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    Discover the perfect Antalya hotels for exploring the Turquoise Coast and truly experiencing the iconic offerings of this ancient city at your fingertips. Bask in a holiday filled with sun, sea and sand in one of Turkey's most renowned locales. Visit Cleopatra’s beach, famous for its silky golden sands. From there, take a cable car up to the imposing Alanya Castle that guards the city, providing extraordinary views. Explore the iconic Red Tower and embark on excursions to the surrounding natural and archaeological sites.

    Most popular Alanya hotels

    merhaba hotel
    Ahmet tokuş bulvari no : 163

    Merhaba Hotel is a tranquil, family-run establishment boasting facilities such as complimentary parking, restaurants, a bar, garden, and an outdoor swimming pool.

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    avena resort & spa
    Avena Resort & Spa
    Fatih Caddesi No:36

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    karikatür bi hotel
    Karikatür Bi Hotel
    şekerhane mah. hükumet cad. No 79

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    mohmmad hikmet
    Mohmmad HIKMET
    Alanya Otogarı Alanya

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    kleopatra blue hawai hotel
    Kleopatra blue hawai hotel
    ATATÜRK CD. Saray Mah. Atatürk Cad. No: 148

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    relax beach hotel
    Relax Beach Hotel
    3.sokak No:1 Tosmur Alanya

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    funsunsmart club mirabell
    FunSunSmart Club Mirabell
    D400 2013 konaklı mh mustafa kemal blv 293

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    boulevard otel
    Boulevard Otel Boulevard Otel

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    barhan hotel
    güller pınarı mahallesi ahmet tokuş bulvarı no: 101

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    sultan sipahi resort hotel
    Sultan Sipahi Resort Hotel
    Güzelyalı Caddesi Saray Mahallesi No: 30

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    inn alanya
    inn alanya
    güller zahide tüzün sok. no.10

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    avlion boutique hotel
    Avlion Boutique Hotel
    Saray, Damlataş Cd. No:52 Alanya, Antalya

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    club porto amore hotel adults only
    Club Porto Amore Hotel Adults Only
    Uğrak Mah. Aydap Sahil Sok. No:150

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    lari̇na hotel
    14 Hastepe Caddesi 14

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    club paradiso hotel & resort
    Club Paradiso Hotel & Resort
    Hastepe Caddesi 33

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    Book your stay in Alanya's most popular hotels

    Discover the beautiful Turkish Riviera and stay in ideally located Antalya hotels, giving you easy access to all the city's prime spots. The city was founded around Alanya Castle, whose walls stretch approximately 6km, safeguarding the historic heart and valuable remnants of past civilisations that graced the region. Choose accommodation in Antalya city centre hotels, and you'll find facilities including swimming pools, gyms and spas. Some even possess their very own thalassotherapy centres. In addition to enjoying truly fascinating historic monuments, you also benefit from magnificent views and a vibrant atmosphere.

    Find the most beautiful hotels near Cleopatra's beach

    Consider our recommendations for accommodation in Antalya near Cleopatra's beach. Choose from establishments offering half or full board, direct beach access, water parks, tennis courts, restaurants and magnificent views of the Turkish Mediterranean coast. In addition to the benefits of being near this esteemed beach, you can take a cable car ride to the castle that guards the city from one end of the beach -- a journey of 900 metres packed with splendid views. We also propose staying in a hotel near the famous Red Tower, a 33-metre high octagonal fortification, considered a city icon. We have a range of hotels to fit all tastes and budgets in its surroundings, well-equipped with comfortable rooms that include air conditioning, smart television, balcony and en-suite. Some establishments even offer breakfast-inclusive restaurants.

    Discover the best areas to stay in Antalya

    Besides the city centre, some of the most popular hotels in Antalya, Turkey are in slightly more secluded districts, yet brimming with all the comforts you desire. If you choose to stay in Alanya's Avsallar district, you'll find several 5-star hotel alternatives with spacious rooms, furnished with gyms, spas featuring Turkish baths and both cosmetic and therapeutic treatments, as well as restaurants, swimming pools and parking facilities. In addition, you can embark on excursions to discover the Natural Park by Dim River, where you can engage in boating, swimming, fishing and relish delicious meals in riverside restaurants. You can also explore the enigmatic Dim Cave. Other natural and archaeological attractions lie in close proximity to Alanya, including waterfalls and mountains, leaving you with a myriad of activities to enjoy on your visit. The city possesses a charm that is worth discovering, with an impressive array of Antalya hotels that will ensure a most enjoyable seaside holiday, equipped with pools, restaurants, bars and comfortable, well-equipped rooms.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in Alanya cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in Alanya costs an average of 86$ (based on rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in Alanya cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in Alanya costs an average of 123$ (based on rates).

    Which are the best family-friendly hotels in Alanya?

    The best family-friendly hotels in Alanya are Asem Hotel, Grand Juno Beach Hotel, and Aria Riva Apart Hotel.

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