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    The Alicante hotels are perfect for discovering this extraordinary holiday destination. Indulge in the pleasant weather, sparkling golden beaches, valuable historical heritage, and a wide range of leisure activities. We offer accommodations with us at eBooking that are fully equipped for a memorable stay. We have hotels along the beachfront for an admirable encounter with the Mediterranean coastlines, such as Saladares-Urbanova Beach, Agua Amarga Beach, Postiguet Beach, and Albufereta Beach among others. You would also love to unwind at accommodations featuring guided tours of the historical sites, museums, and Santa Bárbara Castle; including other excursions, scuba diving, and fishing.

    Most popular Alicante hotels

    arenal suites alicante
    Arenal Suites Alicante
    Calle Labradores 24

    Price from 51 EUR per night
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    the lucky flats - artilleros
    The Lucky Flats - Artilleros
    Tomás Lopez Torregrosa, 5

    Price from 45 EUR per night
    Show prices
    balmis plaza apartments
    Balmis Plaza Apartments
    1 Plaza Doctor Balmis

    Price from 51 EUR per night
    Show prices
    boutique apartment by the sea
    Boutique Apartment by the Sea
    Calle San José 5 calle san josé building 5, fl. 3 EF

    Price from 81 EUR per night
    Show prices
    amazing condo in alicante city center
    Amazing Condo in Alicante City Center
    12 Carrer Girona 1-D

    Price from 57 EUR per night
    Show prices
    san francisco 10 - apartamentos boutique completos - playa postiguet - para 2-4-6
    San Francisco 10 - Apartamentos Boutique Completos - Playa Postiguet - Para 2-4-6
    10 Calle San Francisco

    Show prices
    hotel maya alicante
    Hotel Maya Alicante
    Canónigo M.L. Penalva, 2

    Price from 50 EUR per night
    Show prices
    ac hotel alicante by marriott
    AC Hotel Alicante by Marriott
    Avenida de Elche, 3

    Price from 81 EUR per night
    Show prices
    hotel albahia alicante
    Hotel Albahia Alicante
    Sol Naciente, 6

    Price from 40 EUR per night
    Show prices

    Book the finest hotels and get to know the city of Alicante

    Are you planning a trip to Alicante? Stay at the best Alicante hotels and discover one of the most visited cities in the Valencian Community, particularly if you adore the Mediterranean coasts. We invite you to explore the Old Town, also known as El Barrio. It's the ideal area to stay where a variety of options are at your disposal. Travelling with family or your other half? You can select from houses, apartments, and hostels. If you prefer, opt to stay in a boutique hotel, all-inclusive. At eBooking, we offer accommodation in Alicante featuring spacious rooms along with restaurants, terrace, bar, private jacuzzi, and swimming pool. Step outside the hotel and the Town Hall, Santa María Plaza, Santa María Basilica, and Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art are just a stone's throw away. The best part? The streets buzz with energy at night, offering pubs, top-rated restaurants and bars to revel in good company.

    Enjoy a stay in a budget hotel in Alicante

    Hotels in Alicante city centre are superb for an immersion in the city's culture. Join an extraordinary tour of the Aguas Museum, Belenes Museum, or the Fine Arts Museum Gravina. Plenty of accommodation options for all tastes and budgets are available in this area. Absolutely consider reserving a budget hotel, offering large rooms, inclusive breakfast, and additional facilities like café, bar, and car park. Grab the opportunity to take a stroll through San Roque and Santa Cruz neighbourhoods and visit the Santa Bárbara Castle—some of the city's most iconic sites.

    Enjoy beachfront hotels in Alicante

    The best area in Alicante to stay is close to the city's coastline, filled with enchanting beaches and extraordinary spots, perfect for unforgettable nautical adventures. We have hotels on the frontline of the beach with all the amenities you've always desired for the rest you truly deserve. We offer resort hotels with terrace and sea view, as well as restaurants, bars, swimming pools, and spa with massage services for entertainment and fun within their premises. You will be enthralled by Saladares-Urbanova Beach, offering a promenade, shops, and restaurants; Agua Amarga beach, dog-friendly; San Juan Beach providing paddle boats, beach volleyball, windsurfing and beach bars; Postiguet Beach and Albufereta Beach among many others. The hotels in Alicante, Spain we have offer serene ambience, many of them being pet-friendly. Moreover, our accommodation offers include city guided tours, excursions, hiking, scuba diving, snorkelling, and deep-sea fishing. Are you going to miss out?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which are the best hotels in Alicante?

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Alicante cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Alicante costs an average of 136$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Alicante cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Alicante costs an average of 216$ (based on rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Alicante?

    The best family-friendly hotels in Alicante are Arenal Suites Alicante, Amazing Condo in Alicante City Center, and First line Apartment.

    Which are the best hotels for couples in Alicante?

    The best hotels for couples in Alicante are AC Hotel Alicante by Marriott, Hotel Hospes Amérigo, and Hotel Estudiotel Alicante.

    Which are the best hotels near landmarks in Alicante?

    Near Bullring Alicante, you can find hotels La Lonja, Apartamentos Wayteko, and Reina Victoria Prado Sastre. Near Alicante Golf, you have Hotel Castilla Alicante.

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