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    Book a stay at one of our splendid Candás hotels and prepare to be thrilled by one of the most famous seafaring towns in Asturias. Investigate the accommodation options we have for you and kick-start your journey round the historic city centre, close to the top amenities for a good night's sleep. Follow up with a trip to St Felix's Church to view the iconic figure of the Candás Christ up close. It may be that you're won over by an establishment that comes with breakfast included - a superb way to begin your day. Enjoy family time on Palmera Beach or take a trip to San Antonio Cape and Candás Lighthouse. We provide everything you need to relax and have fun in equal measure.

    Most popular Candás hotels

    piso acogedor, en zona tranquila y a tan solo 200 metros de la playa y el centro
    14 Calle José González Muniello 4

    Enjoy an inviting flat, peaceful and within close proximity to the beach and city centre (200 meters), offering a terrace, family rooms and professional cleaning.

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    playa de la palmera
    calle la cuesta 17 bajo 2 candas

    Experience Candás at the Hotel Playa de la Palmera. Offering free WiFi, an inviting terrace, and a pet-friendly approach, smoking is strictly off-limits.

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    la casa de blanca
    28a Calle de San Antonio

    Discover La Casa de Blanca, a unique holiday accommodation in Candás offering free Wi-Fi, private parking, and a hot tub. Book now!

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    apartamento en candas con garaje
    10 Calle Pardies 2º D

    Experience a delightful stay at the APARTMENT IN CANDAS WITH GARAGE, with garden views, pet-friendly accommodations, and free parking.

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    el apartamento de alba en candás
    5 Plaza Entrellusa

    Reside at Alba's Candás Apartment, providing free WiFi, cost-free private parking, a garden, and smoke-free rooms. An idyllic space for your stay!

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    hotel puerto

    Hotel Puerto in Candás, offers free WiFi, allows pets and is situated opposite the beach. Room service and breakfast in the room is available.

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    casa villa mey
    C. Urogallo, 25

    The Casa Villa Mey in Candás offers guests the ultimate experience, complete with free WiFi, an outdoor swimming pool, and private parking.

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    apartamentos astilleros
    4 Calle Astillero

    The Astilleros Apartments in Candás welcomes pets and provides free parking, daily cleaning services, and complimentary WiFi across the premises.

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    hotel puerto de candás
    Hotel Puerto de Candás
    Rufo Rendueles 10

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    903a apartamentos 2 dormitorios candás
    903A Apartamentos 2 dormitorios Candás
    1 Calle San Félix 1 A

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    villa josechu en candás
    Villa Josechu en Candás
    3 Plaza Asturcón

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    hotel faranda express marsol candás
    Hotel Faranda Express Marsol Candás
    C/ Astilleros S/N

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    Stay in the best Candás hotels

    We highly recommend reserving your stay at our finest hotels in Candás, Spain. Choose between luxury accommodation or establishments that provide basic services. Either way, we have options nearby significant landmarks like St Felix’s Church, known for the striking statue of the Candás Christ. Alternatively, stay in a hotel facing Palmera beach where ‘Peña Furada’, a unique rocky formation, can be seen. You'll enjoy air-conditioning and Wi-Fi access in the rooms, as well as a pool and restaurant, making for a sublime experience waking up with an awe-inspiring panoramic view and the soothing sound of the sea lapping at the shore.

    Select your ideal hotel in Candás

    Rest your head at one of our centrally located Candás city centre hotels and revel in the convenience of being near everything. We offer accommodation with Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, 24-hour service, and parking. The historic city centre will captivate you with stunning examples of civil architecture. In addition, you'll discover the area's leading local food restaurants close by. You'll absolutely adore staying near Candás Harbour, with a seawall providing the perfect spot for a stroll and a different view of the city. Our modern establishments assure comfort and security and come with a swimming pool and magnificent sea views. If you're visiting in August, you'll get to enjoy the Sardine Festival.

    Experience romance at our Candás hotels

    We offer a wide range of establishments assisting in deciding where to stay in Candás if you're vacationing with your partner. Nothing screams romance louder than a holiday on the Asturian coast. Indulge in room service dinner or enjoy a drink at the lounge bar. Usually, the city views are stunning. Plus, many of our establishments offer trips to San Antonio Cape and Candás Lighthouse, from where you'll experience extraordinary coastal views. There's no doubt we have the perfect accommodation in Candás for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Candás cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Candás costs an average of 127$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Candás cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Candás costs an average of 150$ (based on rates).

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