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    Book with our Arnuero hotels, unwind in the comfort of our facilities, and explore an idyllic region on the Cantabrian coast. We present top-class establishments in the most recommended areas where you'll enjoy strolling through the main streets of the city and visiting key monuments. Choose to stay near the coastline to relax on La Arena beach against its beautiful landscape, or opt for fully equipped apartments to unwind with your family. Fancy an outing? Visit the Siete Villas Castle and enrich your knowledge of the local heritage. We guarantee a diverse range of accommodations at unbeatable rates. Book with us and come enjoy Arnuero.

    Most popular Arnuero hotels

    casona molinos del agua
    Barrio Arnuero-Estorriguera n°17

    Discover the charm of Casona Molinos del Agua, with a garden, terrace, and amenities suitable for those with limited mobility. Your pet is welcomed!

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    casa mar arnuero
    11 Barrio Estorriguera

    La Casa MAR Arnuero, boasting mountain views, complimentary private parking and Wi-Fi. Garden, BBQ, and terrace for your enjoyment.

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    hotel posada la robleda
    Barrio Arnuero Rebijones 11

    Nestled in a peaceable garden, Hotel Posada La Robleda offers complimentary parking, WiFi, and room service amongst a myriad of other services.

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    apartamentos san juan
    Apartamentos San Juan
    8 Barrio Zoña

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    apartamentos turísticos el pontón
    Apartamentos Turísticos el Pontón
    Calle Pedrosa 21

    Price from 173 EUR per night
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    hosteria de arnuero
    Hosteria de Arnuero
    Barrio Palacio, 17

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    hotel las torres
    Hotel Las Torres
    Barrio San Pantaleón 23, Castillo Siete Villas

    Price from 65 EUR per night
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    The best options for your stay in Arnuero

    Discover the lush nature and cultural heritage of a town located on the coast of Cantabria. Stay in our Arnuero hotels, rest in comfortable facilities and visit the major attractions. You'll love our hotels in Arnuero city centre, a stone’s throw from the old town, offering 24-hour reception, tourist information, parking, and Wi-Fi throughout. If you're travelling in a group, some rooms are interconnecting and have their own bathroom. You can effortlessly explore the main streets and take in the Art Observatory with its fascinating exhibitions, and the San Sebastian Hermitage. If you're a nature enthusiast, the Trasmiera Ecopark provides an outstanding opportunity to become familiar with the town through various information centres. You can also tread its varied trails, go cycling, birdwatching or head to the coast. At the end of the day, unwind in accommodations offering spacious rooms, air conditioning, TV, terrace, a restaurant, gardens and parking.

    Book in Arnuero and enjoy its beaches

    We present brilliant options for you to select beachfront accommodation in Arnuero. Travelling with family? Choose establishments offering breakfast, a bar with a terrace, garden, children's play area, mini-golf and a pool. Nearby is the town of Isla, boasting a stunning coastline. Revel in the clean waters of La Arena beach, offering numerous services, a chilled atmosphere and accessibility for people with mobility impairments. Still seeking where to stay in Arnuero? We have a wide range of accommodations to suit all tastes. From hotels providing room service to apartments with a BBQ area, living room, and equipped kitchen.

    Choose the best place to stay in Arnuero

    We propose you stay in one of our Arnuero hotels in Spain, at affordable prices. You'll find establishments with cozy rooms, air conditioning, breakfast, a common TV lounge, gardens and a dining hall. During your stay, pay visit local restaurants to indulge in the area's delectable cuisine, where lobster features prominently. If you fancy a change of pace, take a trip to the village of Castillo Siete Villas and visit the Memory Observatory, the San Juan Lookout, and the Venero Tower dating back to the 13th century. At the end of the day, you'll have the perfect place to relax and feel rejuvenated.

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