What to Do in Paris

You can only do in Paris

ParisThe French capital is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is a unique city and has so many things to see and to do. In this section we wish to mention the things that can be done only in Paris:

  • Saying “I Love You” in more than 300 languages: in the park Jehan-Rictus, you will find the “Mur des je t’aime”, designed by artist Frederic. On this wall you will find more than 300 translations of the word, I love you.
  • Walking along the Champs Elysées: walk and enjoy the atmosphere of the most famous shopping avenue in the world is a thing that we can do only in the city of light.
  • See the Mona Lisa in person: see the masterpiece of the famous artist, Leonardo Da Vinci, is a must visit for any visitor of Paris.
  • A picnic in the Palais Royal Garden In Paris there are more than 350 gardens, have a picnic in one of them, is one of the most pleasant sensations in the world.
  • Visit DisneyLand Resort Paris: for those not wishing to travel until the United States to visit Disney, Paris gives them the chance to see the world’s most important child city.

Other interesting activities

In addition to these thing that can only be do in Paris, the French capital has a large catalog of activities, touristic and cultural. In Paris is recommended, to walk arrond its historic center, enjoy the atmosphere and discover the reason for it is world famous like the most beautiful city in the world. Here are some ebooking‘s recommendations:

  • Excursion along the Seine: navigate the river is another of the thousands ways to discover Paris.
  • Paris By Bike: Paris has an excellent system of bike paths, take advantage and enjoy a day to remember.
  • Show in the Moulin Rouge is a great idea to enjoy a bohemian night in Paris.
  • Lose yourself in Montmartre: walking through the streets of Montmartre is one of the best ways to enjoy the daily atmosphere of Paris.
  • Visit free museums: in Paris you will find many museums with free admission, some of these museums are: Le Musée du Parfum, Le Petit Palais Musee des Beaux Arts, Le Musée Cognacq-Jay. The big museums like Louvre, Orsay and the Pompidou Centre offer free entries the 1st Sunday of each month.

Nightlife in Paris

Nightlife in ParisOnce the sun sets and the city lights up, Paris became one of the most vibrant cities in Europe. Walking at night is one of the best ways to discover why it is known as the City of Light.

Maybe the best thing of the night in the French capital, is that the atmosphere lies not only in one area, but it can enjoy an unforgettable night in any area of the city.

However, there are some areas better than others, in this page we want to propose some ideas to help you enjoy to the maximum the nightlife of Paris.


  • The minimum age to drink alcohol in France (as beer or wine) is 16 years old, to consume stronger alcoholic beverages is 18 years old.
  • Although it depends to the local, generally Bars stay open until 01:00 am.
  • The entrances to the clubs cost between 15 € and 20 € and drinks between 7 € to 10 € the cup.
  • The majority of the clubs open at 23:00 and close at dawn.

Best Zones

  • If you’re looking for an elegant night, we recommend you to go directly to the Champs Elysees, you will find countless clubs that are filled mainly of tourists. In this zone, you need to be well dressed.
  • To enjoy a quiet night in one of the bars or pubs of Paris where you can enjoy a beer and talk with your friends, the best part is “Saint-Germain-des-Prés”, you will find many bars.
  • For people looking for a luxurious night, can go to the Plaza “Vendome” or the street “Faubourg Saint-Honoré”, in these zones people come out to show off their luxurious clothes they have bought the same day in the same zone.
  • And if you’re looking for is the gay nightlife, the Marais is the answer, this area is full of homosexuals and heterosexuals, and where they live is one of the best nightlife in town.
  • And finally, the nightlife in Paris would not be so famous if not for its ancient cabarets, for who are interested the Montmartre is the destination.


