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    TOP HOTELS IN Scarborough

    16 Places to See in Scarborough

    Scarborough is a village located on the North Sea coast in Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom. This city is the largest tourist destination in Yorkshire.

    This coastal gem has a large number of places you can't miss. Enjoy South Bay, North Bay, Scarborough Castle, Scarborough Spa, Peas Holm Park and more.

    Scarborough is a place full of exciting family adventures. You can have fun with boat rides, cruises, surfing, jet skiing, climbing, music and art festivals.

    One of the tourist attractions is the Mecca Bingo in Scarborough, for those who wish to try their luck at random. The Haunted House will make you fall in love with its terrifying performances.

    Join us to discover the 16 must-see places in Scarborough.

    The South Bay of Scarborough

    The South Bay forms the Old Town and the main tourist area of Scarborough, Yorkshire. You can spend the best family holidays in this bay. Enjoy its sandy beach, galleries, theaters and entertainment venues. Visit its shopping malls and shops. This wild area is a real haven of tranquility to spend with the family. Don't miss its nightlife!

    Family Entertainment on the South Bay Beach

    Playa Bahía Sur is one of the most lively places in the town. It is ideal for family sharing. Swim in its calm waters. Together with the children, they build sand castles and discover marine treasures, in the water ponds formed on the rocks during the low tide. Enjoy the games rooms, the harbour and various boutiques. Be sure to see the changes in shades of the sky at sunset.

    Scarborough Castle, Vestiges of a Fortress

    At the top of the cliff are the ruins of Scarborough Castle, built in 1136 by William Le Gros, Count of Albemarle. This fortress is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city of Scarborough in Yorkshire. You can see the best scenic view of all areas from the top of this castle.

    The Haunted House, Dark Tourism

    In front of Bahía Sur Beach you will find the Haunted House, a fair attraction that the whole family will enjoy. In this place you will live the best frightening experiences recreated by actors, animation and lights. Take a look at the characters of your favorite horror movies on their typical stages. It will be an unforgettable visit!

    Scarborough Spa, Hot Springs and Jazzy

    Scarborough Spa is a stunning 17th-century building on a cliff on the South Bay in Scarborough village. In this complex you can spend an amazing family holiday. Enjoy the best hot springs in the region. In its majestic salons you can see the Jazz festivals and the Spa Orchestra. Dare to travel on the spa cable car, from the top of the cliff to the spa buildings.

    The Spa Theatre in the South Bay

    The Spa Theatre is an elegant architectural building, located in the South Bay of Scarborough city. Spend an afternoon of art with your friends and family at their great shows. Admire its turrets, domes and arched windows. You're Going To Love its Victorian Style. You'll feel a part of royalty while enjoying the plays. Don't miss it!

    Captain Cook Memorial Museum

    At the Captain Cook Memorial Museum you can spend an afternoon of art. It is ideal for lovers of history and literature. The museum works in the old house where Cook worked as an apprentice. In his exhibitions discover the unknown world of Europeans. Learn about James Cook's story and his incredible adventures.

    North Bay Tour

    North Bay is a resort in Scarborough, the quietest end of the resort. You can spend fun and relaxing moments with your family. Enjoy the North Bay Railway, Peas Holm Park and Northern Manor Gardens. In the bay you can have a nightlife in its taverns and bars in front of the sea. Do not forget to visit its beach, it will be an unforgettable coastal experience.

    Surfing on the Playa del Norte Bay

    North Bay Beach is located a little further from Scarborough city centre. In the tranquility of its waters spend the best moments with your friends and family. Swim, sunbathe and have fun in the sand. You can surf and practice jet skiing. Walk through the natural pools that form on the rocks until you reach the sand area. Don't miss it when you travel to Scarborough!

    Ride on the North Bay Railway

    The North Bay Railway is an attraction you can't miss. Tour runs from the park through the Northern Stately Gardens to the Marine Life Center at Scalby Mills. You can stroll on the mini railway. Your children will enjoy to get on this train and you, you can drive it, you're sure to like it. It's a walk that children won't forget.

    The Manor Gardens of the North Park

    In the North Bay you will find Stately Gardens of the North, where you will live the most incredible adventures of your life. In this small amusement park you can participate in its fun activities. Walk on water inside an inflatable ball and keep your balance as you cross a raised net of ropes and beams. Your family will have fun on the water slide. It will be very exciting, don't miss it!

    Boat Ride in Peas Holm Park

    Peas Holm Park is one of Scarborough's most impressive urban parks. It is a perfect space to take children to. You can take a walk, have a picnic under the shade of a tree during the summer. Cruise your lake in canoes, pedal boats with dragons heads or Swan Launch motorboat. See the beautiful waterfalls and ponds as children play with scale boats. Don't miss it!

    The Sky Trail Adventure, Climbing for Kids

    The Aventura Sky Trail theme park is one of the best attractions in the city of Scarborough. It is an ideal place for the little ones in the house. They may carry out supervised risk activities. They can have fun on climbing or enjoying the water activities. Will you take them?

    Mecca Bingo in Scarborough

    Mecca Bingo Scarborough is located in the center of Scarborough. Formerly it was the Capitol Theatre that was inaugurated in the late 1920s. It is ideal for those who are passionate about gambling. You can play, both as an expert or beginner. Enjoy 1200 seats and 60 bingo terminals. You'll be busy during the break with the slot machines. Don't miss it!

    Cruises in Scarborough

    In the city of Scarborough you can find boat cruises to enjoy with your family. You'll live exciting experiences when you sail to the sea. You will sail along different routes that go north or south, always following the Scarborough coast. See the lighthouse, cliffs, smugglers' caves and many other symbols of great historical value. Cool off with delicious drinks and have fun.

    Enjoy Scarborough's Gastronomy

    In the city Scarborough you can taste the typical dishes of the region. In its restaurants and locals, with a beautiful view of the harbor, you can enjoy mussels, smoked herring, or the traditional seafood soup. To suck your fingers! Try fish with chips or seafood and accompany it with a cold beer. Cheers!

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