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    Make the most of the finest Celorio hotels. You're in for a splendid trip across this nook of the Asturian council of Llanes, while you rest in comfortable facilities. We suggest opting for one of our accommodations right on the beachfront. You'll uncover opportunities to partake in water sports and will have easy access to the sea. Prepare to get lost in the clear waters that characterise it. We recommend visiting popular attractions, like the Monastery of San Salvador, founded in 1017. You'll also relish the lovely local cuisine at the Paseo de las Palombina. At all times, you'll have our comfy hotels and apartments, near shops, restaurants and bars. Book with us and savour your stay in Celorio.

    Most popular Celorio hotels

    hotel rural arredondo

    Located in Celoriu, RURAL ARREDONDO HOTEL offers conveniences such as complimentary parking, free Wi-Fi, and a terrace, making it the ideal place for a soothing stay.

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    hotel a mares
    Camino Central S/N

    Hotel A Mares provides family rooms and amenities such as a restaurant, a bar, and a terrace. Perfect for hiking and snorkelling enthusiasts.

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    casa maria
    128 Calle la Torre

    Casa maria in Celorio offers accommodation with free parking, garden, and terrace. Ideal for accessing nearby beaches such as Palombina and Borizu.

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    hotel rural arredondo
    Arredondo s/n

    The Hotel Rural Arredondo, situated in Celorio, is a restored country house boasting gardens, a restaurant, free car park and Wi-Fi.

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    hotel la encina
    LG Celorio

    Hotel La Encina in Celorio, with free WiFi, private parking, garden and terrace, is located 1.7 km from Playa de Poo.

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    hotel las palmeras
    Barrio Abajo 120

    Indulge in the Asturian coast at Hotel Las Palmeras, conveniently positioned in Celorio, offering free Wi-Fi in public areas and the allure of a fabulous restaurant.

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    hotel gavitu
    Barrio Abajo S/N

    Discover Hotel Gavitu, a charming spot in Celorio, offering comfortable rooms with free parking and a coffee area for relaxation.

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    las chimeneas
    La Calluca

    Las Chimeneas in Celorio offers rooms with heating and free Wi-Fi, pet-friendly and offering daily cleaning services.

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    casa flori
    barrio de la bolerina 2

    Bask in the comfort and tranquillity at the charming Casa Flori in Celorio, which offers private parking and a delightful garden with a barbecue area.

    Price from 130 EUR per night
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    Stay in a Celorio Hotel

    Our hotels in Celorio are the perfect choice for an excellent holiday and a pleasant stay on the coastline of the Asturian council of Llanes. We invite you to stay in a facility on the seafront. From there, you'll have direct access to the region’s most visited spas. You'll have spaces with swimming pools, restaurants, spas, gyms, and parking. Some of these accommodations offer options for water sports and cruises along the coast. Get ready for surfing, sailing, and fishing.

    Book Your Ideal Hotel in Celorio

    The accommodation alternatives in Celorio are numerous. We offer you a range of attractive options that suit your taste and budget while maintaining high quality and excellent service. Some locations provide tourist information and facilitate hiking up to the rocks known as the "Face of Christ". We also have hotels in Celorio, Spain, adults-only, with a restaurant, lounge bar, and breakfast included. We come with fully equipped four-star establishments, very close to the Celorio Sports Port. You'll find perfect apartments for families, with connecting rooms, a fitted kitchen and Wi-Fi throughout. Some have a pet-friendly policy.

    Choose the Best Area to Stay in Celorio

    Discover places designed for leisure and entertainment. While staying in hotels in Celorio city centre you'll have access to shops, bars, and nightclubs. Savour the local cuisine dishes while enjoying your stay in our establishments. In this bustling area, you'll find many budget-friendly accommodations, offering rooms with air conditioning and parking. You'll also have the option of half-board. If you're still wondering where to sleep in Celorio, an ideal location is around the Monastery of San Salvador, an icon of the city. Within a short distance, we have accommodations with architecture that respects the simplicity and harmony typical of a seaside town. All equipped with sitting areas and rooms perfect for families and groups. This privileged location within the city, will allow you to disconnect and fully explore the region’s beaches, while staying in these spaces.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Celorio cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Celorio costs an average of 100$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Celorio cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Celorio costs an average of 150$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

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