The majority of nightclubs of Paris are located in the Champs Elysees, in nightclubs mainly prevails House and Dance music, but also can find clubs with Techno music or Latin music.
The nightclub where they go the best DJs in the world is “Le Queen” at No. 102 of the avenue, other nightclubs in Paris that we recommend:

  • Le bastille: Plaza de Bastille, 8
  • Bistrot Latin
  • Le Balajo: 9, Lappe St.
  • Le Quetzal
  • Le Pulp: Boulevard Poissoniere, 25

Bars and live music

Are ideal for enjoying a quieter atmosphere, with friends and a few beers and a good laugh. In Paris the bars close around 1 am in the morning and often offer live music, is one of the best ideas for enjoying a quiet night in Paris.
Some locals we recommend are:

    • Culture Bière: Champs Elysees Avenue, 184
    • Auld Alliance: Francois Miron street, 80
    • Café Oz: St-Jacques street, 18

  • The Frog & Rosbif: St-Denis street, 116

Family Trip to Paris

Family Trip to ParisMost of people think that the city of Paris is the destination for couples who want to enjoy a romantic experience. The fact is that Paris is a destination for all public being couples, friends even is ideal for a family trip.

Paris is also one of the best tourist destinations for a holiday with your kids or your family in general, this section of the guide of Paris, that ebooking.com offers to all its readers, we want to share some ideas that can help to organize your trip to Paris with your family.

Accommodation for families

Most downtown hotels are adapted for receiving families, equipped with all comforts for all family members, so they can enjoy a pleasant stay in the city.

But these hotels are usually in high demand for its ideal location near to the many attractions of the city. That is why vacation rentals are one of the best options to enjoy a pleasant stay with your family.

The best zones to stay
The best zones to stay in the areas of family are Louvre, Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysees zones, in these areas is located the majority of the attractions of Paris.

Best Hotels and Apartments

Another reason why it is advisable to choose a holiday apartment is because you rent the apartment and no rooms, that makes it much cheaper. These are they which we recommend:

  • Molière Street apartment: it is an apartment of about 25 sq.m. with all the amenities that families may need, Internet, heating, television, toaster, coffee maker, oven, microwave, refrigerator, etc. This apartment can accommodate 4 persons. and costs about 200 € per night (for 4), is a 10 minutes walking from the the Louvre museum.
  • Chaudron Street apartment: it is an apartment of about 30 sq.m. fully equipped with phone, vacuum cleaner, microwave, refrigerator, washer-dryer, TV, etc. This apartment has a capacity up to 4 persons and costs about 150 € per night. It is located very close to the Gare du Nord.

We recommend using the ebooking.com finder to find hotels and apartments and enjoy great discounts.

Things to see in Family

If there is any place that all parents should visit when traveling with their children to Paris, is the DisneyLand Resort Paris, is the favorite place for children, but there are many other places in Paris that could be interesting for kids:

  • Eiffel Tower is the symbol of the city, appears in many school books, it is also advisable to have a picnic in front of this great monument.
  • DisneyLand resort Paris: an obligatory visit, enjoy a day at Disneyland Paris, can become one of the best experiences for children.
  • Tour along the Seine: take a boat trip along the Seine River is an excellent idea to enjoy Paris from the water.
  • Puppet theater in Parks: in the Luxembourg Gardens you can see shows of puppets at sunset.
  • Carousel: it is a good idea, kids can enjoy the beauty of the city from above.
  • Bicycle: the best way to contemplate the beauty of the city is walking or by bike.

Museums for Children in Paris

  • Les Citè des Enfants: the city of children is a children’s museum, particularly recommended for children ages 2 to 12 years. Has several exhibits and experiments areas where children can enjoy a nice experience.
  • Louvre: this museum does not need an introduction, is an obligatory visit. It is recommended to dedicate at least 1 full day.
  • Museum of Curiosity: open on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, the museum is very original and has many areas where children can have incredible moments watching magic tricks.
  • Gally’s farm: a garden in the form of a farm where children can pick flowers, vegetables, etc … in this here children can learn to do things like bread, butter, etc … is highly recommended.

Transport for families

The bus is the most recommended public transportation way for families.The subway is a very used by visitors and residents of the city and is usually crowded.
In ebooking.com we recommend using the bus to move around the center of Paris, is a good way to see the attractions of Paris.

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What to Do in Paris
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