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    Make a booking at one of the 'Calp hotels' we propose for you and uncover the charm of this coastal paradise in Alicante province. We offer beachfront accommodation and are conveniently close to key attractions such as the promenade, la Peca Tower and Peñón de Ifach Natural Park. You might fancy staying at one of our city centre hotels too - a splendid area to unwind, close to all amenities. You ought to pay a visit to Family Park Calp if you're travelling with children. Just to top it off, when you book with us, you'll be staying in modern facilities after your coastal walks, which offer an awe-inspiring panorama of the Mediterranean Sea. What are you waiting for? You'll certainly be enamoured with Calp!

    Most popular Calpe hotels

    galeon boutique hotel
    carrer de puchalt 18calp carrer de puchalt 18

    Close to the beaches of Calpe, Spain, is the Galeón Boutique Hotel. Choose from 5 types of rooms with a TV, WiFi and more. Enjoy a terrace, a café and further amenities.

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    ar imperial park spa resort
    Urbanización Tossal de la Cometa, 1H

    AR Imperial Park Spa Resort in Calpe. Cabins with terrace, bathroom, heating, and air conditioning. Restaurant, bar, spa, gym, and more.

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    hotel casa día y noche
    Vía Pa Benicolada, 4L

    The Casa Day and Night hotel in Calpe, Spain, offers 5 smoke-free rooms with WiFi, air conditioning, heating and a private bathroom. Enjoy the terrace and pool.

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    suitopía - sol y mar suites hotel
    2 Avenida Europa

    Adore your stay at Hotel Suitopía - Sol y Mar Suites, in Calpe, Spain. Enjoy the coastline, local shops, dining and accommodations with AC, TV and ensuite. Facilities also include a spa, bar, and restaurant.

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    apartamentos coral beach unitursa
    Mitjorn, 1

    Coral Beach Unitursa Apartments in Calpe are only 100 metres from the Promenade, offering 1 and 2 bedroom flats with living room, fully-equipped kitchen, private car park and free WiFi.

    Price from 29 EUR per night
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    blue lagoon apartments
    4 Avenida Juan Carlos I

    Discover the comfort of Blue Lagoon Apartments in Calpe, with airport shuttle service and free Wi-Fi throughout the premises.

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    gran hotel sol y mar - adults experience
    Benidorm, 3

    Nestled beachfront in Calpe, Spain, the Gran Hotel Sol y Mar-Adults Only offers well-equipped rooms with WiFi, minibar availability, a beach club, and notably, a pool, spa, and gym.

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    Avda. Rumania

    Enjoy your stay at CALPE9A, with free WiFi and carpark, and a seasonal outdoor pool, located near the beach of Calpe.

    Price from 37 EUR per night
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    hostel sea&dreams calpe
    Carrer Major 24

    Sea&Dreams Hostel Calpe, in Calpe. 450 meters from the beach. Boasting 6 types of rooms with air conditioning, heating, private bathroom, TV and wi-fi.

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    the cookbook gastro boutique hotel & spa
    Urbanización Marisol Park, 1-A

    Experience the Cookbook Gastro Boutique Hotel & SPA in Calpe, Spain, 700 metres from the beach. Rooms with terraces, WiFi, a minibar, and more. Restaurant, spa, sauna, pool and bar available.

    Price from 96 EUR per night
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    hotel gran sol
    Urb. Gran Sol 6B

    Hotel Gran Sol: 3-star accommodation in Calpe, Spain. Rooms with TV, air conditioning, WiFi, and more. Highlighting the swimming pool, terrace, bar, and restaurant.

    Price from 34 EUR per night
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    hotel maravillas del mundo
    Calle Huelva 4

    Maravillas del Mundo hotel in central Calpe, Spain. Rooms feature TV, bathroom and free WiFi. Bed linen and towels provided. Safety deposit box available. Some rooms have balconies.

    Price from 41 EUR per night
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    ar diamante beach spa hotel
    Avenida Juan Carlos I, 48

    Elegant hotel on Calpe's Mediterranean coast. Rooms with balconies, air conditioning, heating, en suite bathrooms, and satellite TV. Facilities include a restaurant, bar, and gymnasium.

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    hotel porto calpe
    Explanada del Puerto, 7

    Hotel Porto Calpe: close to the sea, rooms featuring air conditioning, a desk, central heating, TV, phone, and amenities. Included are a restaurant, gym, bar, and terrace.

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    apartamentos hipocampos calpe rent apart
    Llevant, 1

    Hipocampos Calpe Rent Apart. Seafront property, equipped with air con., kitchen, living room, balcony, private bathroom, TV. Features swimming pool, spa, parking and welcomes pets.

    Price from 59 EUR per night
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    Book a stay at a beachfront Calp hotel

    Locate the top 'Calp hotels' and discover the charm of the most enticing coastal paradise in Alicante province, especially if you have a passion for maritime adventures. Do you adore the sun and sea? You'll be captivated by Calp's golden sandy coastline and our versatile hotel offerings, which without any doubt, present the ideal area for a stay. We offer beachfront accommodation in Calp, granting access to soft wave kissed shores. Travelling with your family? Reserve with us at a resort hotel, serving half-board and full-board, with packages catered for family holidays. Furthermore, you'll have access to a restaurant, swimming pool, gym facilities, ensuring you lack nothing and fully enjoy your stay by the sea. You'll relish swimming at Calp's beaches, boat tripping and excursions to Playa de la Fossa. Gear up to explore the seafront promenade, renowned for its vibrant atmosphere. Discover the city and thoroughly enjoy your stay in our accommodation!

    Relish a family stay at a Calp hotel

    The seaside ambiance, marvellous beaches, and grand panorama of the Mediterranean Sea make for unforgettable family experiences. Book with us at the top 'hotels in Calp, Spain' so you don't miss a thing. In this area, we offer all sorts of lodging, catering for your specifications. We propose affordable hotels, hostels and comfortable flats. Looking to have a good time? Lodge at a hotel with rooms equipped with all the comforts, including a private Jacuzzi and pool access, a terrace bar and restaurant, assuring you of an unrivalled comfort experience. Explore the archaeological site of Banys de la Reina, hosting natural pool formations. You could capture fun selfies at the Family Park Calp while you enjoy its attractions. The best part is your ideal hotel is nearby these sites so you can make the most out of Calp.

    Rest up at city centre hotels in Calp

    'Hotels in Calp city centre' are your prime choice for experiencing essentials of this coastal city that's bound to capture your heart with its rich cultural heritage. Strolling the city centre's streets, boasting surprising architectural works like the Parish Church devoted to Our Lady of the Snows; the town hall and the old church, will certainly be a delight! The great news is that in this area you'll have a cosy place to stay in Calp. We offer you a range of lodgings from fully furnished flats to comfortable hostels. Lodge at a central 4-star hotel with spacious rooms, restaurants, swimming pools, car park and pet-friendly policy. Head to the 18th century 'Ermita del Salvador of Calp', perfect for capturing the best snaps of your trip; and venture into 'Torreón de la Pieza' and 'Ermita San Juan de la Cometa'. You'll be smitten with these sites!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which are the best hotels in Calpe?

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Calpe cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Calpe costs an average of 468$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Calpe cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Calpe costs an average of 1493$ (based on rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Calpe?

    The best family-friendly hotels in Calpe are Hotel Aparto Residence Galetamar, Apartamentos Apolo 17, and Calpe Beach.

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