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    Set up camp in Cádiz hotels and experience a magnificent holiday in this port city, one of the most fabulous destinations in Andalusia. Discover historical monuments, idyllic coastlines and vibrant entertainment areas, making it perfect for you. We offer an unbeatable range of accommodation for you to explore the historic centre, the Pópulo district, the Cádiz Cathedral and the Roman Theatre, which are all highly popular! You'll be thrilled to stay in hotels right on the seashore, guaranteeing amazing aquatic adventures at La Caleta Beach and Victoria Beach. You'll have a cracking time at Plaza de España, La Viña District and Cádiz Promenade. Book your ideal hotel with us!

    Most popular Cádiz hotels

    la sal by pillow
    La Sal by Pillow
    5 Calle Compañía

    Centrally located hotel in Cadiz, Spain. Well-equipped rooms: TV, air conditioning, mini fridge, private bathroom. Free wifi, airport transfer, tourism services.

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    soho boutique cádiz
    Soho Boutique Cádiz
    12 Calle Flamenco

    The SOHO BOUTIQUE CADIZ Hotel, featuring free WiFi, air conditioning, and TV, offers comfortable rooms and suites with breakfast, a swimming pool, and medical assistance.

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    pensión cádiz
    Pensión Cádiz
    C/ Feduchy 20 duplicado 1º

    Pension Cadiz, situated within the historic heart of the city, offers concierge service, free WiFi, and cosy common areas, barely a 1km distance from La Caleta Beach.

    Price from 23 EUR per night
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    pensión la cantarera
    Pensión La Cantarera
    Montañes, 7 1ª PLANTA.

    Pensión La Cantarera: A delightful lodging in the heart of Cadiz, equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi and fantastic facilities.

    Price from 24 EUR per night
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    hotel de francia y parís
    Hotel de Francia y París
    Plaza San Francisco 6

    Discover the comfort and convenience on offer at the Hotel de Francia y Paris, located in the bustling city of Cadiz, with 24-hour service and free Wi-Fi.

    Price from 33 EUR per night
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    hotel regio cádiz
    Hotel Regio Cádiz
    Avenida Ana de Viya, 11

    Situated near the beach, the Hotel Regio Cadiz offers amenities such as car parking, soundproof rooms, and complimentary WiFi throughout the property.

    Price from 50 EUR per night
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    isa cádiz
    ISA Cádiz
    Calle Valenzuela, 1-3-5

    Stay at Cadiz Inn Suites & Apartments: Central accommodation with well-appointed apartments, pool, free Wi-Fi, and parking.

    Price from 59 EUR per night
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    occidental cádiz
    Occidental Cádiz
    Avenida de Andalucía, 89

    Occidental Hotel Cadiz: 4-star, free Wi-Fi, TV, air con, private bathroom, restaurant, cafe, terrace, meeting rooms, car park.

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    hotel cádiz paseo del mar, affiliated by meliá
    Hotel Cádiz Paseo del Mar, Affiliated by Meliá
    Avenida Amilcar Barca, 47

    4-star Hotel Cádiz, by the beach. With Wi-Fi, air conditioning, TV, and a private bathroom in the rooms. It also offers a restaurant, breakfast, bar, gym, and meeting room.

    Price from 66 EUR per night
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    hotel monte puertatierra
    Hotel Monte Puertatierra
    Avenida de Andalucí­a, 34

    Monte Puertatierra Hotel: 4-star, beachfront in Cadiz. Ensuite rooms with heating, air conditioning, Smart TV, private shower. Free breakfast, bar, workspace, gym, and parking.

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    hotel spa cádiz plaza
    Hotel Spa Cádiz Plaza
    Glorieta Ingeniero La Cierva, 3

    Hotel Spa Cadiz Plaza: 4-star beachfront offering rooms and flats with kitchenettes. Complimentary Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, TV and private bathrooms. Café, breakfast, spa, rooftop and event rooms.

