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    This town beautifully hides superb destinations that perfectly blend a rich architectural heritage with stunning natural landscapes. Choose from our hotels in Canfranc-Estación city centre and enjoy an unprecedented accommodation experience. Explore this city, widely known as the railway capital of the Pyrenees, thanks to the grand Canfranc International Station. Book with us and discover the Infanzón Aznar Palacín Tower House and the Church of the Assumption. We offer establishments with opportunities for hiking and reaching the Horsetail Waterfall and the Paseo de los Melancólicos. If you're visiting with a family or large group, you'll love staying near the Astún and Candanchú ski resorts. We have choices fit for all preferences.

    Most popular Canfranc-Estación hotels

    can fer
    Calle Mayor de la Justicia, 9

    Revel in the tranquillity of Can Fer, located in Canfranc Station, providing free WiFi, a garden, a terrace, and complimentary parking.

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    espectacular apartamento atico canfranc estación
    Avenida de Fernando el Católico

    Enjoy an exceptional stay at the Spectacular Canfranc Station Penthouse Apartment, boasting amenities such as an outdoor swimming pool and ski park.

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    the family 1
    15 Avenida de los Arañones

    Discover The Family 1, a charming apartment in Canfranc Station boasting private parking, free WiFi and comprehensive kitchen and bathroom facilities.

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    canfranc estación, a royal hideaway hotel
    Canfranc estación S/N

    Canfranc Station, a 5-star hotel, equipped with free wifi, TV, minibar and en-suite bathrooms with amenities. Boasting 3 restaurants, a bar, car park, event lounges, a Spa Wellness centre with a heated pool and a gym.

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    espectacular apartamento reformado en edificio histórico, con wifi
    9 Avenida de los Arañones

    Enjoy your stay at the remodelled, spectacular apartment situated in a historic building, located at Canfranc Station, complete with amenities like free WiFi and non-smoking rooms.

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    albergue turístico rio aragon
    Arañones, 26

    The Rio Aragon Lodge, boasting splendid mountain views and free Wi-Fi, provides parking, a game room, and hiking opportunities.

    Price from 68 EUR per night
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    el rincón de canfranc estación
    Plaza de Europa Num. 3 planta 4 ,puerta,5

    The Rincón de Canfranc Estación is a hotel that boasts a terrace, a hairdresser, a smoking area, and is pet-friendly while providing ski passes and ski storage.

    Price from 70 EUR per night
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    hotel villa de canfranc
    Avenida Fernando El Católico, 17

    Villa de Canfranc Hotel: 3-star accommodation in Canfranc Station. Featuring WiFi, heating, TV, ensuite facilities. Boasting a restaurant, bar, parking, pool, sun terrace. Pet friendly. Book now!

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    apartamentos canfranc 3000
    Different locations

    Enjoy your stay at Canfranc 3000 Apartments. Besides our provisions of laundry service and car hire, we offer ski activities and warmly welcome pets.

    Price from 35 EUR per night
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    hotel & spa real villa anayet
    Plaza Aragon, 8

    Hotel & Spa Real Villa Anayet is a 4-star accommodation in Canfranc Station, offering well-equipped rooms and amenities such as a restaurant, café, spa, and car park.

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    hotel santa cristina petit spa
    Carretera Francia, s/n

    Santa Cristina Petit Spa, a top-notch 3-star hotel in Canfranc Estación, offers rooms complete with TV, air conditioning, heating and en-suite bathrooms. Amenities include a restaurant, spa, car park and gym.

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    ático dúplex reformado con vistas a la montaña
    Ático Dúplex reformado con vistas a la montaña
    2 Plaza de Europa 5º Planta, Apartamento 9, fase 1-2

    Price from 85 EUR per night
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    apartamento la campa
    Apartamento La Campa
    Avenida de Fernando el Católico 4º, 2º

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    magnífico ático duplex con vistas a la montaña
    Magnífico Ático Duplex con vistas a la montaña
    Plaza de Europa

    Price from 85 EUR per night
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    altur 5 canfranc estación
    Altur 5 Canfranc Estación
    Plaza De Europa, S/N

    Price from 80 EUR per night
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    Discover the best area to stay in Canfranc-Estación

    Explore a city on the border with France marked by a mountain character that retains a rich architectural heritage. Choose one of our Canfranc-Estación hotels, enjoy a restful stay in comfortable establishments and embark on a journey through this town regarded as the railway capital of the Aragon Pyrenees, thanks to the imposing Canfranc International Station. The best area to stay is in the historic centre. We offer a diverse range of hotels in Canfranc-Estación city centre well-connected with the town's key locations. There you can see the remnants of the Trinity Church, the Infanzón Aznar Palacín Tower House, and the Church of the Assumption, situated next to the Aragon River. At the hotel facilities, you'll find spacious rooms, Wi-Fi throughout the premises, a swimming pool, buffet breakfast and car park. Another advantage of staying in our hotels is that you'll get to know the Pilgrims' Bridge and the Church of Our Lady of Pilar. In the surroundings, we provide fully-equipped apartments and family hotels as an ideal, low-cost alternative. You'll relax in comfortable facilities boasting a traditional cuisine restaurant, a bar, a fireplace and heated rooms.

    Rest easy in comfortable hotels in Canfranc-Estación

    One of the benefits of visiting this mountain city is the leisure areas and impressive natural beauty spots available for family entertainment. We invite you to stay in accommodation in Canfranc-Estación near the Forestals Park, which has walking trails and the Ama-Gi Sculpture, and is a few meters away from the Children's Park featuring a Skate Park. Here, you'll find all you need for your outdoor activities. Having explored these natural sites, you'll unwind in comfortable rooms and facilities offering a buffet-style restaurant, breakfast service, fireplace, cafeteria and heated pool. Consider staying in a rural-style hotel with cosy rooms, traditional cuisine restaurant, steam bath and sauna spa. It's the perfect choice if you're travelling with your partner!

    Stay in a charming hotel in Canfranc-Estación

    Our hotels in Canfranc-Estación, Spain, are diverse and strategically located for a deeper understanding of this wonderful natural setting in Aragon's Pyrenees. We offer a variety of choices, from fully-equipped apartment hotels to mountain-style houses at affordable prices. In addition, they provide facilities for hiking and reaching the Horsetail Waterfall, the Ip Ibón or the Paseo de los Melancólicos. What more could you ask for? To ease your accommodation worries, we provide four-star hotels equipped with spacious rooms, outdoor swimming pool, restaurant and terrace. You'll have easy access to sports activities in the ski area of Astún and Candanchú resorts. Come to Canfranc-Estación and make the most of your holidays!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which are the best hotels in Canfranc-Estación?

    The best hotels in Canfranc-Estación are Apartamento Viman, Apartamento de montaña "Nueva Canfranc", and The family.

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Canfranc-Estación cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Canfranc-Estación costs an average of 166$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Canfranc-Estación cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Canfranc-Estación costs an average of 262$ (based on rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Canfranc-Estación?

    The best family-friendly hotel in Canfranc-Estación is Arañones.

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