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    Choose from one of the Burela de Cabo hotels we have lined up for you. You'll be enamoured by the most picturesque spaces in this fishing city. One of the top spots to seek accommodation is by the port of Burela de Cabo. From here, you can visit the most intriguing sites such as the Reina del Carmen Boat Museum. A cracking idea is to reside in a family-friendly hotel in the same area, easily reaching the city's beaches, bursting with entertainment options for all ages. From the city centre, historic landmarks like the Vila do Medio church and the Monte Castelo viewpoint are easily accessible. We have splendid spaces to suit all tastes and budgets. Book now.

    Most popular Burela de Cabo hotels

    Praza Antonio Garelly n15 bajo izquierda

    In the city of Burela, the Ana Hotel presents a beachfront location, inclusive parking and accepts pets. The perfect spot for your holiday!

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    enburela mar y montaña
    7 Rúa do Ril 1º c

    Tucked away in Burela, EnBurela Mar y Montaña is the ideal getaway for beach and nature enthusiasts. It boasts private parking and even allows pets.

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    casa fernando
    Rúa Pardo Bazán

    Discover Fernando's House in Burela, an ideal accommodation offering free WiFi, a lift, smoke-free and family rooms. A prime pick for your stay.

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    piso en el puerto con vistas al mar+wifi+ smarttv
    12 Rúa Castrelo 2º

    Enjoy comfort, sea views and free wifi at the Piso Puerto Mar+Wifi+SmartTv in Burela, with parking and professional cleaning.

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    burela centro+ wifi + terraza + smartv
    Calle da Estación Burela, nº9 1º

    Located in Burela, Burela centro+ Wifi + Terrace + Smartv offers conveniences like free parking, a terrace, and complimentary WiFi throughout the property.

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    sophie apartamentos
    44 Rúa de Rosalía de Castro

    SOPHIE APARTMENTS in Burela boast a terrace, soundproofed rooms, and free WiFi. Enjoy a peaceful and connected stay!

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    enburela a pie de playa ia
    12 Rúa da Lamestra

    Overlooking the ocean in Burela, EnBurela A Pie de Playa IA hotel offers comfortable stays in soundproofed rooms catering to those with limited mobility.

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    hotel palacio de cristal
    Arcadio Pardiñas, 154

    Welcome to the Crystal Palace Hotel, well-equipped with a fitness centre, free WiFi, and a restaurant dedicated to serving specialities like octopus and grilled fish.

    Price from 30 EUR per night
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    hotel nordés
    Avenida da Mariña, 57

    Nestled on the beachfront, the Nordés Hotel in Burela offers stunning views, complemented by free Wi-Fi, private parking, and an outstanding restaurant.

    Price from 40 EUR per night
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    hotel spa galatea
    Calle do Rio, 4

    Situated in Burela, the Galatea Spa Hotel presents a spa, gym, room service and a panoramic terrace.

    Price from 34 EUR per night
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    burela playa

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    burela costa
    65 Rúa de Rosalía de Castro

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    edificio cine mon
    1 Rúa Monte Castelo

    Price from 39 EUR per night
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    amplio apartamento en burela

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    hotel ril
    Hotel Ril
    Rosalia de Castro, 7

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    Stay close to Burela de Cabo's port

    Discover a prime fishing community crammed with charming spots. Our Burela de Cabo hotels are a contemporary dream, offering tantalising rates. The optimal place to stay is near Burela de Cabo port, one of the most prominent in Galicia, serving as the local economic hub. Surrounding the area, you'll find plentiful restaurants, bars, and shops. We boast hotels in Burela de Cabo, Spain, equipped with spacious interiors, a pool with loungers, indoor parking and Wi-Fi connectivity throughout. Focusing on your comfort and budget, we offer apartments near the port, most fitted with kitchen appliances, spacious, well-lit rooms, a lounge area, and a balcony. This is the perfect base to journey off and visit the Reina del Carmen Boat Museum, indulging in the reality of life on a fishing vessel.

    Discover contemporary hotels in Burela de Cabo

    You’ll love choosing a family-friendly accommodation solution, interconnecting rooms, buffet breakfast, restaurant, Wi-Fi, and a children's playground. It’s an outstanding choice if you're travelling in a large group, ensuring all members are entertained. You'll relish visiting the Monte Castelo viewpoint, leaving you breathless at the panoramic city views. The surrounding area of the Monte Castelo viewpoint is a dream for families, boasting picnic spots, BBQ areas, playgrounds, and walking trails. You can choose a mid-range accommodation offering in Burela de Cabo, complete with gym, café, restaurant, and car hire. Another excellent idea is to select from our hotels in Burela de Cabo city centre - they provide cheaper options. Even on a tight budget, you can still enjoy a café, bar and air-conditioned rooms. You'll enjoy strolling around the area and marvelling at the Vila do Medio church, a historically significant landmark for the locals.

    Find your perfect hotel in Burela de Cabo

    If you're still pondering where to stay in Burela de Cabo, contemplate stopping at an establishment on the front line of Penoural Beach. Here, dogs are welcome. Our establishments in the area offer amenities like a pool, cocktail bar, sun terrace and indoor parking. You can also find accommodation near O Portelo beach, a stunning spot situated within the urban heart of the city. Choose a place with a spa, rooftop terrace with chill-out bar, infinity pool, nightclub, and a restaurant with show cooking. You'll have the opportunity to embark on a gastronomic tour, savouring delightful dishes such as sea bass, hake and octopus. Book with us and get ready to explore Burela de Cabo.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Burela de Cabo cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Burela de Cabo costs an average of 85$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Burela de Cabo cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Burela de Cabo costs an average of 384$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

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