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    Secure a booking at Bakio hotels we offer for your convenience. You'll be able to stay in comfortable facilities and experience a unique holiday according to Basque style in this municipality of Biscay. We invite you to reserve at our hotels in Bakio city centre, where we provide the best range of affordable accommodations for you to explore the Hermitage of San Pelai and the charming neighbourhood of Elizalde de Basigo. If you're travelling with a large group, why not book in our centrally-located establishments, perfectly poised on the coasts of the Basque country, a surfer's paradise. We have cosy spaces suitable for couples, with opportunities to explore the Monte Gaztelu. For families, we offer comfortable rural houses, serving as the perfect starting point for 4x4 trails.

    Most popular Bakio hotels

    bakio beach house
    San Pelaioko Bide Nagusia 51

    Discover Bakio Beach House, situated beachfront with sea views. Comes with a garden, complimentary parking, and WiFi.

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    precioso caserío con jardín
    3 Zubiaurrealde Auzoa

    Discover the charm of Bakio at the Beautiful Farmhouse with Garden, featuring free WiFi, private parking, a picnic area and a perfect garden for relaxation.

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    bakio beach ii by aston rentals
    6,1 Bentakolanda Kalea

    Discover the BAKIO BEACH II by Aston Rentals, boasting free WiFi, a terrace and beautiful sea views. A perfect spot to enjoy beach-front living.

    Price from 58 EUR per night
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    villa isabela bakio rooms
    Urzabal Kalea 22

    Villa Isabella Bakio Rooms: A serene, 5-room retreat complete with free WiFi and garden views, located just 200m from Bakio Beach.

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    hotel arimune
    Bentako Plaza,1

    Discover the rustic charm of Hotel Arimune, positioned beachfront in Bakio, boasting a seaside terrace, garden, sea views, and free Wi-Fi.

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    soloa landetxea
    1 Basigoko Bide Nagusia

    Nestled in Bakio, SOLOA LANDETXEA offers free WiFi, a garden with a terrace, river views and bike hire facilities.

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    bakio ocean view
    San Pelaioko Bide Nagusia

    With Bakio Ocean View, delight in a beach, terrace, garden, and snorkelling by the coast. Safety against COVID-19 assured.

    Price from 143 EUR per night
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    Relax in a budget-friendly hotel in the heart of Bakio

    Visit this charming municipality in Biscay, situated on the Bay of Biscay. Discover its historical heritage and the lush natural landscapes that surround it. We encourage you to make a booking at one of our hotels in Bakio. You'll find comfortable facilities, perfect for exploring the most important landmarks. If you're seeking accommodation in Bakio on a tight budget, the city centre is the best choice. This is where we provide the most affordable hotels, inns, and hostels, offering all the amenities needed for a pleasant stay. Most come with a restaurant, breakfast included, parking, and air-conditioned rooms. From our hotels in the city centre, you can visit the Hermitage of San Pelaio and admire its Romanesque art. The best part about this location is you'll be within walking distance from Txakolingunea Museum, located next to the pelota court. You'll soon find Elizalde de Basigo neighbourhood, where you can see the Parish of Santa Maria de la Asunción, the surrounding vineyards, and Elexpuru Palace.

    Find your ideal hotel in Bakio

    Wondering where to sleep in Bakio? We invite you to book a spot in our establishments, located on the coastlines of the Basque country. It's the optimal choice for anyone seeking to enjoy sunshine, sand, and sea right outside their hotel room. Choose to stay in one of our boutique-style Bakio hotels in Spain, three-star-rated and situated near Bakio Beach, globally known as Mundaka wave and recognized as one of the world's best. After a fun-filled day, you'll have access to modern facilities, featuring spacious rooms, gardens, a terrace with stunning views, traditional cuisine restaurant, and an outdoor swimming pool. It's the perfect option for unwinding and accommodating your group decency! You'll have opportunities to experience surfing and attend beginner to advanced training at surf schools. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

    Stay in charming hotels in Bakio

    If you're travelling with your partner, we offer accommodation in Bakio with all the comforts and chances to explore the trail and vineyard-rich Monte Gaztelu. You'll rest in facilities with luxurious rooms and modern suites, a bar with a panoramic terrace, a seasonal swimming pool, and an a la carte restaurant. You're bound to relax to the fullest in our spa, complete with massages. It's perfect for a romantic getaway! We also provide completely restored 18th-century rural houses, nestled amongst the vineyards. Rooms with sea and mountain views, extra beds on request, fully equipped kitchenettes, a garden, and a playground for children will be at your disposal—perfect for accommodating both you and your family. Enjoy a 4x4 ride along the coast and discover the culture, tradition, and history of the Txakoli Winery. Experience the best holidays in Bakio! Reserve your spot with us and enjoy all we have to offer.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Bakio cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Bakio costs an average of 173$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Bakio cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Bakio costs an average of 192$ (based on rates).

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