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    Cheap hotels in Cali are the perfect choice for all types of travellers. Revel in the city's rich culture, vibrant nightlife and lively salsa music all without having to break the bank. Our carefully chosen selection of budget-friendly Cali hotels will ensure your stay is absolutely unforgettable. Get your booking sorted now and look forward to a truly unique experience!

    Most popular Cali cheap hotels

    malik hotel boutique
    Malik Hotel Boutique
    Carrera 107 #15B 60

    Price from 148770 COP per night
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    hotel stein colonial
    Hotel Stein Colonial
    Avenida 4 Norte No. 3-33

    Price from 149600 COP per night
    Show prices
    park v
    Park V
    Cl 23BN 5N 14

    Price from 192000 COP per night
    Show prices
    alko hotel integrado
    Alko Hotel Integrado
    Carrera 101 #15-27

    Price from 181720 COP per night
    Show prices
    now hotel
    Now Hotel
    Av. 9A Norte 10N - 74

    Price from 221250 COP per night
    Show prices
    hotel colours cali
    Calle 23 # 2-22

    Price from 42179 COP per night
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    hotel casa santa monica norte
    Hotel Casa Santa Monica Norte
    Calle 23N No. 8N-24 Cali

    Price from 130000 COP per night
    Show prices
    hotel campestre santa monica pance
    Hotel Campestre Santa Monica Pance
    Calle 10 Carrera 122 A Callejon San Jeronimo Casa 51

    Price from 215000 COP per night
    Show prices
    hotel quinta norte chipichape
    Hotel Quinta Norte Chipichape

    Price from 125312 COP per night
    Show prices
    moonshine boutique hostal
    Moonshine Boutique Hostal
    Carrera 10 # 4 32

    Price from 88000 COP per night
    Show prices
    ayenda 1406 depeapan
    Ayenda 1406 Depeapan
    Calle 16 85B-42,

    Price from 100900 COP per night
    Show prices
    hotel parque del perro
    Hotel Parque del Perro
    27-72 Calle 3 Oeste

    Price from 76500 COP per night
    Show prices
    hotel royal elim international
    Hotel Royal Elim International
    19-10 palma seca via aeropuerto

    Show prices
    icc apartahotel
    7-65 Carrera 38a Edificio

    Show prices

    Guide to Cheap Hotels in Cali: Discover and Enjoy Without Breaking the Bank

    Renowned as the Salsa capital, Cali is a colourful mosaic of adventure, cultural events, scrumptious cuisine and welcoming locals. All of these can be enjoyed whilst maintaining your budget, thanks to the variety of cheap hotels in Cali. Whether you're in town for business or leisure, there's a range of budget hotels to suit your needs and price range. Regardless if your taste leans towards contemporary, rustic, or classic, you're certain to find cheap hotels in Cali that fit your expectations without requiring a massive outlay. Take a stroll through the city's iconic churches, partake in a salsa lesson, or wander about the bustling San Antonio neighbourhood. After a busy day, retreat to the comfort of your budget hotel to recharge for another day of exploration.

    The city also possesses a bustling nightlife, with plenty of salsa clubs and bars for you to immerse yourself in the local culture. You can dance till dawn, content knowing that comfortable and affordable accommodation awaits you. Additionally, Cali's cuisine is another hidden gem that travellers should not miss. Sample local delicacies in the city's markets or indulge in a fine dining experience at one of Cali's high-end restaurants. At eBooking, we make it simple for you to find the perfect place for your Cali stay. With a wide variety of cheap hotels, we can assure you'll have an unforgettable experience without overspending. Secure your booking now and get ready to savour the best of Cali without any budgetary worries.

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