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    Top hotels in Turkey

    Turkey is a captivating tourist destination, filled with ancient structures, a broad cultural heritage and diverse natural landscapes that you will adore.

    Begin this journey by booking at the Golden Hill Otel, the perfect establishment for couples, thanks to its romantic style, comprehensive amenities, and top-notch services.

    The City Center Istanbul Taksim Hotel has an excellent rating from ebooking.com users, who report it's located in one of the best areas to stay in Turkey, in addition to rooms filled with comfort.

    If you're traveling with family, we recommend staying at the Avena Resort & Spa, whose spacious and well-equipped facilities guarantee an unforgettable stay.

    Enjoy a tour of Turkey as you uncover the beauty of each destination, such as the architectural heritage of the former imperial capital, Istanbul, a city located on two continents; discover the beauty of Ankara's natural sceneries; explore the Kurşunlu Natural Park in Antalya; go up Antalya's cable car; sign up for a balloon ride in Cappadocia and soak up the sun on Kaputaş Beach and in Kaş; we invite you to visit them all.

    Book the best accommodation in Turkey, adapted to your budget and travel plans. Log onto ebooking.com and make your reservation.

    Book a 5-star hotel in Istanbul, Turkey

    Istanbul is a huge city and the former capital of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. The only city in the world located on two continents, Asia and Europe, it is also the country's most touristic and boasts an amazing historical and architectural heritage. On ebooking.com, you will find offers for 5-star hotels in Istanbul, Turkey. Book with us and prepare to enjoy facilities with a restaurant, gym, spa, swimming pool, private parking, and modern rooms with all comforts.

    Organize your itinerary and start by visiting the Blue Mosque, a UNESCO World Heritage site, situated in one of the best areas to stay in Istanbul. Continue your tour to the Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia Mosque, have fun at the Grand Bazaar, admire the Süleymaniye Mosque, marvel at the Galata Tower and Bridge; and relax in Taksim Square, which is also the starting point for one of the main commercial arteries known as Istiklal Street, surrounded by bars, restaurants and nightlife.

    Rest in a hotel with breakfast included in Fethiye, Turkey

    The city of Fethiye is a place rich in history, nestled into a natural harbor on the Turkish Riviera. Log onto ebooking.com, use filters and book a hotel with breakfast included in Fethiye; you'll rest in spacious rooms with Wi-Fi and private bath; also, you will enjoy 24-hour reception, bilingual staff, parking, restaurant and bar. Start your tour on Ölüdeniz Beach, known as one of the most beautiful in Turkey; wonder at the rock-cliff embedded Tomb of Amyntas; admire the Lycian Sarcophagi, monuments that stand throughout the city; surprise yourself with the exhibits at the Fethiye Museum, full of treasures from ancient civilizations; and tour Saklıkent National Park, a perfect place for a hike through trails and canyons.

    Stay in a hotel with a swimming pool in Ankara, Turkey

    The city of Ankara, the country's capital, has seen considerable territorial growth over the past few decades, making it one of the most expansive in Turkey; combined with the impressive monuments, natural landscapes and treasured cultural heritage, has made it a must-visit destination. Your list of places to visit should include Ataturk's Mausoleum, the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Ankara Castle, Aslanhane Mosque, the Temple of Augustus and Rome, and the Atakule observation deck. Stay in a hotel with breakfast included in Ankara, featuring a spa, swimming pool, gym, restaurant and rooms with all comforts.

    Discover cheap hotels in Antalya

    Surrounded by sea and mountain, the city of Antalya has lots to offer, such as its old city, one of the region's most important attractions. On ebooking.com, you will find offers for cheap hotels in Antalya, with Wi-Fi in all areas, a restaurant, rooms with TV and private bath. Start your day discovering the charm of Umbrella Street, admire the Clock Tower, visit Iskele Mosque, take a stroll around the marina, surprise yourself with the 360° view from Hıdırlık Tower, take pictures at Hadrian's Gate, learn about local history at the Antalya Museum, breathe fresh air at Kurşunlu Natural Park; and enjoy the sun on one of Antalya's beaches, where you can also have fun practising water activities.

    Stay in a hotel in the center of Alanya

    Alanya, known as the spa town, is the perfect destination for entertainment and fun. Include in your itinerary Cleopatra's Beach, which has the Blue Flag distinction; discover Alanya Castle, encircled by 6.5 kilometers of walls; moreover, the Red Tower is a fortification that deserves to be known, with its 33 meters high and octagonal base. You'll also enjoy a ride on the Alanya cable car, a 900-meter trip, where the views of the city are fantastic. Check out the packages on ebooking.com and find hotels in the center of Alanya with outdoor swimming pools, a spa, a gym, a restaurant and rooms with all comforts.

    Visit Cappadocia and learn about the best charming hotels in Turkey

    There are many reasons to visit the famous region of Cappadocia and we assure you that ebooking.com has all the information you need to make this an unforgettable experience. We invite you to choose a hotel in Göreme, the best place to stay in Cappadocia, perfectly located for sightseeing. Highlights include the Göreme Open Air Museum, where you'll see rock-cut churches; and the Uçhisar Castle. Also, remember to enter one of the Fairy Chimneys, limestone formations that were inhabited by monks for centuries.

    We should mention that some hotels in Cappadocia offer luxury accommodation in caves carved into the mountain rock, as well as 4-star hotels in Turkey, with modern facilities, air-conditioned rooms, 24-hour reception and guided tours and the essential Cappadocia balloon rides.

    Find hotels in the center of Kaş, Turkey

    In the village of Kaş, you'll discover why the word turquoise was invented to describe the color of Turkey's coastal waters. We recommend taking a boat tour around the sunken city of Kekova, an unforgettable trip; when it comes to sunbathing, Kaputaş Beach is the best option; we also suggest spending a day on the Greek Island of Meis, signing up for a tour along the Lycian Way, and activating your adrenaline with a paragliding trip over Kaş. Additionally, away from the sea you can walk along the town's cobblestone streets, where you'll see some historical ruins, such as the Lion Tomb and the Roman Amphitheater. We recommend resting in a hotel in Kaş center and enjoying family rooms, with Wi-Fi in all rooms, as well as a bar, restaurant, swimming pool, private parking and terrace.

    Visit Turkey's most important destinations

    Turkey is a fantastic destination that boasts natural landscapes and historical edifices. On ebooking.com, you will find offers to stay in the best Turkey hotels near each city's important sites. Take a boat tour around Bodrum Peninsula; contemplate the Monument Fountain, in Side; visit the Castle and Archaeological Museum in Marmaris; and, finally, tour the Ruins of Tlos in Kalkan.

    Discover Turkey's best hotels, ideal for unforgettable vacations, following the recommendations of ebooking.com.

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