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    Book your stay at the Caracas hotels we have available. You'll be staying in comfortable facilities, experiencing a unique holiday in this South American capital. For the best rates, we suggest staying around the famed Sabana Grande Boulevard, the bustling heart of the city. We have budget-friendly hotels here, offering all the conveniences for a pleasant stint. You might also like being near the Historic Quarter, visiting iconic spaces like Simón Bolívar's birthplace. We have an excellent selection of top-range hotels providing first-class service for families, groups, and couples-- our rates will certainly surprise you. Book now and get to know Caracas in your own time.

    Most popular Caracas hotels

    altamira luxury apartment 107 m² 24 hours water
    Altamira luxury apartment 107 m² 24 hours water
    Avenida Principal de La Castellana Edificio Castellana II, Planta 13, Apto. 13E, La Castellana

    Enjoy luxury and comfort at the Altamira luxury apartment spanning 107 m² with 24-hour water access, featuring WiFi, private parking, and stunning mountain views.

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    suite privada torre d ccct caracas
    Suite PRIVADA Torre D CCCT Caracas
    Avenida La Estancia, Centro Comercial Ciudad Tamanaco, Torre D, Hotel CCT

    Introducing the private suite at Torre D CCCT Caracas, a luxurious accommodation brimmed with facilities such as complimentary car park, restaurant, gym, outdoor swimming pool, and gratis WiFi.

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    continental altamira
    Avenida San Juan Bosco

    Prepare to be dazzled by CONTINENTAL ALTAMIRA, located in Caracas, offering an outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, gym and 24/7 room service.

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    Calle Venezuela No5 Artigas San Martin Calle Venezuela No 5Artigas San Martin

    The Candida Hotel in Caracas is offering you comfort with family rooms, free parking, WiFi and secure facilities. Discover more!

    Price from 7 USD per night
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    hotel cct caracas
    Hotel CCT Caracas
    Avenida La Estancia Torre Aph, CCCT, Nivel Lobby

    Experience luxury at the Hotel CCT Caracas, featuring an outdoor swimming pool, gym, restaurant, room service, and free WiFi.

    Price from 90 USD per night
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    hotel chacao suites
    Avenida Francisco de Miranda Municipio Chacao

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    hotel renovación
    Hotel Renovación
    Av. Este 2, Número 154 La Candelaria

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    atalaya precioso apartamento ubicado en lomas de mercedes
    Atalaya Precioso apartamento ubicado en lomas de Mercedes
    Avenida Hípica Edificio Atalaya

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    rivera suite
    Avenida Principal Los dos Caminos

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    hotel el arroyo
    Hotel El Arroyo
    Avenida Lecuna

    Price from 18 USD per night
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    renaissance caracas la castellana hotel
    Renaissance Caracas La Castellana Hotel
    Eugenio Mendoza Con Calle Urdaneta,

    Price from 110 USD per night
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    jw marriott caracas
    JW Marriott Caracas
    Av. Venezuela con Calle Mohedano, El Rosal,

    Price from 101 USD per night
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    meliá caracas
    Meliá Caracas
    Ave. Casanova C.C El Recreo Sabana Grande

    Price from 85 USD per night
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    waldorf hotel
    Waldorf Hotel
    Av. La Industria, Esquina Campo Elias a Puente Anauco,Hotel Waldorf PB, Urbanización La Candelaria, Caracas

    Price from 69 USD per night
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    hotel alex caracas
    Hotel Alex Caracas
    Esquina Ferrenquin a La Cruz, La Candelaria Caracas

    Price from 71 USD per night
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    Rest at a budget hotel in Caracas city centre

    Visit the capital of Venezuela, discover its historic heritage and the lush natural landscapes surrounding it. We invite you to book at our Caracas hotels where you'll have comfortable facilities to relax in as you explore the city. One of the best places to lodge is the city centre, particularly if you're on a budget. This is where we can offer you the most affordable hotels. All come equipped with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi and parking. You can easily stroll to the famous Sabana Grande Boulevard, the heartbeat of Caracas. Experience the typical local culture in restaurants, cafes and various businesses. What makes this location so appealing is its proximity to the Historic Quarter of the Venezuelan capital. You'll see monumental buildings of great heritage importance like the Cathedral, The Municipal Palace and The Federal Legislative Palace (commonly known as The Capitol), all located around Bolívar Square. Our mid-range accommodations in Caracas city centre also offer excellent prices and a quality that will exceed your expectations. Some have outdoor pools, gyms, business centres and all provide Wi-Fi and parking spaces. Don't forget to visit Liberator's Birthplace, now a museum, next to the Bolivarian Museum and opposite El Venezolano square.

    Find your ideal hotel in Caracas

    We have a varied range of accommodation in Caracas that allows you to explore its wealth of cultural and natural spaces. We have options for groups and families, offering interconnecting rooms, inclusive breakfast with your booking and up-to-date tourist information. You can visit the Children's Museum and Caracas' Botanic Gardens, one of the few of its kind declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Adventure enthusiasts will find where to stay in Caracas near the main access points to the city's overlooking promontory, Cerro El Ávila. Here you can go hiking, mountain biking or quad biking. We offer top-range accommodation in this area with modern and luxurious facilities. Some are romantically styled, perfect for a getaway with your partner. Fitness centres, international cuisine restaurants, rooftop outdoor swimming pools are just some of the services you'll enjoy. Don't miss going up Caracas' Cable Car, the best way to reach the Ávila summit. You'll enjoy impressive city views.

    Explore Caracas, its surroundings and relax in our top hotels

    From any of our hotels in Caracas, Venezuela, you have the chance to visit nearby charming towns like El Hatillo and La Colonia Tovar, a must-visit German enclave. We have everything you need to explore this mosaic of hidden landscapes in the capital of Venezuela. Choose from our range of hotels and get ready for some fun. Book with us and enjoy your stay in Caracas!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Caracas cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Caracas costs an average of 130$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Caracas cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Caracas costs an average of 136$ (based on rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Caracas?

    The best family-friendly hotels in Caracas are Waldorf Hotel, Hotel CCT Caracas, and Hotel Alex Caracas.

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