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Other ways to meet Madrid


Madrid is a city where you will find plenty to do and visit during your visit. Before starting your trip you should know where to go and how to get to the most interesting places of the city. Here are some ideas to meet Madrid from another perspective.

The typical dance in Spain is undoubtedly the flamenco. It’s characterized by vibrant dancing and distinctive sound of tapping which is combined with music, it’s a spectacle worthy to enjoy. To enjoy this dance we recommend visiting the Villa Tablao Rosa Restaurant where flamenco shows are regularly offered in a beautiful scenario. We recommend you to book your seat in advance especially for weekends due to it’s a busy place. This restaurant is located at Plaza Santa Ana 15, Madrid.

Another way to discover Madrid is testing the delicious Mediterranean cuisine, Spain is also famous for its tapas and the best place to try the Spanish gastronomy is the capital of the country.
Generally the tapas consist of small pieces of bread and meat with other ingredients like chorizo ​​and are served as appetizers. It’s customary to serve tapas with a drink like wine or beer. There are countless types of tapas depending on the region of Spain. Some may have more ingredients than others like olives or potatoes with spicy sauce. To try the traditional tapas, we recommend you going to the bar El Rocio located in the Pasaje Matheu near the Puerta Del Sol.

Madrid is undoubtedly synonym for nightlife. In Madrid you will find a lot of bars and restaurants in every street which remain open until dawn. If you are a football follower you will enjoy the company of fans of different teams that meet in bars and public restaurants when their team plays.

Something very common in Madrid are street markets which are very popular across over Spain. The best known is El Rastro celebrated every Sunday, in this place you can find endless of second-hand items, El Rastro is a great place to browse and really you can find very interesting things in this place.
If your stay in Madrid is fast, we recommend you make a tour with the tour bus which allows you to appreciate the main attractions and know quickly this beautiful city.

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Other ways to meet Madrid
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