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    Discover affordable hotels in Portrush, the gem of Northern Ireland's coastline. This attractive town, renowned for its golden beaches and vibrant marine ambiance, offers a variety of low-cost accommodation options for every breed of traveller. Whether you are seeking a weekend retreat, a family vacation, or a business trip, the perfect choice awaits in Portrush. Enjoy its stunning views, lively nightlife, and welcoming hospitality, all without straying from your budget.

    Most popular Portrush cheap hotels

    all seasons
    126 Coleraine Road Portrush

    Discover All Seasons, a luxury hotel in Portrush with free parking, wifi and daily cleaning service. Book now and experience the luxury.

    Price from 65 GBP per night
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    inn on the coast
    Ballyreagh Road

    The Inn On The Coast affords stunning views of Ramore Head, free WiFi and complimentary parking. Furthermore, it boasts a bar and restaurant.

    Price from 50 GBP per night
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    hopefield house, portrush
    2 Hopefield Crescent 2B

    Hopefield House, Portrush, complete with free WiFi, private parking and a beautiful garden. Ideal for lovers of activities such as hiking, skiing and snorkelling.

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    stunning 3 bed seafront mansion building sleeps 6 adults or 8 with kids
    2 Lansdowne Crescent

    Enjoy the Stunning 3 bed seafront mansion building sleeps 6 adults or 8 with kids with complimentary WiFi, beach access and a splendid garden.

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    malin view apartments
    71 Eglinton Street

    Discover Malin View Apartments, offering family and non-smoking rooms, a terrace, free parking, heating, and a complete no-smoking policy throughout the accommodation.

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    royal court hotel
    233 Ballybogey Road

    Discover the Royal Court Hotel in Portrush, sea front location, free parking, Wi-Fi in rooms and a diverse restaurant.

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    portrush atlantic hotel
    73 Main Street

    The Portrush Atlantic Hotel boasts views of the Atlantic Ocean and features amenities including free WiFi, a restaurant and a bar.

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    larkhill house
    95 Coleraine Road

    Enjoy Larkhill House with parking, free WiFi, and transfers. Family rooms with heating.

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    island dhu view - seaside penthouse in portrush
    37 West Strand Avenue

    Enjoy a wonderful stay at the Island Dhu View - Seaside Penthouse in Portrush, with free parking, WiFi and a beachfront location.

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    white hall portrush
    1 Dhu Varren

    Relish the tranquillity at White Hall Portrush, complete with laundry service, a terrace, and a picnic area, perfect for a relaxing holiday.

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    hope house
    18 Hopefield Gardens

    Enjoy a relaxing holiday at HOPE HOUSE, boasting free parking, WiFi, a shared kitchen, and tranquil relaxation areas. Absolutely splendid for hiking!

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    brae-mar b&b
    99 Coleraine Road

    Explore and revel in your stay at Brae-Mar B&B, a charming accommodation offering spacious rooms, free Wi-Fi and complimentary parking.

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    beulah guest house
    16, Causeway Street

    Enjoy comfort and seaside proximity at Beulah Guest House, Portrush along with its complimentary private parking, free Wi-Fi, and daily cleaning services.

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    A guide to locating affordable hotels in Portrush

    Looking for budget-friendly Portrush hotels? You've landed on the right spot. Portrush, a coastal town nestled on the North Coast of Northern Ireland, is renowned for its Atlantic lapped beaches, bustling nightlife, and exhilarating tourist attractions. There's a comprehensive range of budget hotels in Portrush, suitable for all preferences and budgets. From simple, cosy digs to charming boutique hotels, you can find the right option for your stay without breaking the bank. Many of these establishments are conveniently situated near the city's key attractions such as the Royal Portrush Golf Club, the historic Dunluce Castle, or the awe-inspiring Giant's Causeway. You'll also encounter options near train and bus stations, ideal for those travelling without a vehicle.

    The supply of affordable Portrush hotels excels not merely by their reasonable price but also their high quality. Although these are budget accommodations, many of these hotels afford appealing amenities like complimentary Wi-Fi, breakfast included, accessibility for those with reduced mobility, room service among others. Alongside amenities, budget hotels in Portrush frequently stand out for the warmth and hospitality of their staff, always eager to assist you, offering local recommendations, and pointing out the must-visit spots. Remember, by booking in advance, you can secure notable price reductions and guarantee the best spot for your visit to Portrush. Don't limit yourself thinking an escape to beautiful Portrush will be expensive. With an assortment of cheap hotels on offer, Portrush is a destination you can relish, regardless of your budget. So pack your bags and brace yourself for a thrilling adventure. With its breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture and affordable hotels, Portrush is proof that unforgettable trips don't need to be costly.

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