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    We offer you the finest Cali hotels at the market's lowest rates. Book with us and get ready to explore this charming Colombian city. We invite you to choose your accommodation located right in the city centre, thus placing you near the main attractions. Take a relaxing stay in the Peñón district, easily accessing the Tertulia Museum and the statue of Sebastián de Belalcázar. We even offer aparthotels for accommodating large groups of friends or family. Don't forget to visit must-see destinations like the Metropolitan Cathedral and the National Palace. For an unforgettable excursion, opt for a trip to the Cristo Rey statue. What are you waiting for to reserve your stay?

    Most popular Cali hotels

    hotel royal elim international
    Hotel Royal Elim International
    19-10 palma seca via aeropuerto

    Show prices
    icc apartahotel
    7-65 Carrera 38a Edificio

    Show prices
    hotel casa santa monica norte
    Hotel Casa Santa Monica Norte
    Calle 23N No. 8N-24 Cali

    Price from 130000 COP per night
    Show prices
    hotel colours cali
    Calle 23 # 2-22

    Price from 42179 COP per night
    Show prices
    hotel quinta norte chipichape
    Hotel Quinta Norte Chipichape

    Price from 125312 COP per night
    Show prices
    hotel parque del perro
    Hotel Parque del Perro
    27-72 Calle 3 Oeste

    Price from 76500 COP per night
    Show prices
    hotel campestre santa monica pance
    Hotel Campestre Santa Monica Pance
    Calle 10 Carrera 122 A Callejon San Jeronimo Casa 51

    Price from 215000 COP per night
    Show prices
    ayenda 1406 depeapan
    Ayenda 1406 Depeapan
    Calle 16 85B-42,

    Price from 100900 COP per night
    Show prices
    mp hotel
    MP Hotel
    661 Carrera 34

    Show prices
    moonshine boutique hostal
    Moonshine Boutique Hostal
    Carrera 10 # 4 32

    Price from 88000 COP per night
    Show prices
    malik hotel boutique
    Malik Hotel Boutique
    Carrera 107 #15B 60

    Price from 148770 COP per night
    Show prices
    now hotel
    Now Hotel
    Av. 9A Norte 10N - 74

    Price from 221250 COP per night
    Show prices
    park v
    Park V
    Cl 23BN 5N 14

    Price from 192000 COP per night
    Show prices
    hotel stein colonial
    Hotel Stein Colonial
    Avenida 4 Norte No. 3-33

    Price from 149600 COP per night
    Show prices
    alko hotel integrado
    Alko Hotel Integrado
    Carrera 101 #15-27

    Price from 181720 COP per night
    Show prices

    Stay at Cali's top hotels

    Experience the best holidays in a city known as the salsa capital, boasting a rich architectural heritage. Choose our hotels in Cali, enjoy restful facilities, and experience a delightful stay in Colombia. The best place to spend the night is in the heart of town, with easy access to main tourist attractions. Unwind in the central Peñón district, a stone's throw away from the La Tertulia Museum, which houses a significant collection of American and Colombian art. Our offered hotels in Cali city centre provide a broad variety of accommodation. Expect well-lit spaces with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, many with private parking and included breakfast.

    Choose your perfect Cali Hotel

    We offer a stunning selection of budget-friendly hotels, from where you could visit the Parque del Perro, a small forested area brimming with restaurants serving the best of local cuisine. Our establishments nearby have practical rooms, Wi-Fi in common areas and parking. We also propose that you experience accommodation in Cali with exclusive services. Our four- and five-star establishments offer spacious, beautifully decorated rooms with balconies. Most have outdoor swimming pools, spas with various treatments, and restaurants serving international and local dishes. Be sure to visit Simón Bolívar and Versailles parks - ideal destinations for family outings. Our hotels in Cali, Colombia, are perfect for couples seeking some downtime. Room service, breakfast included in the booking, and many have indoor parking. Complement this experience with a visit to the Calima Gold Museum and the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception.

    Stay in our family-friendly Cali Hotels

    Look no further for places to stay in Cali if you are on a family trip. Our establishments are well-prepared to cater to you. We offer hotels with interconnecting rooms, TV, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi throughout the complex. This is a brilliant option to start the day on a high note and visit the Metropolitan Cathedral and National Palace. You might also fancy a stroll through the Cali river boulevard. On the other hand, you may love a night's stay in one of our comfortable aparthotels. These apartments offer a lounge, a kitchen area with appliances, and some are pet-friendly. We recommend you take an excursion to the Cristo Rey statue, located on los Cristales hill. We have the ideal hotel to fulfil all your travel plans. Book with us and come enjoy the Cali culture.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Cali cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Cali costs an average of 46$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Cali cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Cali costs an average of 47$ (based on rates).

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