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    Book at our Arenys de Mar hotels, take a rest at modern facilities and start organising your journey around this charming Catalan town. We invite you to stay at the accommodations positioned within the city centre, a perfect area for those who love to shop. Moreover, we offer aparthotels near the harbour, where you'll find fresh fish daily. Travelling with the family? We recommend staying near the Picòrdia beach, as the youngsters absolutely adore it. We have options for your romantic getaway or solo adventure. Simply book the one that best fits your needs and begin planning your perfect holiday.

    Most popular Arenys de Mar hotels

    dormsy aparthotel house
    65 Carrer de l'Església

    Delight in a stay at Dormsy aparthotel, featuring a rooftop pool, complimentary WiFi and car park. Perfectly suited for families and close to the beach.

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    la llar de la kim, bonita casa a 150m del mar y 40km de barcelona
    52 Carrer de Josep Anselm Clavé

    Kim's Abode, seaboard accommodation boasting free WiFi and car park, dishwasher, and child-focused amenities. The perfect retreat a mere 150m from the beach and merely 40km from Barcelona.

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    apartamento st zenon
    16 Carrer de Sant Zenon

    Discover comfort and fun at the St Zenon Apartment, boasting a stunning terrace, complimentary wifi, and a games room. Ideal for families.

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    stay u-nique villa portimar
    Stay U-nique Villa Portimar
    Carrer de Portimar 57

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    stay u-nique villa portimar ii
    Stay U-nique Villa Portimar II
    Carrer de Portimar 59

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    hostal la premsa
    Hostal La Premsa
    4 Carrer de M.M. Escolàpies

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    l'hostalet d'arenys de mar
    L'Hostalet d'Arenys de Mar
    Carrer Escolàpies, 8

    Price from 36 EUR per night
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    hostal portofino
    Hostal Portofino
    Riera Bisbe Pol, 4

    Price from 38 EUR per night
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    vila arenys hotel
    Vila Arenys Hotel
    Riera Bisbe Pol, 89

    Price from 102 EUR per night
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    villa bleuor
    Villa Bleuor
    pau costa 58 Apartamento

    Price from 100 EUR per night
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    sa voga hotel & spa
    Sa Voga Hotel & Spa
    Rieral de Sa Clavella, 12

    Price from 86 EUR per night
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    The best locality to stay in Arenys de Mar

    Discover the charm of this Catalan municipality famous for its paradisiacal beaches. Explore the Arenys de Mar hotels we have for you and choose the one that suits your preferences best. We highly recommend staying at the heart of the municipality to be close to the main attractions. Our hotels in Arenys de Mar city centre have all you need to live a dreamy stay. You'll have access to a breakfast-included restaurant, private parking, and air-conditioning. In the area, you'll find Riera de Arenys, a trail full of shops and bars with traditional dishes. Close by, you can book a four-star hotel, featuring modern facilities that include a swimming pool, spa, and a roof terrace with sea views.

    Relax in hotels near the coast of Arenys de Mar

    Still deciding where to sleep in Arenys de Mar? We invite you to choose our accommodations by the coast. Near the harbour, we offer aparthotels located very close to markets selling fresh, boat-direct fish. These premises come with living room facilities, kitchen areas, laundry rooms, BBQ areas, and a garden. Settle with your family in one of our hotels on the first line of the Picòrdia beach. The children will love the beach’s play area. We present you with comfortable establishments, featuring spacious rooms, including a TV, minibar, free Wi-Fi, and a balcony with sea views. We also have hotels in Arenys de Mar, Spain, for your romantic getaway. Relax in establishments with a pool, à la carte restaurant, spa and included breakfast. We invite you to visit Cavaió beach, the town's largest and an ideal destination for holidaying couples.

    Book the best hotels in Arenys de Mar

    Beyond its beaches, the town boasts a historical heritage worth admiring. Explore the Municipal Cemetery, declared a Cultural Heritage site for its spectacular artistic collection. Nearby, we can offer cheap hotels, equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and parking. Our accommodation in Arenys de Mar offers options to suit all tastes. Book now, and start planning your tour around this charming fishing village. Don't forget to include the parish church of Santa María and the Calisay Cultural Centre in your itinerary.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Arenys de Mar cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Arenys de Mar costs an average of 149$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Arenys de Mar cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Arenys de Mar costs an average of 352$ (based on rates).

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