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    Book your stay at the finest Arnedillo hotels and enjoy must-see sights for a memorable getaway in Eastern La Rioja. This city is amongst the top destinations in Galicia. Choose accommodation in the old town, where you'll discover the Church of San Servando and San German. In this area, we have spaces suitable for families, groups or couples. You'll be near the city centre and the Town Hall, experiencing a lively atmosphere you're sure to enjoy. Join in the thermal baths, a cornerstone experience in the region. Note that our offers include establishments at the best market prices. So why wait to book?

    Most popular Arnedillo hotels

    2 bedrooms house with terrace and wifi at arnedillo
    Av. del Cidacos 28

    2 bedrooms house with terrace and wifi at Arnedillo provides you with complimentary WiFi and parking. This pet-friendly accommodation is perfect for family stays.

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    hotel marrodan
    Joaquin Velasco 4

    Stay at Hotel Marrodan, nestled within the stunning La Rioja mountains, offering free WIFI, private parking, and a welcoming bar.

    Price from 86 EUR per night
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    la abuela isabel piso con encanto arnedillo
    La abuela Isabel Piso con encanto Arnedillo
    20 Calle Yasa

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    casa arnedillo
    Casa Arnedillo
    Travesía de la Cruz 4

    Price from 225 EUR per night
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    hotel parras arnedillo
    Hotel Parras Arnedillo
    Calle de Joaquín Velasco, 11

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    el mirador del rio de arnedillo
    El Mirador del Rio de Arnedillo
    Calle Yasa 4

    Price from 75 EUR per night
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    Enjoy your stay in the heart of Arnedillo

    Discover this city with its intriguing heritage buildings and mesmerising natural surroundings. Book one of the hotels in Arnedillo that we have on offer, enjoy top-notch services and start this memorable journey. One of the best areas to stay is the old town. You'll love staying in accommodation that's a stone's throw from the Church of San Servando and San Germán, which houses a striking main altar. Also, the Villa Realenga de Arnedillo square and City Hall are part of the area. You can relax in very comfortable spaces in the surroundings. From the hotels in Arnedillo city centre, you can easily get to the old launderette of Arnedillo and the Interpretation Centre of the Upper Valley of Cidacos. Our establishments have elegantly decorated rooms, a lounge bar and café. You'll find restaurants, clubs and shops nearby, creating a positive atmosphere for a pleasant evening.

    Find your perfect hotel in Arnedillo

    Book your accommodation in Arnedillo, while you take the famous Route of the Hermitages of Arnedillo. It'll be intriguing to commence a tour of these seven religious temples distributed throughout the region. We offer facilities at various points in the city that ease the conditions for doing this route. They're family-type establishments, with interconnected rooms, breakfast included, a children's play area, swimming pool and parking. Some are pet-friendly. If you're travelling with your partner, take advantage of our romantic styled hotels in Arnedillo, Spain. Some are adults-only. From any of these, you can visit the Vulture's Lookout, located in an old quarry; there, you'll see dozens of these large birds literally floating between thermal currents. In that area, our establishments include room service, private terrace, lounge bar, restaurant and Wi-Fi.

    Discover the best accommodations in Arnedillo

    Choosing where to sleep in Arnedillo will be a breeze, given that our establishments provide a range of comforts and top-quality services. You can enjoy elegant suites, buffet-style restaurants, chill-out terraces, gyms, spas, swimming pools with massage jets and internal parking. Compliment the experience by visiting the historic ruins of the Castle. Also, we offer deals on affordable accommodations allowing you to sleep in the region without breaking the bank. Interested in health tourism? Be sure to visit the city's famous thermal waters and experience their healing effects. It's a destination attracting numerous visitors every year. Upon returning to the hotel, you'll have a restful stay in rooms with air conditioning, a TV lounge and Wi-Fi in shared areas. Make your booking with us and enjoy your stay in Arnedillo.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Arnedillo cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Arnedillo costs an average of 192$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Arnedillo cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Arnedillo costs an average of 227$ (based on rates).

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