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    Choose our Candeleda hotels, rest in top-notch facilities and explore this city with a medieval aura and unique landscapes. We invite you to stay as a family in the old town, the perfect area to learn about the city's museums and traditional architecture. With our range of accommodations, you can stroll through the Plaza Mayor, visit its beautiful temple and indulge in exquisite local cuisine. Discover the lush nature in the surroundings and rest in rooms filled with comfort. Take part in outdoor sports, go on excursions and unwind. We have excellent establishments at affordable prices to help you manage your budget. Book now!

    Most popular Candeleda hotels

    finca alegrías

    Indulge in a unique stay at Finca Alegrías, complete with a balcony, private parking, a flat-screen telly and a garden. A marvellous day awaits you.

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    villa los molinos
    Avenida las Palmeras

    Discover the exclusive VILLA LOS MOLINOS in Candeleda, with a private pool, garden, free parking and excellent cleaning and hygiene measures.

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    apartamento puri
    Calle Narciso López Pintor 19A 2º

    Indulge in your stay at the APARTMENT PURI in Candeleda, commendable for being a smoke-free environment and boasting air conditioning.

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    apartamentos el mirador
    C/ Del Pino, 12

    Discover the charm of Apartamentos El Mirador in Candeleda, complete with a terrace, heating, and hiking opportunities.

    Price from 60 EUR per night
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    hostal la pastora
    Camino de la Luz nº 15

    The La Pastora Hostel in Candeleda offers comfortable accommodation with parking and an on-site restaurant. It features a bar, terrace and family rooms.

    Price from 37 EUR per night
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    casa rural las traviesas
    casa Rural Las Traviesas
    Carretera de El Raso, Camino del Tejar de Bula, Casa rural Las Traviesas Casa rural

    Price from 80 EUR per night
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    cabaña castañarejo
    Cabaña Castañarejo
    Paraje Castañarejo camino forestal de albarea polígono 36 parcela 137

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    el hojaranzo casa rural con encanto en candeleda
    El Hojaranzo Casa rural con encanto en Candeleda
    5 Calle del Brezo

    Price from 506 EUR per night
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    finca aprisco de candeleda
    Finca Aprisco de Candeleda
    40.145999, -5.258783

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    casa puri
    19 Calle Narciso López Pintor

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    la tijera
    La Tijera
    1 Calle Laureles

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    casa la florona
    Casa La Florona
    3 Plaza Benito Núñez Martín

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    casa neferet
    Casa Neferet
    4 Calle Clavel

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    el huerto de lino
    El huerto de Lino
    49 Calle Cañada

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    chez gredos
    4 Calle Julio Méndez

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    Discover the advantages of staying at our Candeleda hotels

    Experience one of the most picturesque towns in Spain, with a medieval ambience, an idyllic natural environment, perfect for a romantic getaway or just to disconnect. Book at our hotels in Candeleda, Spain with optimal facilities and the best location in town. The Old Town is ideal for family stays in hotels in Candeleda city centre. They offer spacious air-conditioned rooms, Wi-Fi throughout, terraces, children’s pools and, if you bring your pet, they'll be welcomed, as some are pet-friendly. Routinely explore the streets to admire the colourful balconies filled with plant pots and, additionally, visit the Casa de las Flores which houses the Tin Toy Museum with your children. Also nearby are the Plaza Mayor, Town Hall, and Corredera Street, with houses showcasing traditional architecture. Nearby, you will find establishments with an excellent value for money, inviting atmosphere, terrace, solarium and dining room.

    Choose the best area to stay in Candeleda

    Enjoy the delicious local cuisine in the bars and restaurants that line Plaza del Castillo and visit the church that dates back to the 15th century. Alternatively, you may choose to dwell in our rural houses in Candeleda, complete with gardens, outdoor dining areas, picnic areas and fully equipped kitchens. If you're travelling as a couple, the adults-only hotels have superb suites with a whirlpool, breakfast, swimming pool, and parking provisions. You'll enjoy the outdoor activities in the surroundings, including a walk through the Garganta de Santa Maria. Afterwards, you could swim in the natural pools, explore one of the hiking routes or climb up to the Puerto de Candeleda. Accommodation in Candeleda is also available near the Sierra de Gredos Regional Park. There are establishments with restaurants, bars, and airport shuttle services. Take advantage of exploring their captivating bike routes, or try your hand at paragliding, fishing, or canoeing.

    Book a stay at our comfortable accommodations in Candeleda

    If you're budget conscious, we have hotels in Candeleda, Spain, offering moderate prices and good services. Free Wi-Fi, soundproofed rooms, air conditioning, as well as bike rental, are just some of the amenities they offer. The best part is, they're close to the Tourist Office, where the Ethnographic Museum is located. Also, you can give golf a try at the fantastic municipal 9-hole golf course. During your visit, plan an excursion to the Celtic Castro of Candeleda, the Sierra de Gredos or the Shrine of the Virgin of Chilla located in a beautiful valley. In the area, you can relax in an apartment with spacious rooms, living room, terrace, and kitchen. Book with us and enjoy your time in Candeleda.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Candeleda cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Candeleda costs an average of 151$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Candeleda cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Candeleda costs an average of 154$ (based on rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Candeleda?

    The best family-friendly hotels in Candeleda are El Vergel de Chilla son 3 alojamientos Abejas 1 Abejas 2 y Libélula, Hotel El Mirlo Blanco, and Quinta de Candeleda.

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