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    Book your stay at our fabulous Biescas hotels, take a breather in the loveliest of setups, and get set for an unforgettable escapade in the Aragonese Pyrenees. You'll love spending the night at the heart of the city, near the serenity of the Gallego River, separating the town into two portions. Imbibe the tranquil atmosphere, visit the churches of San Salvador and San Pedro, and explore the Torraza Museum. You will find sumptuous hotels with ample facilities for housing families, groups, or couples in utmost comfort. Or perhaps, you might fancy biding in a rural cottage on the city outskirts—an impeccable choice if you are keen to fully enjoy the mountain experience.

    Most popular Biescas hotels

    casa belius
    Calle Arthez de Bearn, chalet 28

    Experience the peaceful Casa Belius in Biescas, complete with private parking, an outdoor swimming pool and garden views.

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    el balcón de biescas.
    Rambla de San Pedro

    Delight in a home-from-home comfort at The Biescas Balcony, a pet-friendly accommodation guaranteeing meticulous anti-COVID cleanliness.

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    piso grande la viña
    Calle Mayor Urb. La Viña

    Revel in the luxuries of Piso Grande La Viña,a residential gem decked out with a garden, terrace, and outdoor swimming pool, complete with complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the premises.

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    hostel sunflower
    Calle Joaquín Costa

    Enjoy your stay at the Sunflower Hostel in Biescas, complete with free parking, Wi-Fi, family rooms, and airport transfer service.

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    apartamento san pedro
    Avenida de Zaragoza, 50 bajo 2

    Discover the pet-friendly and smoke-free San Pedro Apartment, located in Biescas, near to national parks.

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    casa rústica familiar en los pirineos
    Calle Arthez de Bearn

    A lovely family home in the Pyrenees: stay at our cosy retreat equipped with a pool and a patio, located in Biescas. Complimentary parking and WiFi included.

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    apartamento en biescas
    Camino Estaguen 2 - planta 1 - puerta 2

    Apartment in Biescas, accommodation with mountain views, free private parking, perfect for activities such as hiking and skiing.

    Price from 95 EUR per night
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    casa ane
    7 Calle Buenavista

    CASA ANE, nestled in Biescas, is a pet-friendly establishment with a tennis court and terrace. It's the perfect retreat for ski enthusiasts.

    Price from 184 EUR per night
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    hotel la rambla
    Rambla San Pedro,7

    In Biescas, revel in a stay at Hotel La Rambla, a perfect spot for skiers, complete with a garden terrace, complimentary WiFi, and free public parking.

    Price from 45 EUR per night
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    apartamentos casa isabale
    Oriente, 2

    Discover the charm of Casa Isabale Apartments, perfect for the entire family. Enjoy services such as complimentary Wi-Fi, complete amenities, and prime location.

    Price from 75 EUR per night
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    tierra de biescas
    Paseo del Canal , S/N

    Tierra de Biescas, a luxurious stay in the Aragonese Pyrenees featuring a spa, swimming pools, a gym, complimentary Wi-Fi, and free car parking.

    Price from 117 EUR per night
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    la borda de quevedo
    La Borda de Quevedo
    Travesía Agustina de Aragón 1-3

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    casa robelca
    Casa Robelca
    2 Calle Paraíso

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    bonito apartamento en el centro de biescas
    Bonito apartamento en el centro de Biescas
    Calle el Tinte Nº10, 2ºA

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    hotel casa ruba
    Hotel Casa Ruba
    Esperanza, 18-20

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    Make yourself at home at our Biescas hotels

    Discover one of the most well-liked cities in the Pyrenees. Book a stay at our hotels in Biescas, Spain, unwind in cosy facilities and unravel the charm of this mountain village. From our strategically located hotels in Biescas city centre, all the town's attractions are within easy reach, offering an array of exciting outdoor activities. As you amble the streets, you'll find the town divided into two districts by the Gallego River, San Salvador and San Pedro, each adorning a magnificent church. Our hotels equipped with heated rooms, TV, lounge area, breakfast service, and pet-friendly policies, offer accommodation to large groups, small families, and couples, ensuring a comfortable visit to the Torraza Museum - an essential part of the local experience.

    Find the best rural hotel in Biescas and discover its surroundings

    We have an exceptional range of accommodation in Biescas, including comfortable rural houses in the area. These rustic-style establishments offer a unique charm with amenities such as a fireplace, heating, television, Wi-Fi across all rooms, outdoor terrace, and a restaurant. The parking facility is an added comfort. Embark on an indulgent journey to attractions such as the Santa Elena Hermitage, the Santa Elena Dolmen, and the Gloriosa spring. Don't miss out on Arratiecho, Biescas Aventura – the largest zip-line park in the region. In these striking natural landscapes, find the perfect place to stay in Biescas, catering to every traveller, whether you are backpacking or seeking exclusive services, ensuring a memorable experience in this idyllic setting.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Biescas cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Biescas costs an average of 278$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Biescas cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Biescas costs an average of 289$ (based on rates).

    Which are the best hotels for couples in Biescas?

    The best hotel for couples in Biescas is Hotel Giral.

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