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More than 62 hotels in Abano Terme, accommodations, apartments, holiday homes, villas...

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    If you're planning a trip to Abano Terme, securing the perfect accommodation is essential in making the most of your journey. We're here to provide you with the finest options for Abano Terme hotels, catering to every budget. No matter what your preference, we're confident you'll find what you're seeking in our selection.

    Most popular Abano Terme hotels

    tritone luxury hotel thermae & spa
    Via Alessandro Volta, 31

    At Tritone Luxury Hotel Thermæ & Spa, you'll enjoy 2 restaurants, bars, free wifi and air-conditioned rooms with pool views.

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    hotel premiere abano
    Via Marzia 73

    Hotel Premiere Abano is a luxurious 5-star establishment complete with an outdoor swimming pool, fitness centre, restaurant, complimentary private parking and Wi-Fi.

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    hotel terme posta padova hotel rc12
    Via Tito Livio,6

    Enjoy the comfort and relaxation at the Hotel Terme Posta Padova HOTEL RC12, with outdoor swimming pool, spa, free parking, and family rooms.

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    hotel terme cristoforo
    Via Cristoforo Colombo 2

    Discover luxury and comfort at the Hotel Terme Cristoforo, situated in Italy. Bask in the enjoyment of our pools, spa, gym and much more for an unforgettable sojourn.

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    atlantic terme natural spa & hotel
    Via Monteortone 66

    Discover the Atlantic Terme Natural Spa & Hotel, with its two pools, spa, gym and restaurant, and enjoy deluxe comfort.

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    hotel terme la serenissima
    Via Marzia 47

    Discover Hotel Terme La Serenissima in Abano Terme, with swimming pools, a fitness centre, sauna, restaurant, and bar. Ideal for relaxation.

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    hotel terme vena d'oro
    Via Valerio Flacco 59

    Hotel in Abano Terme with complimentary parking, thermal pools, spa, sauna, Turkish bath and massage service. A paradise of wellbeing!

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    hotel terme principe
    Viale delle Terme, 87

    Hotel Terme Principe: 3 stars, free WiFi, pets welcome, outdoor pool and spa in the city of Abano Terme.

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    hotel lo zodiaco
    Via Valerio Flacco 98

    Hotel Lo Zodiaco in Abano Terme, surrounded by a garden, offers rooms with a balcony, LCD telly and complimentary Wi-Fi and parking included.

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    hotel aqua
    Via Mazzini 11

    Discover Abano Terme at the Hotel Aqua with a spa, gym, indoor and outdoor pools, and views of the Euganean Hills.

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    hotel terme belvedere
    Viale Delle Terme 21

    Discover the comfort and services of the Hotel Terme Belvedere with private parking, a restaurant, spa area and free WiFi.

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    hotel terme formentin
    Via Pietro D'Abano 15

    Hotel Terme Formentin in Abano Terme, with 70 rooms and amenities such as a gym, sauna, indoor and outdoor swimming pool. Perfect for holidays.

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    hotel aurora terme
    Via Pietro d' Abano 13

    Hotel Aurora Terme in Abano Terme: 2 thermal pools, gym, international restaurant and spa and wellness services. Book now!

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    hotel terme salus
    Via Marzia 2

    Enjoy an unforgettable experience at Hotel Terme Salus in Abano Terme, with a spa, sauna, swimming pools, and a breakfast buffet rich in flavours.

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    hotel al sole terme
    Via Valerio Flacco 72

    Discover the Hotel Al Sole Terme, complete with outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, sauna, sun deck, free car park, and a peaceful shared lounge.

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    Your ideal stay in Abano Terme hotels

    Abano Terme beckons you to immerse yourself in its authentic tranquillity and rich thermal history. A land where relaxation and wellness pepper each step. But, for the perfection to your journey, finding the ultimate place to stay is key. Abano Terme hotels offer broad diversity in terms of style, location and services. You might opt for high-end spa centres, contemporary hotels in the heart of the city, or charming villas set amidst nature. Regardless of your choice, we promise you a comfortable and memorable stay.

    Hotels in the city centre: hotels in Abano Terme city centre

    If you want to stay close to everything, the hotels in Abano Terme city centre are an excellent choice. Here, you will be footsteps away from the main attractions, delectable Italian restaurants and a variety of shops. Most of these hotels have their own spas, meaning you can easily combine sightseeing with relaxation and wellness. Remember, there’s nothing quite like having it all right at your hotel doorstep.

    Alternative accommodation: Where to stay in Abano Terme

    If you fancy something a bit different, Abano Terme brims with a wide variety of alternative places to stay. From fully equipped apartments – perfect for those desiring more private accommodation during their stay – to guesthouses and B&B’s, ideal for travellers with a budget. So, if you find yourself wondering where to stay in Abano Terme, these options may appeal to you. Bear in mind, comfort in your journey lies in finding the place best suited to you.

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