    Price from 63 EUR per night
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    hotel playa victoria
    Hotel Playa Victoria
    Plaza Ingeniero La Cierva, 4

    The Playa Victoria Hotel, a 4-star accommodation in Cadiz, Spain. Rooms and suites with free wifi, air conditioning, TV and private bath. Pool, event halls and parking available.

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    alojamientos cadiz sol
    Alojamientos Cadiz Sol
    Soledad 29

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    apartamento fenicia con aparcamiento incluido vistas al mar
    Apartamento Fenicia con aparcamiento incluido Vistas al mar
    Campo del Sur, 40

    Price from 35 EUR per night
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    la posada del mercado
    La Posada del Mercado
    Calle Jose de Dios 9

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    Stay in charming hotels in Cádiz

    Are you planning to visit the city with your partner or family? Hotels in Cádiz city centre are perfect for discovering the city's medieval and Andalusian essence of this touristy port destination. At eBooking we have options for all tastes. We invite you to book with us near the historic centre, brimming with architectural works of great artistic value. It's undoubtedly the best area to stay comfortably. We offer a great selection of hotels in Cádiz of different types. Rest in very well-equipped hostels, apartments or houses. If you prefer, stay in a boutique hotel with spacious rooms and breakfast included, in addition to a restaurant, terrace bar and wellness centre. Not too far from this area you'll find the Pópulo District with ancient buildings, and popular bars and restaurants. It's worth visiting The Admiral's House and Cádiz Cathedral, as well as the Roman Theatre with ancient relics of great value. These extraordinary places are near the top accommodations we recommend!

    Relax in a good hotel suited to your needs in Cádiz

    The entertainment and fun won't end in this city to have a good time. To enjoy it, book with us comfy accommodations and explore Plaza de España, Casa de las Cinco Torres, and the Old Customs House from there. With our hotels, it'll be a doddle to take a stroll around Genovés Park and Santa Catalina Castle, which houses diverse workshops and artisan shops. You'll have a blast! In this area, we provide options to stay comfortably in Cádiz. Relax in a 3-star romantic hotel with breakfast included and special packages for couples. We offer accommodation with spacious rooms, a restaurant, café and private Jacuzzi, ensuring the best of experiences. Near the La Viña District with a gaditano atmosphere, we have comfortable hotels with fantastic views that'll really get you buzzing.

    Sleep in a beachfront hotel in Cádiz

    Boundless admiration for the sea and the sun? Make a reservation with us in hotels in Cádiz, Spain, and set off on an unmatched maritime adventure on the Andalusian coast. Whether you're into water sports or prefer lounging under the sun, our accommodation service caters to all your plans. The best part is we have accommodation in Cádiz right by the beach, letting you enjoy yourself like never before. Enjoy a peaceful stay in hotels with all the amenities, comfortable rooms, as well as a restaurant, lounge bar and swimming pool. Seeking more activities? Many of our hotels offer guided tours to the most beautiful beaches and on-site entertainment groups for both daytime and evening. You can swim at La Caleta Beach next to the old town; enjoy yourself to the fullest on Victoria Beach, packed with bars, beachside eateries and restaurants; and check out the Cádiz Promenade. Your Cádiz stay in the hotels we've selected for you will be absolutely fantastic!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which are the best hotels in Cádiz?

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Cádiz cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Cádiz costs an average of 223$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Cádiz cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Cádiz costs an average of 510$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Cádiz?

    The best family-friendly hotels in Cádiz are Casa Plaza San Antonio, Hotel Alquimia Cadiz, and Alojamientos Cadiz Sol.

    Which are the best hotels for couples in Cádiz?

    The best hotels for couples in Cádiz are Hotel Spa Cádiz Plaza, Hotel Boutique Convento Cádiz, and Hotel Cádiz Paseo del Mar, Affiliated by Meliá.

    Which are the best hotels near landmarks in Cádiz?

    Near San Sebastian Castle, you can find hotel Apartamento Fenicia con aparcamiento incluido Vistas al mar. Near Plaza de España de Cádiz, you have La Casa del Consul, Hotel La Sal by Pillow, and Apodaca Rooms.

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