Seychelles Islands

Located in the Indian Ocean, the Republic of the Seychelles, counts with 115 different islands. These idyllic islands have a huge variety of affordable and exclusive hotels and resorts and they are, therefore, one of the world’s major tourist destinations.

Victoria, the capital of the archipelago, is where the majority of the population lives, and it has the only important port on the islands. It is where the International Airport is placed to, if you are planning to get there by plane. The city has a rich historical patrimony from the colonial period and there are hundreds of things to do. You can visit the Natural History Museum or the National History Museum. But you mustn’t miss the Botanical Gardens either.
With a privileged year-long warm and tropical weather, The Seychelles are a really popular destination for its exclusive beaches of fine sandy and its turquoise and crystalline water. The best beaches are located in the southwest of the Republic and, although some of them are quite isolated and the access may be quite difficult, they are definitely worth visiting. The beautiful Beau Ballon Beach is one of the most famous and visited beaches and the perfect place for practising diving. However, if you really want to practice diving you should spend a day at The National Park of Ste. Anne. This reserve is made up of 6 different islands and it is visited by hundreds of tourist every year for practising the sport in its unique waters.
The Seychelles also have the reputation of being a paradise of ecotourism. With a dreamlike natural landscape, the islands are the home of impressive and rare animals and vegetation. Whether you are looking for a luxurious and exclusive hotel or if you prefer a more affordable kind of accommodation, the Seychelles has something for everyone.

Seychelles Islands
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