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    Book your stay at the Cangas de Onís hotels we have handpicked just for you, and prepare for an astonishing tour through this heritage city. We invite you to stay right in the heart of the Historic Quarter and revel in the charm of sleeping near ancient architectural structures. You'll have the advantage of being close to the renowned Alcazaba and the city's iconic walls. We also offer hotels near Casa Riera and San Pelayo Street, strategic locations brimming with restaurants, shops, and countless tourist hotspots. Our range of accommodations allows you to explore the city and unwind in top-notch settings. Most importantly, we offer the most competitive prices available.

    Most popular Cangas de Onís hotels

    apartamento isabela2
    Calle Río Güeña 1 Bajo

    Enjoy the comforts of Isabela2 Apartment, with free WiFi and a lift. This pet-friendly accommodation awaits you in Spain.

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    casa cardin

    Discover the comfort of Casa Cardin in Cangas de Onís, boasting two bedrooms, free WiFi, parking and a barbecue area. It's the perfect base for exploring the breathtaking Covadonga Lakes.

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    finca el rabil

    Check out the tranquil and pet-friendly El Rabil Estate in Cangas de Onís, which provides complimentary car-parking, garden views, a barbecue facility, WiFi, and a playground for the little ones.

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    apartamento al lado del río en cangas de onís
    19 Calle el Llerado

    River-adjacent Apartment in Cangas de Onís offers free parking paired with effective coronavirus cleaning. Enjoy breath-taking river views.

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    rincón de picos
    Onao 5

    Situated in Cangas de Onís, the Rincón de Picos hotel offers gratis WiFi, private parking, and smoke-free rooms.

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    hotel ecos del sella
    Carretera de Covadonga, s/n

    Ecos del Sella Hotel in Cangas de Onís, Spain. Air-conditioned rooms equipped with wifi, TV, telephone, and en-suite. Garden, bar, café, shared lounge, and private parking available.

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    apartamentos el beyu
    19 Calle San Pelayo

    The Apartamentos el Beyu in Cangas de Onís offer free WiFi, TV, equipped kitchens, and a jacuzzi, perfect for a comfortable and safe stay.

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    apartamentos fermín

    Apartamentos Fermín in Cangas de Onís offers heating, a private terrace, and mountain views, with amenities such as free Wi-Fi and complimentary parking.

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    hotel rural el espino
    Corao, s/n

    Rural Hotel El Espino, Cangas de Onís, Spain: A 2-star haven with 15 warmed rooms, private bathrooms, TV, along with reception, café, breakfast and daily cleaning services. Includes parking.

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    hotel azabache susierra
    Susierra S/N

    Hotel Azabache Susierra: Situated near Cangas de Onís, Spain. Offers 14 heated rooms, with TV, safe, wardrobe and private bathroom. Includes café, terrace, breakfast and parking facilities.

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    apartamentos aldea del puente
    Urbanizacion Caxidi, 7

    Apartamentos Aldea del Puente offers well-equipped apartments with views of the mountain and the valley of Cangas de Onís, near the Roman bridge and with free WiFi.

    Price from 55 EUR per night
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    hotel granda
    Puente Romano, 12 - Prestin

    Hotel Granda offers modern, soundproofed rooms with satellite TV, free WiFi, parking, and proximity to the famous Roman bridge of Cangas de Onís.

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    apartamento horreo centro cangas de onis

    Apartamento Horreo Centro Cangas de Onis offers a terrace, free WiFi, and 24-hour reception in Cangas de Onís, ideal for hiking and fishing.

    Price from 56 EUR per night
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    hotel montañas de covadonga
    Labra 3, Cangas de Onís

    Hotel Montañas de Covadonga in Cangas de Onís is a 2* hotel with 5 room types, heating, TV, Wi-Fi, bathroom. It has a café-bar, terrace and common area.

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    Puente Romano S/N

    Discover the Imperion Hotel in Cangas de Onís, a remarkable destination offering air conditioning, free WiFi, room service and an imposing terrace.

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    Secure a hotel in the heart of Cangas de Onís

    This city offers the perfect blend of natural beauty and striking antique constructions, creating an ideal backdrop for a holiday you won't forget. Choose our hotels in Cangas de Onís city centre to make the most of first-rate services and sign yourself up for a fascinating tour. Venturing first into the Old Town is a must, home to historical buildings such as the Town Hall and Casa de Soto. By choosing to stay in one of our hotels in Cangas de Onís city centre, you'll not only benefit from a prime location close to points of interest, but also have access to Wi-Fi, dining options, and parking. We also provide establishments that cater to groups, where you’ll enjoy inclusive breakfasts, pools and accommodate for you to discover the local township. Proximity from our accommodations makes for a brisk walk to admire traditional landmarks like Casa Riera and San Pelayo Street, lined with cafes and handicraft shops.

    Stay at the most comfortable hotels in Cangas de Onís

    Our selection of hotels in the city is diverse. Choose to book accommodation in Cangas de Onís from our three- and four-star options. Unwind in modern facilities, rooms equipped with Wi-Fi, cutting-edge tech, whirlpool bathtubs and balconies offering mountain views. Nearby, you'll discover significant attractions like the medieval Roman Bridge, classified as a Historical Artistic Monument. Another point of interest is Santa Cruz Church, a temple dating back to 737 A.D. Consider visiting St. Mary of the Assumption Church, with its three-storey bell-tower and awe-inspiring stained glass. If travelling with family, we have options close to these temples, offering communicating rooms and spacious areas, where you'll enjoy air-conditioning and Wi-Fi at affordable prices.

    Find your ideal hotel in Cangas de Onís

    To help you decide where to stay in Cangas de Onís for your holiday, we offer numerous options to fit all budgets. We can recommend fully-appointed aparthotels that include a kitchenette, white goods, air-conditioned rooms and a balcony. Their superb location will allow you to explore unique sights, like San Pedro of Villanueva Monastery. For thrill-seekers looking for adventure, we suggest booking accommodation in Cangas de Onís, Spain, close to the Sella River, renowned as a canoeing hotspot. After an exhilarating descent, relax back at the hotel in whirlpool bathtubs and terraces, while surveying natural landscape views. Additionally, we offer cosy establishments for couples seeking a romantic experience with features such as a lounge bar, the option of sophisticated dining and rooms with whirlpool bathtubs. Complement your stay with a stroll around the Market Square and take back a keepsake from your trip.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which are the best hotels in Cangas de Onís?

    The best hotels in Cangas de Onís are Hotel Águila Real, Hotel Ciudad Cangas de Onis, and Hotel Cangas de Onis Center.

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Cangas de Onís cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Cangas de Onís costs an average of 99$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Cangas de Onís cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Cangas de Onís costs an average of 195$ (based on rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Cangas de Onís?

    The best family-friendly hotels in Cangas de Onís are Hotel Santa Cruz, Hotel El Sella, and Hotel Los Lagos Nature.

    Which are the best hotels for couples in Cangas de Onís?

    The best hotels for couples in Cangas de Onís are Hotel Mirador de la Cepada, Hotel La Balsa, and Puente Romano.

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