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    This coastal town presents itself as one of Tenerife's most enticing tourist destinations. Choose one of our Callao Salvaje hotels for a unique accommodation experience as you get set to explore. Discover the charm of Ajabo beach, a favourite amongst travellers. Near this area, we provide accommodation for couples and groups. We also offer establishments in the city centre, where you'll find lively bars and nightclubs. Take the opportunity to visit the Mirador de la Gomera Lookout. Our hotels include all the comforts to enable you to enjoy the sun, sea and sand from the early hours.

    Most popular Callao Salvaje hotels

    tenerife dúplex callao
    Calle venecia n 16

    Introducing Tenerife Duplex Callao, a splendid property offering free parking, Wi-Fi, an outdoor swimming pool and city views.

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    villa las vistas
    Calle el Jable 13 Callao Salvaje

    Delight in Villa Las Vistas, boasting a private pool, garden, barbecue, and free WiFi. Perfect for hiking and fishing. A unique experience awaits!

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    twin fin surf camp
    Cruce Hoya Grande, Marazul, Tenerife

    Located in Tenerife, the Twin Fin Surf Camp offers free WiFi, its own parking, accepts pets, and features an outdoor swimming pool.

    Price from 26 EUR per night
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    tenerife zen
    Tenerife Zen
    Calle Venecia n 1

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    sueño azul free wifi
    Sueño Azul FREE WIFI

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    cosy sea view studio free wifi
    Cosy Sea View Studio FREE WIFI
    Isora 6

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    home2book duplex callao salvaje beach & wifi
    Home2Book Duplex Callao Salvaje Beach & Wifi

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    luxury villa callao adeje tenerife
    Luxury Villa Callao Adeje Tenerife
    1 Calle Abona

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    villa iris
    Villa Iris
    nivaria, 99

    Price from 90 EUR per night
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    aguaviva free wifi
    Aguaviva FREE WIFI
    Calle el Jable

    Price from 77 EUR per night
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    apartamentos callaomar
    Apartamentos Callaomar
    Tenique, 4

    Price from 58 EUR per night
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    aqua vista 2 bed penthouse with great views
    Aqua Vista 2 bed Penthouse with great views
    5 Calle la Tosca

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    190 duplex la tosca by sunkeyrents
    190 Duplex La Tosca by Sunkeyrents
    5 Calle la Tosca Bloque 15, Vivienda 5

    Price from 48 EUR per night
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    apartamento i callao salvaje
    Apartamento I Callao Salvaje
    La Lava, 9

    Price from 50 EUR per night
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    atlantic holiday hotel
    Atlantic Holiday Hotel
    Lava 10

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    The best area to stay in Callao Salvaje

    If you're dreaming of the perfect holiday, it's best to choose from one of the Callao Salvaje hotels we have on offer. Enjoy all the amenities and consider a paragliding flight, a top-notch experience with panoramic ocean views, suitable for the whole family. Stay in one of our hotels in Callao Salvaje city centre and you'll be in close proximity to numerous bars and nightclubs. Indeed, from this location, you'll enjoy the city's best nightlife. In this area, our establishments feature swimming pools, gardens, outdoor terraces and parking. You may also like to visit Siam Water Park, widely considered the best of its kind in the country. To enjoy an unforgettable holiday, we have a variety of accommodation in Callao Salvaje options to suit all budgets. Book at one of our budget-friendly hotels and make the trip up to the Gomera Lookout. Some of them are perfect for backpackers, offering access to comfortable beds, Wi-Fi and breakfast.

    Choose the best hotel for a beachfront sleep overlooking Ajabo Beach

    If you're wondering where to stay in Callao Salvaje, we invite you to consider a beachfront hotel. It'll be the best choice for enjoying the sun, sand and sea just steps from your bed. Near Ajabo beach you'll find modern facilities, with play areas, gardens, outdoor terraces, a traditional restaurant and pool. We also offer hotels in Callao Salvaje, Spain, near Las Galgas Beach. Besides enjoying a unique natural environment, the bathing areas are safe for the whole family. You can also comfortably engage in water activities like Banana Ride and FlyBoard. In all cases, our spacious apartments provide living rooms, kitchens, air-conditioned rooms, Wi-Fi, terraces and pools.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Callao Salvaje cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Callao Salvaje costs an average of 306$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Callao Salvaje cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Callao Salvaje costs an average of 988$ (based on rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Callao Salvaje?

    The best family-friendly hotels in Callao Salvaje are H10 Atlantic Sunset and Hotel Tropical Park.

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