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    Brockenhurst hotels offer a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the beauty and tranquillity of the New Forest region in England. This quintessential village is simply perfect for unwinding and connecting with nature, without forgoing the comforts and amenities of the local accommodations.

    Most popular Brockenhurst hotels

    thatch cottage, east boldre nr beaulieu and lymington
    Chapel Lane

    Thatch Cottage in East Boldre provides free WiFi, a garden, private parking, and heating. Enjoy all these amenities during your stay.

    Price from 199 GBP per night
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    the cloud hotel
    Meerut Road

    Enjoy a unique stay at The Cloud Hotel, with complimentary WiFi, private parking, a garden, and restaurant, as well as activities such as hiking and cycling.

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    new park manor hotel - a luxury family hotel
    Lyndhurst Road

    Luxury at New Park Manor Hotel, a former hunting lodge in New Forest with a spa, award-winning restaurant, and free wifi.

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    cottage lodge hotel
    Sway Road

    Cottage Lodge Hotel with 16 rooms, free wifi and disinfection service in New Forest. Located in the national park.

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    balmer lawn
    Lyndhurst Road, New Forest

    4 star Balmer Lawn Hotel in New Forest. Includes a pool, gym, luxury restaurant, car park, and unrestricted hiking trails.

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    new forest brockenhurst
    16 Greenways Road Brockenhurst

    Enjoy a memorable stay with a courtyard, garden, and free WiFi at New Forest Brockenhurst, located in a serene corner of Brockenhurst.

    Price from 125 GBP per night
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    new park farm cottage, brockenhurst
    1 New Park Farm Cottages, Lyndhurst Road

    Enjoy a stay at the New Park Farm Cottage, Brockenhurst; a cosy establishment complete with a garden, free WiFi, private parking and pets are allowed upon request.

    Price from 87 GBP per night
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    the filly inn
    Lymington Road

    The Filly Inn, situated in Brockenhurst, offers free WiFi, complimentary public parking, a restaurant, bar and garden.

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    forest park country hotel & inn, brockenhurst, hampshire
    Rhinefield Road

    Enjoy the serenity at the Forest Park Country Hotel & Inn, Hampshire, a pet-friendly hotel with complimentary parking and WiFi. Book now!

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    careys manor hotel & spa
    Lyndhurst Rd

    Experience a unique stay at Careys Manor Hotel & Spa, a luxurious destination in Brockenhurst with a restaurant, bar, sauna, gym and room service.

    Price from 201 GBP per night
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    thatched cottage hotel
    16 Brookley Road

    Thatched Cottage Hotel in Brockenhurst, New Forest offers free WiFi, private parking, a bar, and outdoor activities.

    Price from 87 GBP per night
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    rhinefield house hotel
    Rhinefield Rd

    Rhinefield House Hotel, a 4-star accommodation with a luxury spa, modern gym, and top-notch restaurants, nestled in the heart of New Forest.

    Price from 220 GBP per night
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    the huntsman of brockenhurst
    Lyndhurst Road

    Indulge in a comforting stay at The Huntsman of Brockenhurst, outfitted with a restaurant, bar, garden, and terrace. All in the very heart of Brockenhurst.

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    Unearth the Captivating Beauty of Brockenhurst and Its Hotels

    Selecting accommodation in Brockenhurst means opens up a world of tranquillity and natural beauty. This village, conveniently located in the heart of the New Forest National Park, boasts unique cultural and scenic riches that make it an ideal destination for those looking to detach from urban life and plunge into a serene and inviting environment. Strolling through the streets of Brockenhurst is like stepping back in time. Its centuries-old buildings and calm atmosphere invite one to lose themselves in its intriguing corners. Brockenhurst hotels promise a superior stay, with offerings ranging from luxurious boutique accommodations with stylishly decorated rooms, to quaint countryside homes and bed and breakfasts where the warmth and kindness of Brockenhurst locals can be felt in every detail.

    Moreover, staying in Brockenhurst allows guests to enjoy proximity to the countryside and the numerous trails crisscrossing it. Hiking enthusiasts will find in Brockenhurst a veritable paradise where paths meander along rivers, penetrate forests, and disappear into the distance amidst beautifully natural panoramas. Horse riding, cycling and fishing are also available. Brockenhurst prides itself on a rich gastronomy, with traditional dishes ready to be savoured in the multitude of local pubs and restaurants. Many of these establishments provide the perfect conclusion to an enjoyable day of exploration. In short, choosing accommodation in Brockenhurst is far more than just finding a place to lay your head: it's embarking on a journey of tranquillity, nature, and discovery. So don't hesitate, book your stay in this exceptional corner of England.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Brockenhurst cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Brockenhurst costs an average of 262$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Brockenhurst cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Brockenhurst costs an average of 298$ (based on rates).

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