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    Book at the Ardales hotels we offer and start to relax in top-notch facilities, immersing yourself in this beautiful locale. You'll love staying in the city centre which boasts a towering promontory where the impressive Castillo de la Peña is situated. Our accommodation is ideally placed to venture to iconic spots such as the Caminito del Rey, a popular tourist attraction in Malaga. The Ardales cave and the Bobastro ruins are a must for your itinerary. Secure your booking today and experience the charm of this Spanish city.

    Most popular Ardales hotels

    ardales el caminito del rey casa rural gaitanes
    13 Calle de el Burgo

    Welcome to ARDALES EL CAMINITO DEL REY CASA RURAL GAITANES, a lodgings in Ardales offering complimentary WiFi, a terrace and family rooms.

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    apartamentos parque ardales
    Barriada de los Embalses s/n

    The Apartamentos Parque Ardales offers ideal amenities including free car park, WiFi, an outdoor swimming pool, and a furnished private terrace.

    Price from 60 EUR per night
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    apartamento trinidad grund
    Apartamento Trinidad Grund
    Calle Cantarranas

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    apartamento llanos de belen
    Apartamento LLanos de belen
    Paraje LLanos de Belen, 3

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    ardales house
    Ardales House
    Andrades Navarrete, Nº 27

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    cubo's la casa del abuelo
    Cubo's La Casa del Abuelo
    TN UE -8 8

    Price from 38 EUR per night
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    cubo's casa rural villa los mellizos
    Cubo's Casa Rural Villa Los Mellizos
    TN UE -8 8

    Price from 47 EUR per night
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    casa rural cerca del caminito del rey
    Casa Rural Cerca del Caminito del Rey
    5 Calle Sevílla

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    C/ Sevilla no 10 C/ Sevilla no 10

    Price from 69 EUR per night
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    apartamento martín
    Apartamento Martín
    Calle Sevilla 17 (ground floor)

    Price from 64 EUR per night
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    apartamento virgen de villa verde
    Apartamento Virgen De Villa Verde
    c/SEVILLA 4

    Price from 59 EUR per night
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    casa don diego
    Calle Cantarrana 84

    Price from 75 EUR per night
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    hostal restaurante el cruce
    Hostal Restaurante El Cruce
    El Cruce 1

    Price from 28 EUR per night
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    la posada del conde
    La Posada del Conde
    Barriada Conde Del Guadalhorce, 16-18

    Price from 90 EUR per night
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    apartamentos ardales
    Apartamentos Ardales
    Calle El Burgo, 7

    Price from 66 EUR per night
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    Find your perfect hotel in Ardales

    Come and explore an ideal corner brimming with outdoor adventures. We offer the best selection of accommodation in Ardales, ensuring a comfortable stay in an unforgettable Andalusian destination. Your accommodation options in the heart of the town are characterised much like the rest of the white Spanish village buildings, modernised to meet your necessities with amenities including parking, restaurants and complimentary Wi-Fi. One of the advantages of our hotels in Ardales city centre is your proximity to attractions like the Castillo de la Peña, located on a promontory in the heart of the town - boasting a viewpoint and perfect for a guided tour.

    Stay in our most comfortable Ardales hotels

    From our establishments located in the centre, you can venture out to popular spots such as the Caminito del Rey, a trail built into the cliffside. Once you've traversed, you'll love unwinding in your air-conditioned room or enjoying a tipple at the bar. Furthermore, we have hotels in Ardales, Spain, with a rustic charm, which include continental breakfast, parking, a restaurant with terrace and rooms with balconies. We provide prime tourist information from our establishments ensuring you don’t miss out on remarkable spots like the Ardales cave, housing ancient cave art. For more outdoor activities, you can take the 7 km route to the Guadalhorce reservoirs. Enjoy a swim and partake in water sports alongside the picturesque scenery. From your hotel, we'll connect you with the best service providers in the city. Upon arrival, we'll provide spacious areas with green spaces, an outdoor terrace and stunning views.

    Discover charming Ardales hotels

    We offer tempting alternatives if you're seeking accommodation in Ardales as a group. These are well-equipped, rustic apartments complete with a kitchen area, multiple bed bedrooms and a dining area. Absolutely perfect if you're looking to economise. Benefit from this visit and include the Bobastro ruins in your itinerary. This old complex provides informative panels for a full historical rundown. Ensure to visit the Museum of Ardales - an engaging look into local history and traditions, as well as Palaeolithic art. Choose an accommodation in Ardales today that offers bike or car hire, ensuring easy transport to all these attractive sites drawing thousands of tourists annually.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Ardales cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Ardales costs an average of 122$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Ardales cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Ardales costs an average of 150$ (based on rates).

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