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    Choose from our selection of Altafulla hotels, and stay in modern establishments. Let this captivating community relax you, with its magnificent beaches and the nautical activities on offer. Take a break at one of our accommodations in prime beachfront locations. We have perfect options if you're visiting with family or mates. You'll enjoy your time around the Vila Closa. The fascinating medieval ensemble and Altafulla Castle will surprise you. You'll also find hotels near Botigues de Mar neighbourhood, a quiet place to rest. Don't forget to visit Altafulla beach, one of the top choices on the Costa Dorada.

    Most popular Altafulla hotels

    ca la montse
    Passeig del forti,50 casa 3

    Come to Ca la Montse, a stunning property offering free WiFi and parking, conveniently located near the beach. We're pet-friendly too!

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    atico altafulla
    via augusta 35 5º 1º

    Enjoy a remarkable stay at Atico Altafulla, providing water sports, a barbecue area, and complimentary Wifi throughout the property.

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    el xalet d’en joan maria d’altafulla
    Carrer de la Portalada, 22

    Discover the comfort of the Charmingly Traditional Xalet d'en Joan Maria in Altafulla with free WiFi, a terrace, garden and picnic area. Book now!

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    may altafulla beach boutique hotel
    Camí del Prat 58-60

    Plan a visit to the May Altafulla Beach Boutique Hotel, complete with a restaurant, outdoor pool, bar and bike hire availability.

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    hermosa casa con espectaculares vistas al mar y a tocar de una idílica calita
    Carrer Mirador dels Munts

    The Stunning Sea View House invites you to enjoy a comfortable stay offering free WiFi, air conditioning, a swimming pool, and a barbecue.

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    apartment with great community swimming pool & direct beach access
    10a Carrer dels Pins

    Discover the Apartment with its communal pool and direct access to the beach in Altafulla, which comes complete with a garden and free parking.

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    hauzify i villa del castell
    Carrer de les Eres

    Relish in a luxurious getaway at Hauzify I Villa del Castell: accommodation boasting a private pool, hot tub, and barbeque area.

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    altafulla mar hotel
    Via Augusta, 13 - 21

    Enjoy an optimal holiday at the Altafulla Mar Hotel, boasting an outdoor swimming pool, sun terrace and free Wi-Fi, all just a two-minute stroll from the beach.

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    hotel yola
    Via Augusta, 50

    Discover Hotel Yola: Free Wi-Fi, swimming pool, terrace, buffet restaurant. The perfect venue for your holiday!

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    hotel gran claustre restaurant & spa
    Calle del Cup, 2

    Revel in the Hotel Gran Claustre Restaurant & Spa, inclusive of parking, room service, restaurant, bar, sauna, terrace, and spa for your ultimate relaxation.

    Price from 77 EUR per night
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    baywatch penthouse
    Baywatch Penthouse
    Calle de Botigues de Mar, 15

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    san martin
    San Martin
    Calle del Mar 9

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    habitaciones vil·la marcia
    Habitaciones Vil·la Marcia
    Plaza Nova, 1, Masia E1

    Price from 70 EUR per night
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    hotel oreneta
    Hotel Oreneta
    Oreneta, 1

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    Choose your Altafulla accommodation

    Discover the beauty of this heavenly city on the Costa Dorada. We invite you to reserve a room in our Altafulla hotels and start planning your tour around this community of Tarragona. We advise staying near the coastal part of the city. You'll find it has a cheerful atmosphere, ideal for fun. We have several hotels offering adults-only service. You'll stay in spaces with air conditioning, private terrace, room service, restaurant and parking. If you decide to stay in an urban area, we recommend the hotels in Altafulla city centre. You'll be close to all the shopping and leisure spots. These options are perfect if you're travelling with your family, offering breakfast, transfers, and facilities with a restaurant and swimming pool.

    Stay in one of Altafulla's best hotels

    Consider our Altafulla hotels, Spain. We have three-star establishments offering exclusive experiences. Some of them have programmes including visits to the Vila Closa and Els Munts Roman village. If you choose to stay at the hotel, you can enjoy a spa, gym, gourmet restaurant and parking. Do make a trip to the renowned Altafulla Castle, situated by the sea. Why wait? Book with us and enjoy your stay.

    Book a hotel near Altafulla's beaches

    If you’re pondering where to stay in Altafulla, we endorse opting for one of our beachfront hotels. They are the first-rate choice if you want to make the most of the sea. On Canyadell beach, you can engage in water sports. The views from the rooftop terraces are extraordinary. We also offer accommodation in Altafulla close to Altafulla beach, a preferred shore for those seeking to unwind. If you're travelling with kids, we have establishments near the Botigues de Mar neighbourhood and its beach, two fully-serviced places. Our hotels boast interconnecting rooms, spa and gym.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Altafulla cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Altafulla costs an average of 443$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Altafulla cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Altafulla costs an average of 864$ (based on rates).

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