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    Book with our Almonte hotels, we assure affordable prices and stays in the prime locations. You'll relish an unforgettable holiday within their facilities. We encourage you to stay in the city centre. Through its picturesque streets, you'll easily reach the most iconic landmarks. Viable establishments are available for a comfortable stay near the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption. Families can opt for fully equipped holiday homes, conveniently located near Doñana National Park. If you're travelling as a couple, you'll find hotels at Matalascañas beach, ideal for a romantic getaway. All our accommodations boast excellent facilities and services.

    Most popular Almonte hotels

    hacienda de santa teresa
    Carretera A-474 KM 44,7 Almonte, AL 21730 ES

    The Hacienda de Santa Teresa in Almonte offers rooms with air conditioning, a private pool, a children's play area and a barbeque facility.

    Price from 500 EUR per night
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    La Habana Almonte

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    finca casa halcon
    Finca Casa Halcon
    Angelika Brady, Cabezo Gordo, Camino de Taranjales, Almonte AP 80

    Price from 36 EUR per night
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    The best area to stay in Almonte

    Discover a charming village in the province of Huelva, blessed with fantastic cultural and natural heritage. Select from the Almonte hotels we have for you, unwind in the most pleasant facilities, and get ready for a spectacular itinerary through its most iconic attractions. The town centre is the best area to stay in. Its streets offer extensive pedestrian areas, lovely homes, and restaurants distributed over a short course. From the hotels in Almonte city centre, you can visit magnificent monuments, such as the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption. We have budget establishments in the area that offer rooms with air conditioning, Wi-Fi across all premises, terrace, and bar. You'll also have the chance to visit the Villa Museum and the Town Hall, dating back to the 16th century. From our apartments in the area, you can take a stroll to the Wine Museum. These establishments are ideal if you're travelling in a group. They are known for their spaciousness, have separate rooms, living room, fully equipped kitchen, and some even have a swimming pool.

    Relax in our Almonte hotels

    If travelling with family, an excellent accommodation in Almonte option are holiday homes. Several can be found located near Doñana National Park. These spaces offer a cosy atmosphere and feature air-conditioned rooms, dining room, kitchen, and parking. The park's 200,000 hectares offer splendid opportunities for outdoor group activities. Similarly, nearby you can visit the village of El Rocío. Wandering its unpaved streets, traversed by horses and carts, is a true adventure. If your visit aligns with the Romería del Rocío celebration, you'll witness the most attended commemoration planetwide. At the end of the day, you can rest in establishments offering an excellent value for money and pleasant facilities.

    Stay in the most comfortable Almonte hotels

    Couples pondering where to sleep in Almonte have a perfect answer in the hotels at Matalascañas beach. Some are adults-only, featuring a romantic and relaxed style, just a few metres from the coast. They offer swimming pools, spas, and evening entertainment. You'll love this tranquil cove, with a variety of services and splendid leisure spaces. Similarly, in the surroundings, we can provide you with hotels in Almonte, Spain, offering opportunities to explore Dunar Park. You can stay in an accommodation featuring spacious rooms, gym, tennis court, children's playground, and daily breakfast. In the park, find picnic areas and enjoy coastal hiking trails.

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