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    Book your stay at the delightful Arroyomolinos hotels we have on offer. Recharge in the best facilities while exploring the beauty of this city. We encourage you to stay in accommodations in the city centre. From here, you'll be ideally situated to take in the Torreón, the main square, and the Parish of the Assumption of Our Lady. Alternatively, you might choose to overnight close to the mills of Caño and the Isabelas. Enjoy a family stroll to the Guadarrama Regional Park. You’ll uncover splendid opportunities for outdoor activities. We have hotels to make all your travel plans a reality. Book with us and experience matchless accommodation at the market's best prices.

    Most popular Arroyomolinos hotels

    madrid city modern apartment in villa, free wifi
    3 Calle de los Arces

    At Madrid City Modern Apartment, enjoy a smoke-free stay with free WIFI and Internet throughout the place.

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    el gaitero 2
    6 Calle de Logroño

    El Gaitero 2 provides comfortable rooms inclusive of Wi-Fi, air conditioning, parking and COVID-Safety precautions.

    Price from 45 EUR per night
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    v hotel
    Fresadores, 43

    Hotel V: Exclusive attentions for couples, themed rooms and suites with air conditioning, TV, and jacuzzi. Individual parking, high cleanliness, hourly stays along with an erotic boutique.

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    Discover the best place to stay in Arroyomolinos

    Experience the charm of this Spanish municipality. Its remarkable buildings and natural landscapes will captivate you. Book your stay at the Arroyomolinos hotels we have for you, and immerse yourself in comfort whilst beginning your exploration of the city. Opt to stay at one of our hotels in Arroyomolinos city centre and you will find yourself strategically located amid an array of shops, restaurants, and bars serving local dishes. Also, from here, you'll be within a short distance of the Torreón of Arroyomolinos, the last remnant of the Castle of Bread. After sightseeing, you can chill in rooms fitted with balconies, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi throughout, along with garden and parking facilities. Also situated nearby are the main square and the Parish of the Assumption of Our Lady. We offer family-friendly accommodations nearby. Including breakfast in your booking, they feature a restaurant, bar, communal TV areas, rooms with balconies, and pet-friendly policies.

    Choose your ideal hotel in Arroyomolinos

    To find where to sleep in Arroyomolinos if you're travelling with a large group, you might want to choose one of our rural houses. Most provide a kitchen area, utensils, climate-controlled rooms, Wi-Fi, gardens, and parking. You'll be just a quick journey away from important landmarks, such as the Santa Ángela de la Cruz church. We also have 3-star hotels in Arroyomolinos, Spain, boasting seasonal outdoor pools, restaurants, play areas, and bars. Besides relishing the facilities provided by the establishment, you'll have easy access to visit the renowned mills of Caño and the Isabelas.

    Rest at the finest Arroyomolinos hotels

    We offer a range of accommodation in Arroyomolinos situated around the town, an excellent choice for a group visit or a romantic getaway to the Guadarrama Regional Park, where you can marvel at the diverse local flora and fauna. Our spaces offer air conditioning, terraces with garden views, pools, and many are pet-friendly. We have serviced apartments in both the outskirts and city centre that offer kitchens, fridges, utensils, plus parking. A great choice for more privacy, or to venture out and learn about the Spanish Civil War at the Battle of Brunete Museum. Take your pick and decide what kind of accommodation experience you want to have in Arroyomolinos.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Arroyomolinos cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Arroyomolinos costs an average of 93$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Arroyomolinos cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Arroyomolinos costs an average of 106$ (based on rates).

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