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    At the cheap hotels in Alboraia / Alboraya, you can savour the charms of the Mediterranean without splashing out. This appealing coastal town in Valencia is renowned for its pristine beaches and its famed horchata. Here, you can secure great-value accommodation without compromising on comfort and quality. With stunning views of the sea and the tiger nut orchards, Alboraia / Alboraya promises a memorable getaway, brimming with sun, sea, and endless fun.

    Most popular Alboraya cheap hotels

    la mozaira
    Cami Del Machistre, 50

    La Mozaira is a 4-star hotel boasting complimentary parking and WiFi, an outdoor swimming pool, and a restaurant to satisfy your culinary cravings.

    Price from 154 EUR per night
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    hotel olympia valencia
    Hotel Olympia Valencia
    Maestro Serrano, 5

    Price from 50 EUR per night
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    casa alboraya valencia
    1 Carrer Benaguasil

    Bask in the inviting warmth of Casa Alboraya Valencia, a property that boasts complimentary WiFi, allows pets, and is distinguished by its delightful garden and terrace.

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    A Guide to Locating the Best Value Hotels in Alboraia / Alboraya

    Every year, thousands of tourists are drawn to Valencia, but very few are luckily enough to discover Alboraia / Alboraya, a charming coastal town just a few kilometres away. Being one of the lucky ones allows you to bask on the beach, enjoy tranquility and sip a rich glass of horchata directly from its source, all at a quite affordable price. Welcome to your guide to cheap hotels in Alboraia / Alboraya. The key to having a grand adventure without spending all your savings lies in discovering the hidden corners that retain the local essence. That's Alboraia / Alboraya for you, away from the busiest tourist routes, it invites you with economical hotels that don’t skimp on quality. These budget-friendly Alboraia / Alboraya hotels are the perfect starting point for exploration. Take advantage of the location near Patacona Beach, noted for its seafood restaurants and vibrant promenade. Or visit Port Saplaya Beach, known as the "little Venice" of Valencia, due to its colourful buildings and canals.

    But the beaches aren’t all that Alboraia / Alboraya has to offer. You can visit its tiger nut orchards and taste horchata, a local beverage made from this unique metric yielding crop. Immerse yourself in local customs by heading over to the Alboraia / Alboraya Market and discovering its fresh, seasonal offerings. After a day full of adventures, these hotels provide a cosy place for you to stay. Some boast a swimming pool for a refreshing splash, while others open out to stunning sea views to amaze you as the sun sets. In conclusion, Alboraia / Alboraya, with its cheap hotels, promises you an unforgettable escape. It's a chance to enjoy the authentic essence of the Mediterranean, away from crowds, without depleting your savings. Whether you're travelling solo, as a couple, or with family, this beautiful coastal town has everything to offer an experience filled with sun, sea, local culture, and above all, plenty of fun.

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