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    Most popular Algarve hotels

    townhouse cancun
    Caminho do Silvestre, Vale de Parra Porta J

    Experience the Townhouse Cancun, featuring an outdoor swimming pool, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, parking, nearby beaches and airport transfers.

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    see view beach house
    Quinta do Torrejão G5 1º

    The See View Beach House apartment in Porches offers free WiFi, private parking, a private swimming pool, and it is also pet-friendly.

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    glamping parque retiro dos sonhos
    Rua do Sobral de Baixo 46A

    Explore the allure of Glamping Parque Retiro Dos Sonhos, tucked away in Porches offering services such as free parking, free Wi-Fi, a terrace and garden.

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    mar e sol apartment - algarve
    21 Rua da Princesa 2º Direito

    Relish in the comfort of the Mar e Sol apartment in Algarve, complete with free WiFi, air conditioning, and parking in charming Vila Real de Santo António.

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    dias sublimes
    Urbanização Areias de Porches Lote 6 RC/ A

    The Days Sublime hotel in Porches delivers comfortable services such as free WiFi, an outdoor swimming pool, a tranquil garden, and a lovely terrace.

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    o encanto da vila
    64 Rua Almirante Cândido dos Reis

    O Encanto da Vila in Vila Real de Santo António provides air conditioning, gratis Wi-Fi and non-smoking rooms. This accommodation is not to be missed.

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    palm paradise salgados
    Tv. do Golfe

    Palm Paradise Salgados in Guia provides complimentary WiFi, an outdoor swimming pool, free parking, beach access, and a smoke-free stay.

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    casa das areias
    Estrada de Porches M530

    Enjoy the comfort of Casa das Areias in Porches, with perks like free parking, WiFi, and non-smoking rooms.

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    818 centro náutico bungalows
    Avenida Ville la Baule

    Located in Vila Real de Santo António, the 818 Nautical Centre Bungalows offer free WiFi, a restaurant, an outdoor pool, and welcome pets.

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    tenis golf mar by ocvillas
    Rua de Espanha,

    Tenis Golf Mar by OCvillas in Quarteira offers accommodation with free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a garden and a terrace, as well as car hire services.

    Price from 59 EUR per night
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    vila encosta dos salgados- i
    Vale Parra

    Vila Encosta dos Salgados-I is a charming accommodation in Guia, offering free parking, welcoming pets, and featuring an outdoor swimming pool and terrace.

    Price from 135 EUR per night
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    villa maresia dourada
    Rua Rosa dos Ventos 37

    Enjoy a luxurious stay at Villa Maresia Dourada in Guia, with delightful facilities such as a private swimming pool, barbecue area, and complimentary WiFi.

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    luxury villa, with a private pool, 10 min- quinta do lago
    Beco Cerro do Gal

    Experience the uniqueness of the Luxury Villa, Quinta Do Lago, with free wifi, private pool and terrace.

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    sea view villa
    76 Rua Baiona la Real

    With free WiFi, a pool, and air conditioning, the Sea View Villa in Sagres presents the perfect spot for a tranquil and luxurious stay.

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    large villa - private pool - 5 bedrooms
    Beco Sá Carneiro Villa Gabriella

    Large Villa - Private Pool - 5 Bedrooms in Albufeira offers a private pool, air conditioning, spacious gardens, and proximity to the beaches of Oura and Aveiros.

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    The Best Hotels in Algarve, Portugal

    Spanning across an impressive 240km Atlantic coastline, there's no wonder Algarve is Portugal's most acclaimed province. With awe-inspiring beaches, dramatic cliffs and quaint villages providing ideal reasons to set foot on this stunning region, one can only expect the enjoyment of a splendid holiday.

    The first hotel we’d recommend for an exceptional stay in the province is the Townhouse Cancun. It's favourably situated in one of Algarve's finest zones, offering convenient access to main beaches and providing amenities like free Wi-Fi and a well-serviced reception. 

    If you're seeking comfort and quality service coupled with modern facilities, then the See View Beach House is your go-to. With an added bonus of fully air-conditioned rooms, you also get the luxury of a hotel restaurant. 

    On the other hand, one of the most family-friendly Algarve hotels, the Glamping parque retiro dos sonhos is equipped with exciting facilities for your family's leisure and entertainment. It encompasses restaurants and handy luggage services. 

    Take a trip to Faro, a historic province filled with enchanting natural surroundings. Engage in the vibrant local atmosphere of Albufeira and bask in the glory of its exceptional beaches – yet Algarve boasts several divine beaches, such as the Playa de Doña Ana in Lagos, Playa da Rocha, close to Portimão, not forgetting Playa de Vilamoura and Alvor – all impeccable locations for an exceptional holiday in the province. Moreover, you'll find an array of hotels in Algarve that cater to varying tastes and budgets.

    Visit to discover the best deals on hotels in Algarve, perfect for families or couples!

