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    St. Petersburg: 11 Essential Places in Northern Venice

    Saint Petersburg is a city located on the banks of the Neva River in Russia . It is known as the " Venice of the North ” by the canals it owns.

    It was the capital of the Russian Empire for more than 200 years. Its main attraction is the Hermitage Museum , one of the largest in the world. The most important building of the museum is the Winter Palace , where Russian tsars lived.

    An iconic site of this city is the Fortress of São Pedro y São Paulo , where Peter the Great founded the city. On its perimeter is the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul , which appears on the 50 rubles ticket.

    The city has several resorts that are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Among which are the Catherine Palace and the Peterhof Palace , also called the “Russian Versailles”.

    On your trip to St. Petersburg you should try the typical dishes of this metropolis. We recommend you to taste the blinis , some pancakes that can be salty or sweet, which one do you prefer?

    Below, we will show you a list of the 11 must-see places in St. Petersburg .

    Art at the Hermitage Museum

    The Hermitage Museum is the most visited place in the city. It consists of several buildings located on the banks of the Neva River .

    It is one of the largest museums in the world. Its sample consists of more than three million pieces. Stroll through the complex and admire, sculptures, paintings , weapons and much more. You'll see works by artists like Leonardo da Vinci , Rembrandt and Titian. What are you waiting for to visit him?

    The Winter Palace

    The Winter Palace is part of the building complex of the Hermitage museum. It was the official residence of the Russian tsars between 1732 and 1917.

    Its architecture is of Elizabethan Baroque style , it will fascinate you. Walk around the interior, where you will be amazed by the art and elegance of the decor. If you are lucky you will see the “hermitage cats”, responsible for eliminating rodents for centuries.

    The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

    The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood was created to commemorate the death of Tsar Alexander II. The ruler suffered an attack on the site which subsequently caused his death.

    In addition to its history, the church is popular for its extravagant architecture. Its facade is full of mosaics, colors and art. It is an essential stop on your visit to the city. Take a selfie next to this architectural monument.

    The Fortress of St. Peter and Paul

    Peter and Paul Fortress is the original birthplace of St. Petersburg. It is located on the island of Záyachy .

    It is famous for hosting the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, a magnificent building. It also has bastions , ramparts and a beach. Stroll with your family and taste the best of local cuisine in a restaurant where everything is delicious.

    The Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

    The Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul is the symbol of the fortress of the same name. It appears on the ticket of 50 rubles. It was built during the first half of the 13th century.

    Its baroque architecture is amazing, it is 122 meters high. Walk around the interior and see the details of the roof. You can climb the bell tower and admire great views . It also contains the tomb of Peter the Great and Nicholas II. Visit her!

    St. Isaac's Cathedral

    Saint Isaac Cathedral is one of the oldest churches in the city. It was built in the middle of the nineteenth century.

    Its architecture is neoclassical style , it is visited by a million people annually. Walk inside and admire sculptures, paintings and mosaics.

    Then climb to the drum of the dome, where is the most famous viewpoint in the city. See St. Petersburg from a different angle.

    The Palace Square

    The Plaza del Palacio is the central square of the city. It was the scene of several historical events, such as Bloody Sunday and the October Revolution.

    Its main attraction is the Alexander Column, erected in honor of the former Russian emperor Away I. It is the highest red granite column in the world, its elegance will leave you breathless. Take family pictures when you meet her, they'll look great.

    The Peterhof Palace

    Peterhof Palace is also known as the “Russian Versailles”. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Tour the upper gardens, composed of 5 fountains and beautiful plants everywhere. The lower gardens have more than 100 hectares to explore, it will be an unforgettable farmiliar walk .

    Also, you have to see the Grand Palace , with themed rooms and history of the Russian tsars, you'll love it.

    The Mariinsky Theatre

    The Mariinsky Theatre is one of the most important cultural complexes in the city. It was inaugurated in 1860. The decoration of the room will leave you breathless, it is beautiful.

    Enjoy a national ballet or opera show, internationally famous for its quality. There was Fyodor Chaliapin , the icon of the Russian opera. The comfort of the seats and the acoustics of the place will leave you wanting to come back, it's amazing.

    The Catalina Palace

    Catherine Palace is located in Pushkin, a city just minutes from Saint Petersburg. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    It was the summer residence of the Russian tsars. Its main attraction is the “ Amber Chamber ”, with a decoration of amber panels, mirrors and gold leaf.Its gardens are beautiful, will be the perfect background of your photos .

    The Gastronomy of St. Petersburg

    The typical food of the city is very varied. You have to try borscht , a soup prepared from beets. You must taste the blinis , pancakes that can be sweet or savory, are the Russian version of pancakes.

    Shashlik is a delicious meat skewer, accompany it with a glass of local vodka . If you prefer desserts, choose a bird's milk cake , its taste will fascinate you.

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