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    Make your pick from our selection of Cabárceno hotels, bask in first-class accommodation and begin mapping your travel itinerary to this eco-tourism haven. Ideally, you'll want to stay within close proximity to Cabárceno Nature Park, the city's top attraction. We have plenty of options nearby the park for those venturing with their partner or family. There are also opportunities for accommodations in the city centre, where you'll be able to savour the local cuisine and visit the church of San Vicente Mártir. We suggest you stay at a hotel near Acebo Natural Spot, the perfect place for a picnic.

    Most popular Cabárceno hotels

    casa el elefante blanco
    Casa el Elefante Blanco
    C/ Via 22, CABÁRCENO

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    posada naturae
    Posada Naturae
    Martin 5

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    Stay near Cabárceno Nature Park

    Come and explore this locality that has become one of the unmissable destinations in Cantabria. Enjoy your stay at our Cabárceno hotels and live your perfect holiday. We recommend booking accommodation close to the entrance of Cabárceno Nature Park, the zoo which has made the city well-known. In its surroundings, we can offer establishments with 24-hour reception, parking and included breakfast. If you're travelling with children, the best option is to stay in one of the houses we have available for you. You'll be able to enjoy modern facilities, with living areas, kitchen space, terrace and bedrooms with televisions. You'll love visiting the zoo with your family; it hosts thousands of animals and boasts a diverse range of shows. We also have accommodation in Cabárceno for your romantic getaway. Book a cosy cabin or chalet, where you'll enjoy access to a swimming pool, barbecue area, gardens and balconies with mountain views. Experience the cable car ride with your partner for a unique perspective of the refuge species.

    Relax in our Cabárceno hotels

    If you're still deciding where to stay in Cabárceno, we suggest relaxing in one of our hotels in the heart of the village. We have options renowned for their budget-friendly rates, air-conditioned rooms, televisions and Wi-Fi. Additionally, you'll have the chance to sample the local cuisine in nearby restaurants. One of the benefits of staying in the hotels in Cabárceno city centre is that you'll be near the church of San Vicente Mártir, the centuries-old temple is a must-visit. In the area, you'll find establishments with Wi-Fi and restaurants with included breakfast. We also have hotels in Cabárceno, Spain, from where you can visit the Acebo Natural Spot, an ideal picnic location to spend time with loved ones. Rest in pet-friendly accommodations, with spacious bedrooms featuring a TV and balcony, plus an internal parking space and swimming pool.

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