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    Find A Estrada hotels in the best areas of the city. Sign yourself up for a wandering tour of this magnificent Spanish town boasting a captivating historic heritage. We offer an extensive selection of accommodation for you to unwind after exploring the Romanesque route around the town's collection of temples, like the San Miguel de Moreira Church. Besides, you'll love staying nearby intriguing attractions, such as the Manuel Reimóndez Portela Museum. We also propose a stroll around the grand gardens of Pazo de Oca and taking in the splendid views from O Alto do Castro. In the area, we offer lodgings that provide superb value for money. So book with us and get the most out of your stay in A Estrada!

    Most popular A Estrada hotels

    piso da ulla
    Rúa Ulla

    Relish a secure and comfortable stay at Piso da Ulla, featuring family rooms, a lift and rigorous cleaning measures against the coronavirus.

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    o lagoeiro
    Rúa vilar 17

    Discover the charm of Galicia at the O Lagoeiro, offering rooms with terraces, free Wi-Fi, parking, and an outdoor swimming pool.

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    casa cúrcuma
    Toedo, 11

    Casa Cúrcuma in La Estrada, a unique abode offering a saltwater pool, free WiFi, and welcoming pets. You can enjoy a relaxing stay and indulge in hiking.

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    casa hipólito
    Lugar de Baltar, Ribeira Nº 37, A Estrada

    Casa Hipólito, situated in A Estrada, provides complimentary Wi-Fi, public parking, an outdoor swimming pool, and 24-hour reception for your convenience and pleasure.

    Price from 150 EUR per night
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    finca segade
    Rua Santa Baia 57 rua santa baia 57

    Finca Segade provides an outdoor swimming pool, barbecue facilities, games room, and is pet-friendly, ensuring an enjoyable and comfortable stay.

    Price from 200 EUR per night
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    piso 4 a estrada
    35 Avenida Santiago

    Discover the comfort of Flat 4 A Estrada, located in La Estrada. Enjoy our smoke-free rooms, complimentary wifi, and heating.

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    hotel a estrada rooms
    37 Estrada a Codeseda

    Nestled in A Estrada, the Hotel A Estrada Rooms offers comfort with free parking, family rooms and heating. Hello, we're here to help!

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    pension restaurante la bombilla
    PLAZA DE GALICIA 5 Plaza de Galicia, 5

    Pension Restaurante La Bombilla in La Estrada provides free WiFi, heating, and stringent cleaning measures for a secure and comfortable stay.

    Price from 26 EUR per night
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    adeinés viviendas uso turístico
    Adeinés Viviendas uso turístico
    35 Avenida Santiago

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    casa rural a telleira
    Casa Rural A Telleira
    Lugar de Cora 15. San Miguel de Cora

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    villa - 5 bedrooms with wifi - 7841
    Villa - 5 Bedrooms with WiFi - 7841
    Lugar O Pazo, San Andres de Vea

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    agradable casa rural en galicia
    Agradable casa rural en Galicia
    Rial 18 Guimarei

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    torres de moreda
    Torres de Moreda

    Price from 55 EUR per night
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    Book a hotel in A Estrada near the key points of interest

    Discover this leading tourism destination. At eBooking we have the best deals on A Estrada hotels in the most ideal locations for you to enjoy its impressive landscape and remarkable historic heritage. Before exploring, choose your place to sleep in A Estrada, so you can then wander around the sublime gardens of Pazo de Oca, which is one of the city's main attractions. In this area, you'll uncover alternatives that enjoy privileged locations, overlooking the most visited modernist buildings. Our hotels offer Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and 24-hour reception services, as well as access to a restaurant and terrace. Find top-quality accommodation in A Estrada and unlock the charms of this delightful town. We have options that come with tours around the Romanesque route's churches, where you'll see temples dating from the 10th to 13th centuries, such as the San Miguel de Moreira Church. Relax in spacious country houses, equipped with a living room, kitchen area, internet, terrace, and parking. Many of them offer unbeatable prices that won't put too much strain on your purse strings.

    Discover the most favourable location for your stay in A Estrada

    The town has many modernist points that we urge you to visit. Book one of our hotels in A Estrada city centre and savour the experience of having everything within reach. We present a wide variety of options that offer Wi-Fi, a bar, and parking services. Unwind in a hotel near the Manuel Reimóndez Portela Museum and experience both the rural and urban aspects of A Estrada. Another site you'll love to visit is the O Alto do Castro viewpoint, which provides awe-inspiring vistas. The great thing is, if you stay in one of our hotels in A Estrada, Spain, you'll be just a short distance from the fortified Iron Age villages, an archaeological site dating back to the 8th century BC, which is a must-see during your trip to the city. Book with us and savour a unique accommodation experience on your holiday.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a weekend stay in a hotel in A Estrada cost?

    A weekend stay at a hotel in A Estrada costs an average of 125$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

    How much does a high-season weekend stay in a hotel in A Estrada cost?

    A high-season weekend stay at a hotel in A Estrada costs an average of 127$ (based on ebooking.com rates).

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