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    Lausanne, with its rich history and stunning Alpine views, is a captivating Swiss destination for travellers. Here at eBooking, we provide a selection of cheap hotels in Lausanne, perfect for exploring the city without breaking the bank. Get value for money as you book your accommodation in Lausanne with us and start planning your break in this exciting city.

    Most popular Lausanne cheap hotels

    moxy lausanne city
    Rue de la Vigie 3

    Welcome to the Moxy Lausanne City, a comfortable and stylish hotel in Lausanne with a bar, free WiFi, and air-conditioned rooms.

    Price from 101 CHF per night
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    mövenpick hotel lausanne
    Avenue de Rhodanie 4

    The Mövenpick Hotel Lausanne, a top choice in Lausanne, is ideal for comfortable travel with a gym, restaurants and a pets-allowed policy.

    Price from 170 CHF per night
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    hôtel de la paix lausanne
    Avenue Benjamin-Constant 5

    Discover the charm of the Hôtel de la Paix in Lausanne, boasting mesmerising views of Lake Geneva and the Alps, and access to amenities such as the gymnasium and car park.

    Price from 121 CHF per night
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    hôtel des patients
    8 Avenue de la Sallaz

    Discover the unique stay at Hôtel des Patients in Lausanne, equipped with car park, restaurant, bar and concierge service in a smoke-free environment.

    Price from 104 CHF per night
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    lausanne palace
    Grand Chene 7-9

    The Lausanne Palace, a 5-star hotel in Lausanne, offers a spa, four eateries, and panoramic views of Lake Geneva and the Alps.

    Price from 341 CHF per night
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    continental hotel lausanne
    Place de la Gare 2

    At the refurbished Hotel Continental Lausanne, situated opposite the train station, enjoy the gym, free Wifi and air-conditioned rooms.

    Price from 117 CHF per night
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    Avenue Sainte-Luce 1

    The Hotel Elite, located in Lausanne, offers you a tranquil oasis with its own gardens, free WiFi, spacious rooms, and parking.

    Price from 111 CHF per night
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    lausanne youth hostel jeunotel
    Ch. du Bois-du-Vaux 36

    Lausanne Youth Hostel Jeunotel: a serene hostel with free WiFi, Swiss restaurant, bicycle lending service and private car park.

    Price from 51 CHF per night
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    hotel angleterre & résidence
    Place du Port 11

    Delight in your stay at the Hotel Angleterre & Résidence, offering amenities such as an outdoor pool, gym and restaurant. The perfect spot in Lausanne!

    Price from 182 CHF per night
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    hôtel des voyageurs boutique
    Rue Grand-St-Jean 19

    Situated in Lausanne, the Hôtel des Voyageurs Boutique offers an unforgettable stay complete with a gym, complimentary WiFi, and heating.

    Price from 128 CHF per night
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    studio sieva
    Rue Madeleine 8

    Enjoy a comfortable stay in Lausanne at the Studio SIEVA hotel. Equipped with free WiFi, parking, and family rooms. Book now!

    Price from 149 CHF per night
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    novotel lausanne bussigny
    Novotel Lausanne Bussigny
    35 Route de Condemine, 1030 Bussigny

    Price from 97 CHF per night
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    starling hotel lausanne
    Starling Hotel Lausanne
    Route cantonale 31

    Price from 132 CHF per night
    Show prices

    Discovering Lausanne on a budget with eBooking

    Lausanne is the capital of the canton of Vaud in Switzerland, known for being the birthplace of the International Olympic Committee, and hosting a globally acknowledged university along with numerous festivals. But did you know you can savour all that Lausanne has to offer without digging deep into your pockets? That's precisely where eBooking comes in, offering cheap hotels in Lausanne. These establishments are strategically positioned close to points of interest like the Olympic Museum, the stunning Lausanne Cathedral, and popular hiking trails. When you’re not roaming the city, take pleasure in the comfort of your budget-friendly hotel. You’ll find low prices but high quality, with many welcoming amenities to make you feel at home.

    For those concerned about food, dread no more! Lausanne adores fine dining, so you'll encounter numerous tasty options which won't drain your wallet. Additionally, Switzerland is famous for its cheese and chocolate, so don't forget to sample these during your stay. Finally, although Lausanne is marvellous throughout the year, there are certain times when you can snag even better deals. Keep your budget intact and soak up all the beauty, culture, and gastronomy that Lausanne has to offer by booking one of our economical Lausanne hotels. eBooking aids you in getting the most out of Lausanne without spending an exorbitant amount. Begin planning your splendid getaway to Switzerland in the most affordable manner with us.

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