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    Book a stay in our Bermeo hotels and set yourself up comfortably as you plan your journey around this old fishing village. We invite you to stay in the heart of the town, where you'll explore its historical heritage through notable buildings. Plus, in this area, we've got reasonably priced establishments boasting all the creature comforts, several of them positioned around the main square. You might also fancy staying in our hotels in the old harbour, the liveliest area and perfect for savouring the famous pintxos. The views of the old marina from your hotel window will be a memory you'll always keep. We have spaces for all types of guests, choose the one best suited to your preferences.

    Most popular Bermeo hotels

    maiala etxea terraza-parking-wifi gratis zona nueva
    25 Atalde Kalea PRINCIPAL - A

    Plan a visit to Maiala Etxea in Bermeo: spacious terrace, car parking and complimentary Wi-Fi. Ideally situated in a new area.

    Show prices
    romantico loft con patio trasero - suite bermeo
    6 Eskinarruaga Kalea 1

    Delight in a unique stay at the Romantic Loft with a back garden - Suite Bermeo, offering free WiFi throughout the venue.

    Show prices
    gure torrontero
    4 Andramari Kalea

    Gure Torrontero - a coastal haven in Bermeo, boasting city views, complimentary WiFi, and a balcony with sweeping sea vistas.

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    13 Zubiaur-Tar Kepa Kalea 1ºB

    Stay in the delightful Dxagi-Dxagi in Bermeo. Savour its private beach, free car park, and complimentary WiFi.

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    etxie la casa taraska
    3 Prantzisko Deuna Atea Plaza

    Discover ETXIE LA CASA TARASKA, a stunning accommodation in Bermeo, complete with breathtaking garden views, private parking and welcoming pets.

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    hotel nafarrola
    Artike auzoa 45 Artike auzoa 45

    The 4-star Hotel Nafarrola in Bermeo offers a restaurant, bar, garden, free WiFi, private parking, and a jacuzzi.

    Price from 106 EUR per night
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    eco hotel rural lurdeia - adults only
    Artike Auzoa, 60

    The adult-only Eco Hotel Rural Lurdeia provides free parking, complimentary Wi-Fi, and a shared kitchen facility.

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    torre ercilla ostatua
    Calle Talaranzko 14 - 1º

    Discover Torre Ercilla Ostatua, a non-smoking hotel with complimentary wifi and heating, cleverly situated in Bermeo.

    Price from 65 EUR per night
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    euskal dreams apartment
    Artike Bidea Artike n9. 5 de

    Welcome to Euskal Dreams Apartment, your Bermeo flat with complimentary parking and WiFi throughout the dwelling. Your pets are cordially welcomed here.

    Price from 80 EUR per night
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    bermeo y urdaibai - apartamento - tranquilo - wifi - ascensor y garaje en el mismo edificio
    Zubiaur-Tar Kepa Kalea

    Bermeo and Urdaibai offers a peaceful flat, complete with WiFi, a lift, and garage in the same building, providing an excellent base for outdoor activities such as hiking and biking.

    Price from 75 EUR per night
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    11 Aldatseta Kalea bajo

    Price from 79 EUR per night
    Show prices
    bertoko urdaibai iii
    Bertoko Urdaibai III
    4 Talaranzko Kalea

    Show prices
    bermeoko etxie la casa de bermeo ebi-795
    Bermeoko Etxie La casa de Bermeo EBI-795
    3 Nardiz-Tar Jon Kalea

    Price from 49 EUR per night
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    aldatzeta ostatua
    Aldatzeta Ostatua
    Calle Erremedio 24

    Price from 39 EUR per night
    Show prices
    apartamento puerto deportivo
    Apartamento Puerto deportivo
    Nardiz Tar Benanzio Kaia 22, 3º derecha

    Price from 65 EUR per night
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    Stay in our hotels in the Historic Centre of Bermeo

    Discover an enchanting sailor's town in Spanish Basque Country. Reserve a room in the Bermeo accommodation we've got for you, enjoy our comfortable facilities and experience an exceptional tour. The best area to stay in this historical fishing town is its Old Quarter. Our hotels in Bermeo city centre around the main square of Sabino Arana Goiri offer an unbeatable location and spacious, brightly-lit rooms with individual climate control, complimentary Wi-Fi, and the best prices. From here, you'll get to know the Town Hall and the Church of Santa Maria. Don't miss visiting the medieval Ercilla tower, which houses the Fishermen's Museum. Nearby, we have a great range of apartments providing amenities for small families or large groups, varying from one to four bedrooms, living rooms, fully equipped kitchen areas, and several with balconies offering harbour views.

    Accommodate yourself near Bermeo's old harbour with us

    The essence of this town is its past as a whaling village. Keeping this in mind, it's evident that the ideal area to sleep in Bermeo to feel like a local is near its old harbour. In this part of town, you'll delight in a vast variety of bars and restaurants where you can taste typical pintxos. Moreover, our hotels provide room climate control, TV, private bathrooms, sea views, and some even accept pets. Close to the marina, you'll also encounter the iconic structure of the old Casino, the Church of Santa Eufemia, and Lamera park, brimming with fascinating sculptures. We invite you to reserve a room in one of our romantically styled establishments in this appealing part of town. You'll have room service, a minibar, rooftop terrace with extraordinary views of the marina and the town, as well as a restaurant. A stroll with your partner along the seafront promenade is the perfect way to complement this accommodation in Bermeo experience.

    Choose your ideal hotel in Bermeo

    Around the urban centre, you'll find a series of destinations well worth a visit. We offer rural-style hotels in Bermeo, Spain, in this town that's part of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve. Our facilities position you perfectly for excursions toward Izaro Island, Matxitxako cape, and la Tala, an impressive grove located at the district's highest point. After exploring the region, you'll rest in comfortable rooms, expansive gardens, barbecue area, and even enjoy breakfast in a restaurant serving local produce. What more could you ask for?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Bermeo cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Bermeo costs an average of 149$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Bermeo cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Bermeo costs an average of 200$ (based on rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Bermeo?

    The best family-friendly hotel in Bermeo is PATXIKE con PARKING en el mismo edificio.

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