    Book a Hotel in Faro, Algarve

    As the capital city, Faro is the beating heart of Algarve. It flaunts a harmonious blend of modernity and extensive historic heritage. Consider a stay in one of Faro’s preferred regions, near its captivating old town and high-profile attractions like the Cathedral, the Bishop's Palace and the iconic Arco da Vila gate. Stay in Algarve, relish in a bed and breakfast, and delight in well-appointed rooms furnished with comfy beds, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi, as well as a terrace and bar.

    Faro also serves a platter of excursions towards vital natural territories, such as the Ria Formosa natural park and its untarnished islands – these are only accessible via boat ride. If you're an adventure enthusiast, you'll be in for a treat. Refer to to unearth the finest deals on apartments and hotels in Faro, ideally located and perfect for exploring the entirety of Algarve.

    Unwind in a beachfront hotel in Albufeira

    Albufeira, Algarve's most frequented city, is cherished for its pristine, soft sandy beaches. Yet, it has so much more to offer. Opt for accommodation in Albufeira near its historic centre to imbibe some cultural charm while walking through its streets. You can admire numerous temples such as the Church of St. Sebastian, the iconic Clock Tower offering extraordinary city views, and the Albufeira Municipal Archaeological Museum.

    Alternatively, let your hair down by choosing an Albufeira hotel and indulge in the sunny seaside offerings at some of Algarve's most popular beaches, like the Fisherman's Beach, Peneco Beach and Inatel Beach. Peek into and select from stays enriched with amenities like a swimming pool, spa, gym, restaurant, spacious, air-conditioned rooms with Wi-Fi access. Finally, don't miss out on Albufeira's vibrant nightlife, and be sure to hop across the city's popular bars and nightclubs.

    Discover the stunning town of Portimão, Algarve

    The former fishing village of Portimão is now an enticing city for tourists worldwide, thanks to its remarkable attractions. In the town centre, you can admire the Portimão Museum, the College Church of Portimão and the Republic Square among others. Furthermore, you can find affordable accommodation in Algarve with amenities like Wi-Fi and air conditioning for your restful stay after a stroll through the shopping streets.

    If you yearn for sun and sea, there's excellent news for you. Playa da Rocha is a mere 3km from Portimão city centre. This area has been developed for tourism and leaves no stone unturned. Thus, you'll be spoiled for choice with an array of Algarve hotels for families and groups eyeing a fun-filled holiday. Look into and find fabulous four-star accommodations with a swimming pool, hot tub, spa, restaurants, bar and all the comfort potions to unwind after a beach day.

    Enjoy a holiday in Lagos and stay in Algarve's beach hotels

    The Arab walls of Lagos, the 17th-century fortress and the Church of Santo Antonio are undoubtedly a must-see in the city. Don’t forget to visit the surroundings of Marina de Lagos, the city’s vibrant and modern zone filled with numerous bars, restaurants and a plethora of hotels in Lagos, Algarve, available to suit every preference and need. Choose establishments with roomy interiors, equipped with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, king-size beds and private bathrooms. Spend some time at Doña Ana Beach, get the thrill of a dolphin watching tour and soak in the vast coastline of Lagos.

    Stay in a luxury hotel in Vilamoura, Algarve

    Vilamoura is a quintessential tourist destination, beloved by visitors worldwide thanks to its top-notch infrastructure and services. Centred around the Marina, stunning luxury yachts anchor and a splendid gathering of sophisticated bars and restaurants abound. In terms of hotels, Vilamoura is one of Algarve's prime locations to stay, especially if you're after luxury establishments with access to private beaches, swimming pools, gyms, restaurants and certainly, the famed golf courses. Be sure to visit the beaches of Vilamoura, Falésia, and Quarteira during your stay.

    Find Affordable Algarve Hotels

    Alvor is a beach destination boasting an excellent collection of affordable stays in Algarve. Its primary attractions include the popular Alvor Beach, the fishing harbour and the Alvor Estuary. At, you will discover fantastic deals on hotels with internet access, facilities suitable for individuals with restricted mobility and breakfast-inclusive deals at unbeatable prices.

    If you're travelling to discover tranquillity coupled with a vibrant mix to see and do, Tavira is a golden choice. This city brims with diversity, so it's best to kick off from the historic centre, where you can tread cobblestone streets, churches and the symbolic Tavira Castle – ruins that draw in tourists. There's a multitude of affordable Tavira hotels from which you can explore the city, experience the marshlands of the Ria Formosa natural park and the unmissable beaches of Ilha de Tavira.

    Traversing this Portuguese region demands a well-planned itinerary for the finest accommodation options. Reserving Algarve hotels handpicked by guarantees a peaceful holiday experience.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which are the best hotels in Algarve?

    The best hotels in Algarve are Hotel Marina Rio and EPIC SANA Algarve Hotel.

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Algarve cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Algarve costs an average of 194$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Algarve cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Algarve costs an average of 616$ (based on rates).

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