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    Bellaria-Igea Marina is a tranquil Italian paradise, a destination desired by many tourists. On our platform, eBooking, you can find an array of hotels in Bellaria-Igea Marina, Italy, suited to all requirements and budgets. Whether you're hunting for a lavish sea-view resort or a cosy inn in the city centre, we're here to assist you in making the best selection.

    Most popular Bellaria-Igea Marina hotels

    hotel ideale mare
    Via Cristoforo Colombo 27

    Hotel Ideale Mare: a comfy 3-star hotel featuring a restaurant, bar, shared lounge, car park and free WiFi. Welcome!

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    hotel la bussola sul mare
    Via Spalato, 12

    Hotel La Bussola Sul Mare in Bellaria-Igea Marina: seaside accommodation with a restaurant, bar and terrace. It is pet-friendly and comes with private parking.

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    hotel venus
    Via Lucilio 11

    HOTEL VENUS in Bellaria-Igea Marina offers family accommodation with a restaurant, bar and terrace. Pets are accepted at no additional charge.

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    hotel president
    11 Via A. Vespucci

    Hotel President in Bellaria-Igea Marina provides easy beach access, free parking, Wi-Fi, 24-hour reception service, and a restaurant.

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    hotel majestic
    Viale Pinzon 215,

    Hotel Majestic: ideal for your holidays in Bellaria-Igea Marina, featuring air conditioning, complimentary wifi, and restaurant.

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    hotel la pace
    Via Zara 10

    Hotel La Pace in Bellaria-Igea Marina, with a restaurant, seasonal outdoor pool, bar, and free Wi-Fi.

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    albergo donatella
    Via Ragusa 5

    Discover comfort at Albergo Donatella, a 2-star hotel with its own restaurant, free private parking and complimentary WiFi.

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    hotel il gabbiano sul mare
    Via Cattaro 14

    Enjoy the best of the sea at the Hotel il Gabbiano sul Mare. Indulge in its restaurant, bar, terrace, air conditioned rooms and evening entertainment.

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    miami suite
    58 Via Alfonso Pinzon

    The Miami Suite is located in Bellaria-Igea Marina, featuring a restaurant, room service, and hot tub. WiFi and private parking are available.

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    hotel kennedy
    via Quintiliano 9

    Discover Hotel Kennedy, a fully-featured lodging situated in Bellaria-Igea Marina, equipped with a children's play area, an in-house restaurant and complimentary parking.

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    color ermitage beach
    Via Ala 1

    The Color Ermitage Beach hotel in Bellaria-Igea Marina offers free parking, pet accommodation and serves an American breakfast daily.

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    hotel bartolini
    13 Via Cattaro

    The Hotel Bartolini in Bellaria-Igea Marina offers incredible amenities such as a restaurant, bar and a sea-view terrace. Pets are welcome.

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    hotel paper moon
    Via Dessiè 5

    Discover Hotel Paper Moon in Bellaria-Igea Marina! With complimentary private parking, a terrace and bar, plus 24-hour reception and free WiFi.

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    hotel danubio
    Via Fedro, 12

    Hotel Danubio in Bellaria-Igea Marina offers daily cleaning, access to health professionals, meals for children and free parking.

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    hotel michelangelo
    Via Cecilio Stazio 7

    Discover Hotel Michelangelo in Bellaria-Igea Marina, an accommodation with a garden, free private parking, a terrace and a restaurant.

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    Top Hotels in picturesque Bellaria-Igea Marina

    Bellaria-Igea Marina boasts a variety of hotels and accommodations to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether you're seeking a luxurious seafront stay or a snug inn in the heart of the city, we've got the perfect option for you. Here at eBooking, our objective is to help you find a perfect place that will make your city visit more enjoyable. We will not only show you the Bellaria-Igea Marina hotels, but also provide you with detailed information about each accommodation to make an informed decision.

    Bellaria-Igea Marina: Find the perfect spot in the heart of Italy

    When searching for hotels in Bellaria-Igea Marina city centre, it's crucial to consider the proximity to main attractions. Being in the city centre gives you the advantage of exploring and discovering local culture, restaurants and shops without the need to travel long distances. From independent inns to international hotel chains, our accommodation options offer the comfort you're looking for.

    The Best Stay in Bellaria-Igea Marina

    Not only is it crucial to know where to go in Bellaria-Igea Marina but also where to stay in Bellaria-Igea Marina. Having the perfect place to return after a day of exploring the wonders of this Italian city adds value to your travel experience. Whether you're looking for a hotel with a spa, a bed and breakfast in the countryside or accommodation with sea views, we assist you in finding a place that perfectly caters to your needs. Find your home away from home on our platform, eBooking!

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