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    Amongst the Blackpool hotels, you will find captivating options that will allow you to relish this lively seaside town to the fullest. Known for its iconic Tower Ballroom and charming pier, Blackpool is an absolute must-visit on any trip to the United Kingdom.

    Most popular Blackpool hotels

    granville hotel
    Granville Hotel
    12 Station Road

    Price from 49 GBP per night
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    ocean bay
    Ocean Bay
    583 New South Promenade

    Show prices
    the marsden hotel
    The Marsden Hotel
    15 Withnell Road

    Show prices
    albert luxury hottub & jacuzzi apartments
    Albert Luxury Hottub & Jacuzzi Apartments
    128 Albert Road

    Price from 50 GBP per night
    Show prices
    kings court modern aparthotel, town centre - blackpool resort collection
    Kings Court Modern Aparthotel, Town Centre - Blackpool Resort Collection
    7 Palatine Road

    Show prices
    danescourt lodge
    Danescourt Lodge
    14 Station Road

    Price from 85 GBP per night
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    family holidays blackpool
    Family Holidays Blackpool
    Marton Mere Holiday Village

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    alderley hotel blackpool
    Alderley Hotel Blackpool
    581 New South Promenade

    Price from 36 GBP per night
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    the danescourt
    The Danescourt
    10 Station Road, South Shore

    Price from 44 GBP per night
    Show prices
    the stranded hotel
    The Stranded Hotel
    54 Saint Chad's Road

    Price from 75 GBP per night
    Show prices
    queens plaza hotel
    Queens Plaza Hotel
    256-258 Queens Promenade

    Price from 44 GBP per night
    Show prices
    the sandringham court hotel & legends public sports bar
    The Sandringham Court Hotel & Legends Public Sports Bar
    65-69 Reads Avenue, Blackpool

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    royal seabank hotel
    Royal Seabank Hotel
    219-223 Central Promenade

    Price from 45 GBP per night
    Show prices
    royal carlton hotel
    Royal Carlton Hotel
    343-347 South Promenade

    Price from 45 GBP per night
    Show prices
    imperial hotel blackpool
    Imperial Hotel Blackpool
    North Promenade

    Show prices

    Discover the essence of Blackpool through its hotels

    Over time, Blackpool has established itself as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in England. Situated on the country's northwest coast and renowned for its significant cultural heritage, Victorian-era buildings, and enticing nightlife, Blackpool attracts visitors from across the globe. Booking accommodation in Blackpool is a sound choice if you're looking to immerse yourself in cultural pursuits and delight in unrivalled views of the North Sea. The city's charm is evident in every one of the hotels in Blackpool city centre, with offerings ranging from luxury lodgings to more modest establishments, all exuding the inspiring essence of the locality. Throughout the year, Blackpool hosts numerous events, such as the famous Blackpool Illuminations, a light festival that illuminates the entire coast and can be seen from its hotels during the nights from September to November. The ability to observe this spectacle from the comfort of your accommodation is, undoubtedly, a memorable experience.

    Alongside its renowned Blackpool Pleasure Beach, an amusement park for all ages, the city offers a wide variety of leisure options that include theatres, antique shops, restaurants with a wide range of cuisine and, of course, its delightful golden sandy beaches. Whether you opt for a hotel near the beach to awaken each morning to the sound of the sea crashing against the promenade, or prefer accommodation in the city centre to be in the heart of Blackpool's bustling daily life, this city is fully equipped to meet the requirements of any type of tourist. Therefore, as you plan your next trip, do consider Blackpool as your next destination and choose from the Blackpool hotels one that will enable you to appreciate all the charm and history of this beautiful British city.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Blackpool cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Blackpool costs an average of 135$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Blackpool cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Blackpool costs an average of 226$ (based on rates).

    Which are the best hotels near landmarks in Blackpool?

    Discover the best hotels near places like Teatro Winter Gardens de Blackpool and Torre de Blackpool in Blackpool.

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