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    Kickstart your journey by exploring hotels in Callington, a small yet captivating town situated in southeast Cornwall, England. With its rich history, awe-inspiring landscapes and welcoming local community, Callington is an ideal tourist destination suitable for all ages.

    Most popular Callington hotels

    frogwell chapel

    The Frogwell Chapel in Callington comes with free private parking, is pet-friendly and boasts a garden for relaxation. An idyllic spot for a few days of cycling and fishing.

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    beautiful 3-bed cottage in cornwall

    Discover the charm of Beautiful 3-Bed Cottage in Cornwall in Callington, with complimentary wifi, parking and pet-friendly admission.

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    19 honicombe park

    Visit 19 Honicombe Park! Located in Callington, with free WiFi, indoor pool, private parking and tennis court.

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    13 manorcombe bungalows

    Discover the comforts of 13 Manorcombe Bungalows in Callington. Enjoy its amenities such as the indoor swimming pool and garden and relax in its tranquil surroundings.

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    lavender lodge
    Lavender Lodge Honicombe Park

    Revel in paradise at Lavender Lodge, equipped with swimming pools, a barbeque area, and a tennis court. Free WiFi and parking await you!

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    dart lodge

    Enjoy your stay at Dart Lodge, Callington. It offers free wifi, private parking, indoor pool, and a nearby golf course.

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    little hamlin

    Discover Little Hamlin, a 4-star hotel in Callington with free WiFi and public parking nearby. Pets are not allowed!

    Price from 44 GBP per night
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    yurt luxury + bathhouse
    Red Berry Field Cliters

    Featuring a barbecue and play area, Callington's Yurt luxury + Bathhouse provides a full immersion in nature with the utmost attention to detail.

    Price from 76 GBP per night
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    mugwell barn, callington
    Mugwell Barn, Mugford, Luckett

    Enjoy luxury at Mugwell Barn, Callington, with free WiFi, private parking, pet-friendly amenities, and garden, golf, and cycling opportunities.

    Price from 58 GBP per night
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    polhilsa farm
    Polhilsa Farm

    Enjoy your stay at Polhilsa Farm, Callington, with free WiFi, a garden, and complimentary parking. It's perfect for nature enthusiasts.

    Price from 65 GBP per night
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    summit camping field, kit hill rd, cornwall bring a tent stunning views
    Kit Hill, Kit Hill Rd near Callington.

    The Summit Camping field hotel, located at Kit Hill Rd, in Cornwall, offers incredible vistas, free parking, and is pet-friendly. Enjoy local hiking opportunities.

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    the studio
    Trecarra Launcestonn Rd

    Secure a booking at The Studio with complimentary WiFi, car park and private patio. Take pleasure in family rooms and amenities provided for your comfort.

    Price from 92 GBP per night
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    dartmoor 2
    Dartmoor 2

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    Discover and relish the experience of sojourning in Callington

    If you're pondering over your next holiday destination, we encourage you to explore the hotels in Callington. This town, renowned for its spectacular natural surroundings and rich historical heritage, offers a unique setting allowing you to break away from the mundane and immerse yourself in an environment replete with traditions and dreamy landscapes. Choose the accommodation in Callington that best suits your needs. Fancy a peaceful stay amid nature? Callington boasts rural hotels and cosy Bed & Breakfasts. Prefer a touch more luxury? You'll also find hotels loaded with all the amenities, where stellar service and hospitality are guaranteed. Callington is a town that continually impresses its visitors with its diversity. From uncovering the secrets of its old tin mine, strolling the narrow and picturesque streets of the city centre or paying a visit to the renowned cider factory, to enjoying its vibrant cultural scene with a diverse range of events and festivals.

    Choosing accommodation in Callington also means opting for the chance to sample its exquisite local cuisine. From the traditional "Cornish Pasty", to more innovative dishes reliant on the land and sea's bounty in this region. As for the city's surroundings, the landscapes provided by the Tamar Valley, a declared Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, are prominent. Here you can partake in outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling, or simply unwind revelling in the views. So, if you're considering booking your next trip, Callington offers a unique experience. Its variety of hotels and its broad spectrum of activities will turn your holiday into something unforgettable. Don't hesitate any longer, come and discover all the charms this destination holds for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Callington cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Callington costs an average of 98$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Callington cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Callington costs an average of 182$ (based on rates).

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