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    The choice of Altea hotels available to you via eBooking are perfect for a holiday on the stunning Costa Blanca. This is a well-known tourist destination lauded for its incredible beaches and coves, hence it's a city worth pausing at to truly appreciate. We'd advise you to settle in one of the top areas of this beautiful seafront town. You might fancy booking a charming hotel near the Church of Our Lady of Solace and Casa Cervantes. We'd like to bring to your attention our low-priced accommodation options in the historic heart of Altea and invite you to explore and discover quaint and intriguing places that ought to be on your travel list. Lock in your ideal hotel with us and relish your stay in charming Altea.

    Most popular Altea hotels

    la provence, moderno apto con parking, terraza y vista al mar
    30 Carrer Pla d'Albes 4º 26

    Discover LA PROVENCE, a modern flat in Altea offering parking, a terrace with sea views, free WiFi and an airport transfer service.

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    bungalow villa gadea
    Urbanización Villa Gadea, Bungalow 16

    Experience luxury at Bungalow Villa Gadea, complete with free private parking, Wi-Fi and stunning sea views.

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    casa duna
    3 Calle Pagell Mascarat

    Casa Duna in Altea offers free parking and WiFi, along with a terrace, a sea view swimming pool, and direct access to the beach.

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    blue sardine hostal boutique altea adults only
    54 Carrer la Mar

    Stay on the coast at the Blue Sardine Boutique Hostel Altea Adults Only, providing amenities such as free WiFi, heating, and beach accessibility.

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    apartamento puerto campomanes - altea
    Calle Puerto Deportivo Campomanes 7 Urb. Pueblo Marinero Greenwich

    The pet-friendly Apartment Puerto Campomanes - Altea, featuring a swimming pool, free WiFi and parking, is a beach lover's delight.

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    gran h la marina 1920
    100 Carrer la Mar

    A charming 3-star hotel in Altea offering well-equipped rooms with services like restaurant, parking, WiFi, breakfast and pet-friendly policy.

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    hotel abaco altea
    Salva, 13

    Hotel Abaco Altea, a 3-star lodging featuring rooms, fully equipped houses and amenities such as a bar-café and car park.

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    hotel tossal d'altea
    Partida el Pla de Castell, 96

    Hotel Tossal d'Altea: 4 stars, air-conditioned rooms, TV, wifi, bathroom. Pool, sauna, gym, restaurant, cafe, bar. Book now!

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    hotel cap negret
    N-332 Alicante-Valencia, Km.159

    Hotel Cap Negret, 4* in Altea, air-conditioned rooms, wifi and private bath. Features restaurant, bar, coffee shop, infinity pool, wellness & spa, parking and private beach access.

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    hotel altaia
    Sant Pere, 28

    Altaia Hotel: Two-star beachfront location in Altea offering free WiFi, air conditioning, TV, private bathroom, dining room, conference room, terrace, and pet-friendly accommodation.

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    mimar villa altea
    Partida Montahud 4

    mimar villa altea, a luxurious villa in Altea complete with a private swimming pool, sauna, and complimentary WiFi. Perfect for a stay bursting with relaxation.

    Price from 212 EUR per night
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    porta nova suites altea - adults only
    10 Calle Belén

    Hotel Porta Nova Suites Altea-Adults Only, a modern stay in Spain with complimentary wifi, air conditioning, TV, mini-fridge, personal safe, and private bathroom. Breakfast and terrace amenities provided.

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    hotel san miguel
    Mar, 65

    Hotel San Miguel in Altea, Spain. 1-star. WiFi, AC, TV. Restaurant, bar. Activities: snorkelling, windsurfing, scuba diving, hiking.

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    hotel boutique la serena - altea
    Alba, 10

    Boutique Hotel La Serena - Altea: 3-star, 11 rooms with air-con, telly, Wi-Fi, safe and private bathroom. Restaurant, spa, pool and car park.

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    sh villa gadea
    Partida Villa Gadea

    Book your stay at Hotel SH Villa Gadea: 5-star luxury in Altea, Spain. Room amenities include whirlpool tubs. Jacuzzi suites available. Bars, restaurants, pools, spa, and gym on-site. Don't delay, reserve now!

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    Discover the benefits of staying in a top Altea hotel

    We suggest the finest Altea hotels, offering fantastic deals tailored to your tastes and budget. In this coastal city with a fishing village vibe, you'll delight in its most prominent places alongside your family and friends. Many of the tourist spots are centrally located, therefore you’ll luxuriate in our recommended lodgings located in the heart of the city. Altea city centre hotels come equipped with free Wi-Fi, terraces and parking. Are you fond of cultural and religious tourism? All the points of interest in Altea’s city centre will enthrall you, with highlights being the Church of Our Lady of Solace, Portal de Vell, and Casa Cervantes. In Altea, you can indulge in a pleasant stroll along the Mediterranean Walkway, a fantastic area brimming with copious restaurants. If you delight in retail therapy, we propose accommodation in Altea near the port, offering cosy rooms and excellent services.

    You'll adore the hotels in Altea's historic heart

    Discover the best where to stay in the old part of Altea and rest your feet at facilities equipped with all the amenities while being proximity to favourite places around the city. Venture to meander through the cobbled streets for hours, touring iconic places and unwinding in a cosy establishment that includes breakfast. The optimal places to slumber are situated on Santa Barbara Street, known for its homes exuding a Moorish style and decorated with flowers. In this area, you'll savour our selection of hotels, hostels and apartments. Stay within stone's throw of the most visited areas in one of the lodgings suggested on our list, where you’ll enjoy amenities like swimming pools, restaurants and bars. Additionally, we provide half-board hotels in the surroundings. You'll always find the ideal choice suitable for the whole family with an exceptional value for money.

    Book an Altea hotel near the beach

    Stay at hotels in Altea, Spain, near the beautiful beaches of the fantastic Costa Blanca. We offer resorts, hotels and hostels that comprise restaurants, bars and swimming pools; it'll be a grand time with your family and friends! You'll appreciate discovering a variety of beaches such as L’Olla, Solsida, Cap Negret and Cala del Mascarat. Moreover, you'll find lodging options ideally sited just metres from these heavenly beaches. Another recommended site is the promenade, where you'll come across 5-star hotels. Check out our list and select luxury accommodations in Altea near the coastline.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which are the best hotels in Altea?

    The best hotels in Altea are Hostal Fornet Altea and Hotel Altea Paradise 1917 - Adults Only.

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Altea cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Altea costs an average of 359$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Altea cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Altea costs an average of 615$ (based on rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Altea?

    The best family-friendly hotels in Altea are Alek Altea17 by Vero, PÌSO MAR ALTEA, and La Casa del Agua.

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