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    Take your ease in our Almansa hotels, where spaces are crafted for your ultimate comfort on this pilgrimage leg of the Camino de Santiago. Almansa is a crucial pit-stop on the Wool Route of the Jacobean pilgrimage, but there's more to this charming location, with interesting places just waiting to be explored. You'll get a taste of the past as you delve into the history of the village in its Historic Centre. Here you can choose from the most varied selection of accommodation in hostels and inns—perfect for those travelling either in groups or solo. Moreover, you'll see the Almansa Castle and the Archpriest Church of the Assumption, key regional monuments. The town also boasts hotels with exclusive services.

    Most popular Almansa hotels

    4 Calle Virgen de Belén

    Discover Sintra in Almansa complete with free WiFi, car hire services, and airport transfers. Soundproof family rooms are on offer for your comfort.

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    elizabeth towers
    4 Calle Virgen de Belén

    Discover comfort and relaxation at ELIZABETH TOWERS in Almansa. The apartment features complimentary parking, WiFi, and is fully kitted out with air conditioning.

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    la paz
    4 Calle Virgen de Belén

    Enjoy a peaceful stay at La Paz, in Almansa, with complimentary WiFi, parking, and airport transfer service.

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    airam home mendizabal
    27 Calle de Mendizábal

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    san marcos
    4 Calle Virgen de Belén

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    airam home buhardilla
    7 Calle de Aragón

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    hotel blu & spa puerta de almansa
    Hotel Blu & SPA Puerta de Almansa
    Avenida de Ayora, 35

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    Discover a municipality serving as the starting point for many pilgrims embarking on their journey along the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. Book in the hotels in Almansa city centre that we have on offer, rest in impeccable facilities and experience the charm of this lovely community. Almansa forms part of both the Wool Route and the Levante Route of the Way of St James, which subsequently connect with the French Way and the Silver Route respectively. Hence, it holds importance on any pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. Stay in our hotels in Almansa's Old Town. There, you'll have a bird's eye view of some of the most famous sites in the village, such as Almansa Castle from the 14th century and the 16th-century Archpriest Church of the Assumption. We offer a wide range of establishments in this area, many complete with a swimming pool and spa. The majority offer complimentary breakfast and are pet-friendly. Take a stroll around the village, partake in a guided tour of the Palace of the Counts of Cirat, and gaze upon the patron image of Almansa in the Bethlehem Sanctuary, a stone's throw away.

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    The range of accommodation in Almansa also envelops apartments where families and groups can repose. You'll find Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a kitchen area complete with appliances, and a view over the city centre. Many of them can accommodate up to five people. A major upside of staying in Almansa is its superb selection of eateries and shops. Get a bite of the local cuisine and pick up everything required for the next legs of your hike. You'll also find economical stay options in Almansa, fully equipped with air conditioning, private bathrooms, and a shared kitchen area outfitted with a fridge and a microwave. From our hotels in Almansa, Spain, you can relax by the Almansa Reservoir—a top spot in the summer to hike its trails, with picnic areas and outdoor play facilities. There's also a reservoir where you can partake in water activities. We recommend enjoying the Almansa Wine Route, easily accessible from any of our accommodation. Book with us now!

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    A weekend stay at a hotel in Almansa costs an average of 92$ (based on rates).

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    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Almansa costs an average of 104$ (based on rates).

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