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    Uncover the most enchanting corners of this delightful city and book the Avilés hotels we have just for you. Kickstart your tour around the historical centre, where you'll see the Marqués de Ferrera Palace, the Avilés Town Hall and the Llano-Ponte Palace, all within walking distance of the top hotels, apartments and well-equipped homes. Continue your stroll through the most emblematic streets to discover the Palace of Valdecarzana, the Church of St Anthony of Padua and a one-of-a-kind restaurant scene. Stay just a stone's throw away from the Niemeyer Cultural Centre and enjoy an excellent offering of entertainment for all tastes. We have accommodation near all these spots. Book with us and savour your stay in Avilés!

    Most popular Avilés hotels

    apartamento suite 48
    48 Calle de la Cámara

    Apartment Suite 48 in Avilés provides comfort, free Wi-Fi, family rooms, and a view of the courtyard. Perfect for concentrated work without distractions.

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    puerta la villa
    23 Travesía de la Vidriera 7M

    The Puerta la Villa hotel in Avilés boasts soundproofed rooms, complimentary Wi-Fi, a terrace with a view and a smoke-free environment.

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    piso céntrico con garaje
    Calle Auseva

    The CENTRAL FLAT WITH GARAGE, located in Avilés, provides free WiFi, private parking and strictly enforces a no-smoking policy.

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    apartamento la curtidora
    Avenida de Oviedo, Avilés

    Enjoy your stay at The Curtidora Apartment! This is a splendid accommodation offering free Wi-Fi, a private courtyard, and temporary art galleries, nestled in the beautiful Avilés.

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    apartamento glamourosa
    Avenida de Gijón 3-3ºB

    Enjoy your stay at the GlamouRosa Apartment, equipped with a lift and heating, and incorporated with protection and cleanliness protocols against coronavirus.

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    the magic house - a unique stay
    23 Camino el Barrial piso 2, IZQ 2ND FLOOR LEFT

    Enjoy a unique stay at The Magic House in Avilés, with free WiFi, parking and a smoke-free policy.

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    pequeño apartamento en el centro histórico
    Calle de la Cámara

    Discover the central Little Apartment in the Historic Centre of Avilés, boasting free internet, a fully equipped kitchen, and secure garage parking.

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    Calle Alejandro Casona N3 2B

    The Alfaraz in Avilés offers family-friendly, smoke-free rooms, along with free parking. Experience a smoke-free environment throughout the entire accommodation.

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    hotel / restaurante la pepa
    C/ Zinc nº 47

    Hotel / Restaurant LA PEPA, a 3-star establishment in Avilés, Spain. Rooms complete with air conditioning, TV, wifi, and a private bathroom. It also provides a restaurant, bar, parking, and pet-friendly services.

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    oyo hotel parque empresarial
    Avenida del Zinc, 47, Polígono Empresarial Principado de Asturias (PEPA)

    Three-star OYO Enterprise Park Hotel in Avilés, Spain. Rooms with air conditioning, TV, and private bathrooms. 24-hour reception, café, bar, cleaning and parking available.

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    hotel el horreo de avilés
    Llaranes Viejo, 8

    Two-star hotel in Avilés with half-board service. 12 rooms with heating, TV, and private bathroom. Reception, shared lounge and outdoor parking available.

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    hotel el balcón
    Avenida de Lugo, 83

    El Balcon Hotel in Avilés, Spain. Offers 18 air-conditioned rooms with TV, wifi, and bathroom. Facilities include a restaurant, bar, and private parking.

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    pensión serafín
    Ave María, 1

    The Serafín Guesthouse in Avilés, offering complimentary Wi-Fi and private parking, is ideal for your family trips or business needs. Why not book today?

    Price from 20 EUR per night
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    hotel villalegre
    Santa Apolonia, 60

    Villalegre Hotel situated in Avilés, Spain. Complete with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, fridge, television, and phone in all rooms. Private bathrooms with jacuzzi and shower facilities. A restaurant, bar, and private parking included.

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    hotel alda palacio valdés
    Llano ponte, 4

    Alda Palacio Valdés Hotel in Avilés, Spain. Offering air-conditioned rooms complete with WiFi and TV. En-suite bathroom with bathtub and shower. Bar and café on-site. Parking subject to reservation.

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    Rest in the best area to sleep in Avilés

    Travelling with your family? We offer you the best Avilés hotels, ranging from luxury accommodation to affordable alternatives suited to your budget. At eBooking, we have the best accommodation in Avilés for you to decide where to stay, close to iconic landmarks like the stunningly beautiful historic centre, home to the Plaza de España, considered the social and cultural heart of the town. Enjoy a comfortable stay in apartments, hostels, and homes; and why not treat yourself to a wonderful 5-star palace hotel with a restaurant, pool, private terrace and spa - what more could you ask for? Plus, just a short stroll away, you can leisurely explore the Marqués de Ferrera Palace, Avilés Town Hall and the majestic Llano-Ponte Palace. You'll adore being in this area!

    Find your ideal hotel in Avilés

    Book with us at hotels in Avilés city centre and enjoy the benefits of being in the heart of the city. Discover the local architectural treasures. You'll love exploring the Valdecarzana Palace and the Church of St Anthony of Padua. If you choose to stay in this area, you can relax in a comfortable, economic accommodation, complete with TV, air conditioning and a bathroom. We also offer other options easy on your wallet, such as budget-friendly hotels with a Pet-Friendly policy, spacious rooms and free Wi-Fi, breakfast included. Many of our establishments are just minutes away from Domingo Álvarez Acebal Square, where you'll find the Balsera Palace and the Church of St Nicholas of Bari, as well as areas teeming with tapas bars and restaurants, perfect for savouring traditional cuisine. Don't hesitate any longer, book with us and enjoy a memorable stay in Avilés.

    Discover a charming hotel in Avilés

    Explore every corner of this enchanting city and book hotels in Avilés, Spain, perfect for you. We offer accommodation in Avilés featuring cosy rooms and facilities with restaurants, spas and gyms, all for your utmost enjoyment. Travelling with your significant other? Sleep in a boutique hotel exuding charm, complete with romantic packages, evening entertainment, and a private pool, jacuzzi and spa for two. After a restful night in one of their rooms, explore the city's cultural spaces. We recommend a visit to the Niemeyer Cultural Centre of Avilés, where you'll enjoy a line-up showcasing prominent local artists. Stay in our nearby hotels and walk along Las Alas Street, one of the busiest, which also hosts the significant Urban History Museum of Avilés and the Franciscan Fathers Church. The best part is, you'll be close to Plaza de Camposagrado and the Marqués de Camposagrado Palace. Come to Avilés and be amazed!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which are the best hotels in Avilés?

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Avilés cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Avilés costs an average of 91$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Avilés cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Avilés costs an average of 462$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Avilés?

    The best family-friendly hotel in Avilés is El Sumiciu.

    Which are the best hotels for couples in Avilés?

    The best hotels for couples in Avilés are Don Pedro and Hotel Palacio de Aviles Affiliated By Melia.

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