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    Choose to stay in our Bielsa hotels and discover a city boasting a rich cultural heritage and breath-taking landscapes. Secure your accommodation within proximity to the Church of Bielsa and take advantage of being in the heart of the village. We have venues on the outskirts near the Ordesa National Park. Moreover, if you're visiting as a couple, we offer cosy and romantic spaces. We have spacious country homes from where you can traverse your chosen hiking trail. We can provide an ultimate accommodation solution whether you're a solo traveller or with family. Make a reservation with us and savour your stay in Bielsa!

    Most popular Bielsa hotels

    apartamento pineta, en bielsa.
    Avenida de Pineta 33

    Indulge in the rooftop bliss of Apartment Pineta, nestled in Bielsa, Aragon. It offers complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the premises.

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    hotel monte perdido

    Discover the HOTEL MONTE PERDIDO in Bielsa. With a restaurant, bar and family-friendly rooms, it's the ideal spot for your stay.

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    complejo turístico bielsa hotel y camping
    Ctra A-138 Km 79,500

    Discover the Complejo Turístico Bielsa Hotel in the Aragonese Pyrenees with free parking, WiFi, swimming pool and children's play area.

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    la casa de pineta
    La Casa de Pineta
    Carretera de Pineta, S/N HU-V-6402 (Km. 3)

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    hostal los valles
    Hostal Los Valles
    Carretera Parzán

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    hostal marboré coffee
    Hostal Marboré Coffee
    4 Avenida de Pineta

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    pirineos cómo en casa
    Pirineos cómo en casa
    33 Avenida de Pineta

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    caserón baruca
    Caserón Baruca
    Carretera Bielsa-Pineta, Km. 2,5

    Price from 63 EUR per night
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    hostal restaurante asador pañart
    Hostal Restaurante Asador Pañart
    Carretera Francia Km 80 s/n

    Price from 60 EUR per night
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    hotel bielsa
    Hotel Bielsa
    Carretera De Francia, s/n

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    Discover the best place to stay in Bielsa

    Experience the allure of a villa in the Sobrarbe region, surrounded by a picturesque natural landscape. Make a booking at one of our hotels in Bielsa, enjoy our inviting facilities and embark on a fascinating journey. Given the village's size, all key locations are well-connected. Choose to stay in one of our hotels in Bielsa city centre and you'll benefit from a strategic location amidst a range of shops, as well as restaurants and bars where you can sample local cuisine. Furthermore, you'll be in close proximity to the parish church, a temple dating back to the 16th century. Enjoy a restful stay in rooms equipped with air conditioning and balconies, along with Wi-Fi access throughout the premises, gardens and parking. You can also opt to stay on the outskirts of the town. The country hotels in our portfolio in the area will allow you to relax after traversing the hiking route to the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park. A good breakfast will signal the start of a journey to the chapel dedicated to the Soaso Waterfall, an unforgettable adventure.

    Find your ideal hotel in Bielsa

    To find where to sleep in Bielsa when visiting with your family, we recommend choosing one of our country homes. You'll benefit from a fully equipped kitchen, air-conditioned rooms, Wi-Fi, gardens and parking. From any of these, you'll quickly reach the city centre where you can mingle with the locals at the Church of The Assumption square. We also have 3-star hotels in Bielsa, Spain, that boast restaurants, play areas and bars. Apart from enjoying the amenities of the establishment, you'll have easy access to the Pineta Reservoir. We recommend visiting the city in February, when the carnival events occur. We have a range of accommodation in Bielsa on offer for couples so that you can enjoy the festivities and experience a fully relaxing stay. Choose to stay in a romantic-style establishment, complete with room service, minibar, balcony, and included breakfast. Are you on board?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Bielsa cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Bielsa costs an average of 65$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Bielsa cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Bielsa costs an average of 71$ (based on rates).

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