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    Stay at our choice of Berga hotels and discover a city chock-full of fascinating landscapes and historical buildings. We welcome you to pick your accommodation right in the city centre. If you opt for a stay in the historic heartland, you'll have easy access to the 13th-century St. John's Church. Choosing to stay centrally allows you easy movement around the area and a chance to take in the sights of the Parish Church of Santa Eulalia and the Chapel of Mercy. While in this Catalan town, make sure to visit the Fortress of San Fernando. The sanctuary of Queralt and its surrounding nature is the perfect setting for hiking. We have a variety of establishments to cater to all tastes and budgets.

    Most popular Berga hotels

    apartamento canyet
    19 Rasa del Canyet

    At Apartamento CANYET in Berga, enjoy family-friendly rooms and complimentary Wi-Fi. Your peace of mind is key - a thorough clean and sanitisation is carried out after every stay.

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    apartamento céntrico en berga p4.
    Carrer de Mossèn Espelt n4

    Central Apartment in Berga P4 offers complimentary WiFi, family-friendly accommodations and a smoke-free environment, all set amidst a tranquil setting free from the disturbance of parties.

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    casa para 8 personas en berga
    1 Camí Roca de la Pila

    Discover the delights of our House for 8 people in Berga, complete with a garden, terrace, play area, and free WiFi. A smoke-free space with stunning mountain views.

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    hotel la cabana berga
    Ctra. 1411z km 79,5 RESTAURANT HOTEL LA CABANA

    Experience the comfort of HOTEL LA CABANA BERGA located in Berga, showcasing a restaurant, bar, garden, terrace, and family rooms - all with complimentary Wi-Fi.

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    apartamento turístico en el centro de berga
    5 Carrer del General Manso

    Discover the holiday apartment in the heart of Berga, complete with internet, a terrace, a hot tub, and a lift. Perfect for families.

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    apartamento cardona
    CARDONA, 1 Nº 1

    The Cardona Apartment offers free WiFi, accepts pets, and boasts free parking. Savour its homely atmosphere right in Berga.

    Price from 95 EUR per night
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    berga resort
    E - 9 / C - 16, Km. 96,3 Salida Nº 95

    Nestled in the Catalonian Pyrenees, the Berga Resort presents a playroom, children's playground, indoor adventure park, and a spa replete with soothing thermal pools.

    Price from 79 EUR per night
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    hotel estel
    Carretera Sant Fruitós, 39

    Enjoy your time at the Hotel Estel in Berga, encircled by the magnificent Pyrenees. Room services, complimentary car park, restaurant, bar, and WiFi are all available.

    Price from 43 EUR per night
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    insomnia hotel
    Insomnia Hotel
    Drecera de Queralt s/n

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    apartamento céntrico económico en berga p4
    Apartamento céntrico económico en Berga p4
    Mossen Espelt n4

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    apartamento céntrico económico en berga p3
    Apartamento céntrico económico en Berga p3
    4 Carrer de Mossèn Espelt

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    apartamento céntrico económico en berga p1
    Apartamento céntrico económico en Berga p1
    4 Carrer de Mossèn Espelt

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    hotel berga park
    Hotel Berga Park
    Carretera de Solsona, 1-A

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    Reserve a room in the heart of Berga

    Having a stay in our choice of hotels in Berga, you'll uncover the charm of this locale. Relax in the most comfortable of facilities and start exploring this city teeming with nostalgic natural and historical landmarks. We'd suggest booking one of the hotels in Berga city centre, from where you can easily visit the intriguing Historic Quarter. In this area, you'll find establishments offering spacious rooms, complete amenities, Wi-Fi in communal areas and indoor parking. Upon stepping out, you'll come across emblematic sights such as the Parish Church of Santa Eulalia and the Chapel of Mercy, both hailing from the 17th century. Conveniently located, you can easily access St. Peter's Square, the heart and soul of the region's most popular festival, La Patum. An exhaustive experience awaits you with double rooms, TV, en-suite bathrooms, a café and inclusive breakfast. Don't miss out on a visit to the Fortress of San Fernando - its grand walls are sure to astound you.

    Find your ideal Berga hotel

    Choose to stay in Berga hotels near the Sanctuary of Queralt, often referred to as the 'Balcony of Catalonia'. It's the ideal spot for outdoor activities due to its stunning natural surroundings. Without a doubt, it makes an ideal family getaway. Nearby, you'll discover establishments equipped with spas, mountain-view pools, restaurants and air conditioning, some of which offer accessible facilities for those with restricted mobility. For an unforgettable stay with your partner, adult-only hotels with a romantic vibe and special promotions will be right up your street. Room service, local cuisine, spectacular view balconies and lively entertainment options are some of the perks. We suggest a leisurely stroll towards the Catalunya Square monument, where the historical reliefs etched on stone will tell the tale. We can recommend the commercial hub of Berga for your stay, known for its high street featuring modernist buildings as well as those along the Voltes d'en Clari Street. A splendid opportunity for some retail therapy! Nearby, you'll find chic, modernist establishments. Fitness zones, massage parlours, infinity pools, quality international dining and nightclubs are just some of the services at hand.

    Relax in a comfortable Berga residence

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Berga cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Berga costs an average of 97$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Berga cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Berga costs an average of 116$ (based on rates).

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