse 101

    Price from 98 CHF per night
    Show prices
    riverside maisonette downtown
    Riverside Maisonette Downtown
    Talstrasse 39

    Show prices
    the dufour by hotel schweizerhof zürich
    The Dufour by Hotel Schweizerhof Zürich
    Bahnhofplatz 7

    Show prices

    Exploring Zurich: A guide to discovering budget-friendly hotels

    We want to help you uncover the more affordable side of Zurich. Whilst Switzerland is known for its high cost of living, there are, in fact, several Zurich hotels which allow you to enjoy the city without spending a fortune. This stunning metropolis provides more than just banks and luxurious chocolates. Its quaint cobble streets, beautiful lakes and mountains, coupled with its rich history and culture will leave you breathless. Who said you can't stay in the heart of Zurich without breaking the bank? Thanks to eBooking, you can find budget-friendly hotels in Zurich city centre offering high-quality service and comfortable facilities. Perfect choices for travellers on a tighter budget.

    But worry not. Value-priced hotels don't equate to poor quality. Many of the cheap hotels in Zurich boast modern facilities, central locations and impeccable service. A perfect example of how luxury and savings can go hand in hand. Zurich has more to offer beyond panoramic views and iconic buildings. The city thrives with life, boasting a vibrant music and art scene, an interesting mix of cultural influences and excellent dining options. Plus, Zurich is the perfect starting point to explore other Swiss gems. With a sound plan and the right accommodation choices, it's possible to enjoy Zurich without spending a fortune. Whether you're looking for hotels in the bustling city centre or prefer something quieter on the outskirts, there are endless budget-friendly accommodation options waiting for you. Take advantage of our deals and savour the Swiss experience without emptying your pocket. Start planning your trip to Zurich today!

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